I'd tell him to look on yt for "homemade wanderlust", 'followbigfoot", "DarwinonthetraiL" and "flatbrokeoutside' (especially the latter) and he'll be much more knowledgable as a consumer. I'd either get used gear thru REI, or at least, get a $50, no more, Alice pack and frame, and be ready to use his underwear and socks as additional padding on his hips and shoulders. You can get by just fine with a homemmade tarp/tent, a $40 Colemen sleeping bag from wally's, and an inflatable milsurp sleeping pad, if you're not talking temps below 20F. Temps like that are quite dangerous if you're alone, especially if there's snow hiding ice and leg-breaking holes, and if you dont have a rental satellite phone, which you're crazy to be without.

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