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#290057 - 07/26/18 07:57 PM Re: Man Survives Four Days Lost in the Mountains with [Re: Doug_Ritter]
ireckon Offline

Registered: 04/01/10
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Loc: Northern California
I bet his lighter was a Bic.

Regarding the backpack issue, essentials for survival should obviously be on your person. Even if you are a pro, there are many ways you can become separated from a backpack. For examples, you fall in a river and need to start swimming to shore with speed; you fall down a ledge and need to lighten your load while you hold onto something; put your pack down for a second and get lost like the guy in the original post; etc.

I don’t see any upside to keeping all essentials in a backpack.
If you're reading this, it's too late.

#290059 - 07/26/18 09:35 PM Re: Man Survives Four Days Lost in the Mountains with [Re: ireckon]
Russ Offline

Registered: 06/02/06
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Essential items should be kept on person which is the reason I prefer distributed pocket carry over a “kit”. I routinely walk here with essentials (no backpack) — knife (Benchmade 940, Bugout or RSK), SAK, 1xAA LED flashlight, Bic, flip-phone, GPS, FAK, wallet, ...

The LM Skeletool is not an essential, it’s convenient to hang it on the D-ring where it’s readily available, but if all I need is a knife, RH front pocket has a locking folder. But if I lose the backpack, there are other things I’ll miss more than the Skeletool. Water is the essential in the backpack. I won’t be inadvertently forgetting my backpack, because losing the water is abort criteria. It’s 95ºF outside, cooler than yesterday.

#290062 - 07/26/18 10:47 PM Re: Man Survives Four Days Lost in the Mountains with [Re: ireckon]
hikermor Offline
Geezer in Chief

Registered: 08/26/06
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Loc: southern Cal
Originally Posted By: ireckon
I bet his lighter was a Bic.

Agreed. Second the motion.

I carry some essentials on my body, including a key ring which has a small multitool (PS4), a peanut lighter, a cash capsule, a small prybar, a AAA light, as well as house and car keys. I usually sleep with this ring in my PJs.

When I am out int he woods, my pack will have water (quantity variable depending on the environment, but at least a liter, usually two), lunch and snacks good for 24 hours, maybe a mini stove and cup plus fuel and lighter, a light jacket, a sweater, FAK, headlamp, plus mission/job relevant gear which can vary all over the place (oh, yest, I almost forgot - TP!!)

Maybe this comes from SAR experience, but you simply don't lose your pack. Our bags were generally packed, ready to go right away, and adjusted seasonally for conditions. One of my colleagues famously remarked that in the summer (Tucson, AZ) our packs were essentially giant water bottles! Your pack is not a burden; its contents are the materials that keep you and those for whom you are responsible, alive and healthy. You simply don't lose it.
Geezer in Chief

#290065 - 07/27/18 01:10 AM Re: Man Survives Four Days Lost in the Mountains with [Re: Doug_Ritter]
Montanero Offline

Registered: 10/14/08
Posts: 1463
Loc: North Carolina
In my pockets or on my belt I will carry a Swiss Army Knife, compass, map, lighter, storm proof matches, a multi-tool, a small flashlight, a signal panel, about 50 ft of 550 cord or similar, and a nice water purification kit Water Pouch Plus because it fits in a pocket. I will carry either my cell phone or an InReach, depending on where I am, maybe both.

I really like Ribz Front Pack for other things that I like to access easily without taking my backpack off. More survival gear, water bottles, gps, camera, small binoculars, anything I need to do whatever work I am doing.

#290070 - 07/27/18 04:10 AM Re: Man Survives Four Days Lost in the Mountains with [Re: Montanero]
Herman30 Offline

Registered: 08/08/06
Posts: 264
Loc: Finland
Originally Posted By: Montanero

I really like Ribz Front Pack

I use my Ribz on on a daily bases for carrying EDC-stuff in the summertime when it is too warm for a jacket or a vest.

#290091 - 07/29/18 04:15 PM Re: Man Survives Four Days Lost in the Mountains with [Re: Doug_Ritter]
brandtb Offline

Registered: 11/26/04
Posts: 282
Loc: S.E. Pennsylvania
" Hutter stepped off the path for a moment, and then couldn’t find it again."

Ben East was a writer for Outdoor Life, and for many years covered survival stories. He wrote several books about people who got into trouble in the outdoors. He had this advice for hikers -

"Never step off a road or a marked trail unless you're ready to spend the night in the woods."

Brian Brandt

#290094 - 07/30/18 01:40 PM Re: Man Survives Four Days Lost in the Mountains with [Re: brandtb]
hikermor Offline
Geezer in Chief

Registered: 08/26/06
Posts: 6773
Loc: southern Cal
I would say don't go near the woods or even leave your home without minimal gear and a plan for spending an unanticipated night in the woods. Stuff happens all the time...

I have lost count of the times I have heard "We were only going out for the day..."
Geezer in Chief

#290099 - 07/30/18 09:00 PM Re: Man Survives Four Days Lost in the Mountains with [Re: Doug_Ritter]
amper Offline

Registered: 07/06/02
Posts: 187
Loc: US
' Hutter plans to write a book about his experience, to help other adventurers avoid similar trials. '

Survival stories never get written by people who were prepared and equipped.

' “I was prepared for a 15-minute excursion,” says Hutter. “It was about two hours in before I realized I was in big trouble.” '

There's your mistake. This is how these stories start, with people who don't think they are doing anything dangerous.

(Since I haven't been around here in about 10 years, I'll just briefly mention that the much-publicized case of the Klein Family, who got lost in the snow near the Grand Canyon in December 2016 was actually my college roommate. Eric and Karen thought they were just going on the proverbial "three hour tour", and following the GPS in their rental car. Thankfully, they all survived, though Karen lost a toe to frostbite, I believe.)

I keep my usual backcountry ditty bag in my handbag, right next to my makeup bag. I used to have just the basics in my makeup bag, but decided recently to carry more.

I have a Victorinox Rambler, Bic mini Bic, and Fisher Bullet Space Pen, a Storm whistle, a small PackTowl, an Inova X1 flashlight and spare battery, a LMF Swedish Army FireSteel, and a DiaSharp card, along with a few odds and ends like a couple of blanket pins, a couple of ponytail elastics, and a small vial of acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and diphenydramine, plus a 1 oz spray bottle filled with 70% isopropanol for hand sanitizer.

All of that goes in an IKEA fabric sandwich bag. I'm looking for a new pouch, though. There's a few things that need to be added/replaced, like a simple compass and a bit of cordage, those are on my shopping list.

On top of that, in my handbag is *always* a full set of Snow Peak titanium flatware (knife, fork, spoon, spork) a pair of Keith titanium chopsticks, and a fixed-blade Buck Diamondback for cutting baguettes, because those are all my EDC for lunch.

And then there's my vintage Gerber AirFrame folding knife.

My makeup case always has a compact in it that has a mirror that could be used for signalling, if necessary. Also, lip and eye pencils make good tinder, or a carpenters' pencil, if you don't wear makeup.

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Gemma Seymour @gcvrsa

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