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#128647 - 03/28/08 08:17 PM Re: Mountain House versus Provident Pantry [Re: Blast]
7point82 Offline

Registered: 11/24/05
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Loc: Oklahoma
Originally Posted By: Blast
Avoid the Moutain House "Jamacian BBC Chicken". I took some backpacking and after two bites decided I'd rather go hungery. It was horrid. I suggest you try the different flavors before buying any in bulk.


Big +1 on the Jamacian BBQ Chicken.

I had exactly the same response to that meal last November on a trip to the Grand Canyon. I thought it sounded tasty so I actually prepared it at Mather Campground (south rim) the first evening I was there. If I had taken that particular meal into the canyon I would not have been happy. eek
"There is not a man of us who does not at times need a helping hand to be stretched out to him, and then shame upon him who will not stretch out the helping hand to his brother." -Theodore Roosevelt

#129556 - 04/08/08 06:42 AM Re: Mountain House versus Provident Pantry [Re: 7point82]
Smackdaddyj Offline

Registered: 04/07/08
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Hello Everyone,

I am new to this board, but thought I would check it out based on a recommendation from some guys over at the Kifaru message board (www.kifaru.net). Anyway, I am in the military so I thought I would just throw in a few thoughts on MREs. Some love them some hate them, but if you have to eat them, you can survive on them. Our first rotation to A-stan we had to eat them all the time, but they will give you the energy you need to keep going.

As far as storage, they have a 20 year shelf life, and you are just supposed to inspect every 3 years to make sure that they are not bloated. That would mean that they have gone bad. They are not vacuum sealed, but should have a look like the air was kind of squeezed out of them before sealed. So if they look like a balloon, something is wrong. Also, in an emergency situation, you can survive on only 1 per day, 2 if you are active. They have between 3000-5000 calories each, so eating 3 a day is overkill. Just something to keep in mind when calculating how much you will need.

Hope this helps.


#249026 - 07/25/12 06:30 PM Re: Mountain House versus Provident Pantry [Re: MichaelJ]
BamaLover Offline

Registered: 07/25/12
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Loc: North Alabama
I have tried a variety of Provident Pantry foods and everything was been wonderful with the exception of their freeze dried ground beef. It has a funny taste that no amount of seasoning can cover. One reviewer likened it to a dog food taste. After contacting the company I purchased it from with my concerns, at first they were eager to help but upon further correspondence back and forth they began to question my storage methods, climate of storage area and other things. Once they found out that I had purchased the hamburger meat about 2 years ago, all bets were off and they were unwilling to help me any further. This food is designed for LONG term storage but their guarantee is only for 30 days so if you don't open the cans immediately which totally defeats the purpose then they won't help you. That being said, I still recommend Provident Pantry foods.

Thrive by Shelf Reliance is also another great brand and their ground beef is delicious (no dog food taste). I won't go into a lot of detail (unless asked) since I am a dealer for Thrive.

What Mountain House foods I have tried (only the pouches) have been really good as well. I just prefer to have individual ingredients to prepare my own foods rather than the entrees but that's just me.

#249058 - 07/26/12 07:43 PM Re: Mountain House versus Provident Pantry [Re: MichaelJ]
spuds Offline
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Registered: 06/24/12
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Loc: SoCal Mtns
If Yoders canned meat will store ten years,then so should your own.

Learn to pressure can,its simple and a lot cheaper than buying commercial product,though glass doesnt hold up like cans if they fall,they are a very good option and you get the skill on preserving your own hunted meat too.

Good option if cost is an issue,meat on sale,canned up,its a winner.We have chicken(79 cents/lb),corned beef(1.69/lb),and lots of soups,good stuff.

For that matter,you can dehydrate frozen veggies and package in mylar or jars.Nice thing is again,they are cheap and pre blanched,they dehydrate NICE! Just pour frozen onto dehydrator tray and dry away,cant get easier than that.

#249059 - 07/26/12 07:56 PM Re: Mountain House versus Provident Pantry [Re: BobS]
spuds Offline
Old Hand

Registered: 06/24/12
Posts: 822
Loc: SoCal Mtns
Originally Posted By: BobS
What I do to build up a good supply is to buy a few extra items for storage (usually2) every time I go to the grocery store. In one-year you will literally have a ton of food stored away. And at no time did you have to make a big purchase that took lots of money.
We buy a few cases on sale,like the corn for 50 cents a can,its now 79 here ( the cheap stuff) and that was a few months ago,so we are talking a 60% increase,WOW!Storing is nice,storing sale items,that much better.

Survival also includes economic survival,so making our bucks stretch rates as a major consideration in our preps.

Food inflation is here...now,stock up if you can,its only going to cost more tomorrow.

We use this system (3 of em,one in house,2 large in pantry),you can make your own,these goofy things can hold 400-700 cans in a small footprint depending on how you configure them.And first in,first out rotation,and its easy to see in a glance what needs to be replaced,and also to see what you actually use.I found we had too many Campbells soups,and werent eating em,so started making an effort to use em up.Hard to tell that when placed on shelves it just doesnt pop out at you like on the rotation storage system.

So when we get down a few cans in a few rows its to the pantry and stock up,Pantry gets used its stock from cases or buy more,really simplifies things.Maybe this sounds like overkill to some,but I have to say,it really works.

This is what we paid.....Who knows,1500-2000 cans? Havent counted but still love the system,needed shelves either way.I felt the cost was worth it for the amt it holds in the space it takes up.They will outlast me and the Mrs.

The Harvest 51" is the perfect FRS for smaller families or those with a limited amount of storage space. This FRS system holds up to 381 cans that are automatically rotated on a first in first out basis. This means you'll never have to deal with expiration dates again! All can tracks have an adjustable width so you can store goods the way you want, and, like all Shelf Reliance Food Rotation Systems, the Harvest 51" sits flat against virtually any wall surface.

Harvest 51" $251.93


The Harvest 72" 1 $299.66

Frame Color
1 x Black Frame $0.00

Track Color
1 x Black Track $0.00

Customize Rows
1 x 5 Small Rows, 1 Medium Row add $49.99

Small 24" Black Can Track 9 units= $47.61

Small Straps (25-pack) $3.28

Top Shelf for Harvest (36" x 24") 2 units= $39.76
Subtotal $912.53
Shipping & Handling $45.63
Tax $70.75
Grand Total $1,028.91

I have no interest in company but Im a very satisfied customer.

Edited by spuds (07/26/12 08:23 PM)

#249122 - 07/28/12 05:10 PM Re: Mountain House versus Provident Pantry [Re: spuds]
BamaLover Offline

Registered: 07/25/12
Posts: 4
Loc: North Alabama
I have the Harvest 72" and I love it! It's a bit of a pain to assemble (spacers) but my son and husband put it together in about a half hour or so.

#249141 - 07/28/12 09:39 PM Re: Mountain House versus Provident Pantry [Re: MichaelJ]
spuds Offline
Old Hand

Registered: 06/24/12
Posts: 822
Loc: SoCal Mtns
Agreed,it really helped using the youtube instructions,at that they didnt make clear how top and bottom supports went on,I did it wrong LOL,but yup,love the system.

#292358 - 05/29/19 03:24 AM Re: Mountain House versus Provident Pantry [Re: MichaelJ]
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If you have time, heat and water, keep rice and beans on hand.

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