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Consider some type of occlusive bandage (3" x 9" petrolatum gauze pad) and rolled gauze (Kerlix or PriMed) to go along with the ETD that you have.

Can you suggest in what cases and how it would be better to use these items vs. (or in conjunction with) what I have?

When compared to traditional gauze pads/sponges, an occlusive dressing (films, foams, hydrogels, hydrocolloids, alginates) form an effective barrier to bacteria and promote wound healing by maintaining a moist wound environment. They are also useful with open (sucking) chest wounds to treat or prevent a tension pneumothorax resulting from a penetrating trauma/collapsed lung.

Kerlix is the brand name for different sizes of rolled gauze manufactured by Kendall. PriMed is similar to Kerlix, although is vacuum packaged to save space. Both products are useful for improvised bandaging, as well as soaking up a considerable amount of blood, and applying compression to a wound.

I mentioned these items as when combined with your ETD (and perhaps a SAM splint and ACE type bandage) you would have a good basis to treat most wilderness injuries and trauma that you're likely to run into.


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