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what I find with a Lighter is that it is below -25c they will work once after you take it out of your pocket and below -40c they might not work at all if you do not light it very quickly after you take it out of your pocket. it is always my first line of fire lighting, that save matches, but they are not totally reliable and at become less so at extreme cold temperatures.

My experience mirrors this.


It helps to shake the lighter vigorously while still warming inside your glove/hand.

Also, for very cold conditions, the old "Cricket" style lighter with the adjustable flame is helpful -- maximum gas flow. These are still available at dollar stores. The quality isn't the same as Bics, but they are cheap and handy for general use -- I keep one in the pocket of every jacket and pack I own. (Naturally there is a mini Bic in my pants pocket as backup.)