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#279143 - 01/28/16 10:08 PM Re: Survival tablet [Re: Tom_L]
Alex Offline
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Every kid is unique, so having calming and distracting options is always an asset to a parent and alike. Being a 3 y/o kid, I had a serious surgery with a rather weak local anesthesia once (almost lost my eye). I can still recall that pain and terror. But being distracted by my favorite toy in the moms hands I immediately became much more calm and tolerant to the procedure helping the doctor to do everything safely, decently, and fast. In many children dentist clinics, little children are watching cartoons sitting in the dental procedures chair also for a good reason...

Couch? I can sleep in a DIY lean-to, which plans I can find in my phone or invent right on location, but I would definitely want to be able finding in my phone the precise reloading data for the new gun I found on a dead body. I want to know if my headache is my usual reaction to the air pressure jump, or a symptom of a possible CO poisoning or a fever... Etc.

#279147 - 01/28/16 10:55 PM Re: Survival tablet [Re: Alex]
hikermor Online   content
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I am coming to heartily despise the term"SHTF". Aside from its mild vulgarity (really no big deal), it is simply imprecise (a bigger deal). It is often used to describe, apparently, the total collapse of society and a relapse into total anarchy which will be surmounted only by those wise enough to stock plenty of ammo and Wheaties inside their stockades, but there are plenty of variations....

I prefer to consider more mundane mishaps, like the priest unplanned overnight incident in a companion thread (been there,done that)- ranging upward in scale to more profound events (winter storm Jonas, earthquakes, wild fires) as an event one is more likely to encounter. I am tempted to propose a scale running from pico disasters to nano disaster up to micro disasters, disasters, and mega disasters. I suppose there should be a place for the venerable acronym TEOTWAWKI, which absolutely could happen, but which is rather unlikely, at least in my lifetime.
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#279149 - 01/28/16 11:25 PM Re: Survival tablet [Re: hikermor]
Alex Offline
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Agreed smile So, in the new terms, my point is that a top smartphone-like device, being the quintessence and the culmination of technological advancements of our civilization over the millennia passed, filled with the knowledgeably preselected and carefully digitized wisdom of the entire humankind is a significant asset to leverage in any scale disaster from a pico- to giga- level...

By the way, In my digital survival books collection I have a dozen or two of the best schoolbooks of the 20th century (algebra, geometry, chemistry, botany, biology, physics, and so on), in Russian though, as I'm not aware of any good English schoolbooks so far. I also have the famous Russian highest-mathematics pocket thesaurus digitizing project in the work (also using my phone and the great documents scanner app CamScanner for that).

#279150 - 01/29/16 03:16 AM Re: Survival tablet [Re: Alex]
Am_Fear_Liath_Mor Offline
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There is a certain downside to the smart phone/tablet device. The greater use of the smart phone/tablet, the dumber and more stupid the general population seem to get. The lack of awareness it creates is incredible. It's just a general observation I've noticed over the last 10 years and the devices combine with a tendency to cause panic if the devices are taken away or unavailable. I have only every owned one smart phone (Landrover A8) and the truth be told I don't even carry it around with me. I was once asked if I was able to lend my mobile phone to make a call by someone else. I said that I don't usually carry a mobile phone. He thought I was the Zombie.. wink
The reliance on these electronic toys and detractions is now getting silly.

#279151 - 01/29/16 03:54 AM Re: Survival tablet [Re: chaosmagnet]
UTAlumnus Offline
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Samsung Galaxy Media Player 5.0
It's similar in size to the Galaxy S line but has an FM receiver where the phone radio would be.

Edit to add:
It and a flip phone are my current EDC. Data plans rate a "You gotta be kidding me!"

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#279153 - 01/29/16 05:00 AM Re: Survival tablet [Re: Alex]
benjammin Offline
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Calming and distracting, not exactly what I would call dad's belt, but it was quite effective at keeping us in order.
The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools.
-- Herbert Spencer, English Philosopher (1820-1903)

#279154 - 01/29/16 05:01 AM Re: Survival tablet [Re: UTAlumnus]
haertig Offline

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Originally Posted By: UTAlumnus
Samsung Galaxy Media Player 5.0
It's similar in size to the Galaxy S line but has an FM receiver where the phone radio would be.

I just looked that one up because it sounded intriguing. Unfortunately, it runs Android 2.3.5, which is very old, so it's not going to run many new apps. And it's screen is only 800x480 resolution, not enough for many things. You could read text on it though.

#279156 - 01/29/16 06:10 AM Re: Survival tablet [Re: Am_Fear_Liath_Mor]
Alex Offline
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Originally Posted By: Am_Fear_Liath_Mor

There is a certain downside to the smart phone/tablet device. The greater use of the smart phone/tablet, the dumber and more stupid the general population seem to get. The lack of awareness it creates is incredible.

True. However, that's not a smartphone's fault, but social networks'. In 90% of cases people are chatting with friends and just "passing by" strangers non stop on various popular subjects and their own posts. A smartphone simply provides opportunities to do that any time available (like during boring commuting) versus from a home computer only. Before the smartphones era, there were almost the same thing with tape cassette players, then CD players. At least now they can hear what's going on around without earplugs. smile

#279157 - 01/29/16 06:38 AM Re: Survival tablet [Re: chaosmagnet]
Mark_R Offline
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Originally Posted By: chaosmagnet
A rugged, long-lived and easy to recharge device that combined a tablet's functionality with an AM/FM/WX (and I can wish for shortwave) receiver could be worth having. Since such a device is currently vaporware and I'm a radio nerd, I can (and do) carry a dedicated receiver or transceiver as appropriate.

Inactive cell phone (basically a mini wifi tablet), a pocket weather radio, and a folding solar panel. Put them together in an ESD bag and Bob's yer uncle.
Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane

#279158 - 01/29/16 07:13 AM Re: Survival tablet [Re: Alex]
Alex Offline
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In fact, the topic starter gadget is: "...featuring a built in AM/FM/SW/LW radio tuner, Earl lets you listen to the world no matter where you are. Live pause or schedule recordings on a truly worldwide emergency radio. Using SAME (Specific Area Message Encoding), be alerted to changing conditions over NOAA weather channels." and "...a VHF and UHF transceiver (with support for GMRS, PMR446 and UHFCB), Earl connects to analog and digital radio frequencies up to 20 miles away. Send secure text or voice messages via Walkie-Talkie; even transmit weather, location, and route information."

An external solar panel definitely could be more powerful and versatile, but if that tablet is the only thing you managed to grab and run, an integrated one is a godsend, imho.

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