First off, this news will have no effect on ETS, the website, forums or my work on various standards setting committees and organizations such as RTCM or SAE S9.

Just want to let everyone know that the 501(c)(3) Equipped to Survive Foundation is going to be shut down in the very near future. It is actually costing more to do the non-profit required accounting and tax filings than the Foundation brings in every year and the lack of "public support" also means we'd end up becoming a Private Foundation next year, which has some adverse consequences.

The Foundation was principally formed to allow us to gain some government contracts which required a non-profit status. A side effect was that it allowed folks to donate to support ETS and the forums with a tax-deductible donation.

Things have moved on and I simply don't have time for doing that sort of thing and taking money out of my pocket to keep the Foundation as an entity is foolish.

Thanks for your support. I will sort out some means for folks who want to continue to help keep the lights on to do so.

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