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#271548 - 09/01/14 12:04 PM Re: Cook Stove Recommendations [Re: UTAlumnus]
bws48 Offline
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Originally Posted By: UTAlumnus
If the main things you need it for are stove top uses, they make a small version of these. It will also work for an alternate heat source. Granddad used one to heat his woodworking shop here in the winter. He fed his with scraps.

small wood stove

Great stove!

As soon as I saw the ad I realized there was one (or nearly identical to it) in an old hunting shack I used to stay in when deer hunting. It worked great: lots of heat.
"Better is the enemy of good enough."

#271549 - 09/01/14 01:22 PM Re: Cook Stove Recommendations (hexamine expensive [Re: EMPnotImplyNuclear]
dougwalkabout Offline
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Originally Posted By: EMPnotImplyNuclear
Originally Posted By: dougwalkabout
... hexamine solid fuel tablets. Inexpensive, compact, and non-explosive...

hexamine is the most expensive fuel you can buy smile

Lovely math, but you missed the point. Experimenting with a few packets of hexamine tabs will help define the OP's actual needs.

#271550 - 09/01/14 02:38 PM Re: Cook Stove Recommendations [Re: hikermor]
Am_Fear_Liath_Mor Offline
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"What's wrong with propane?"

Absolutely nothing. I have a double Foker LPG burner for emergency use


With a low pressure 15kg LPG Gas bottle this will give approx 4-6 months cooking @ .1Kg per day fuel use.

Keeping the bottles in movable heaters designed for 15kg LPG butane bottles.

Lockable Storage for LPG butane and propane bottles (various sizes and capacities) are available for external storage

If the requirement is purely for stove cooking using wood then the Horizon Wood Gasifier Stove may be worth a look as well. Should be very efficent to use and potentially almost smokeless. (lack of smoke is an important consideration)


#271551 - 09/01/14 03:11 PM Re: Cook Stove Recommendations [Re: Jeanette_Isabelle]
GoatRider Offline
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I had a scare with propane on my camping trip last week, but it turned out well so it actually reduced my fear of propane.

I was lighting my Peet propane boot dryer, and suddenly there were flames all over. I kicked it away, and then there were just a few flames around the top of the tank, and by reflex I blew on it, and they went out. I just hadn't screwed the tank on all the way, and it was leaking a bit.

I think from now on when car camping, I'm going to take the fire extinguisher out of my car and keep it by the camp stove. I might even get a dedicated extinguisher and keep it with my camping gear.
- Benton

#271552 - 09/01/14 03:43 PM Re: Cook Stove Recommendations [Re: Jeanette_Isabelle]
LesSnyder Offline

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just a follow up... my usual recommendations for an emergency stove is a multi fuel camp stove (Coleman fuel and unleaded gasoline (they have single burner models with kerosene capability) and a propane 1# adapter... pics from box store, no recommendation on my part



#271558 - 09/01/14 05:40 PM Re: Cook Stove Recommendations [Re: Jeanette_Isabelle]
Quietly_Learning Offline

Registered: 05/29/12
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I would recommend pm'g Hikin_Jim . He's the resident stove expert and has great insight. Unfortunately he hasn't posted in a long time. He also has a very well written blog http://adventuresinstoving.blogspot.com/?m=1

I would have to go with the others and recommend what you don't want which is a Coleman style multi burner stove. Small, portable and lots of btu's for the size. I've used a Coleman car camping on many occasions. If properly stored the canisters are safe.

Another option would be digging a hole in your backyard and with wood or charcoal making a fire pit or outdoor oven. You can use a Dutch oven in the fire pit which retains heat very well. Benjamin has posted about Dutch ovens on a number of occasions so he and Dagny could give you recommendations. I would think a well made fire pit would add resale value to your home.


(Not exact what you're looking for but it looks like a fun experiment:)

One thing I would NOT recommend is cooking in your screened in porch. Flare-ups happen so further away from your house is better in case of any accidents. Also never abad idea to bring the fire extinguisher with you when cooking in the back yard.

Good luck

#271588 - 09/05/14 09:37 PM Re: Cook Stove Recommendations [Re: Jeanette_Isabelle]
RayW Offline

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Loc: Orlando, FL
This stove still uses a liquid fuel, so I don't know if you could talk your mom into this or not. It uses alcohol so it is not explosive and it is marketed towards the boating world because of that.


#271589 - 09/05/14 10:57 PM Re: Cook Stove Recommendations [Re: Jeanette_Isabelle]
haertig Offline

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Originally Posted By: Jeanette_Isabelle
She says she wants to avoid gas or liquid fuels...

That sounds like your choice is thus narrowed down to ... a standard BBQ grill and a ton of Match-Light (no charcoal fluid required) charcoal briquettes and wooden matches. Nothing wrong with that. But "no gas or liquid" eliminates most other choices.

Personally, I would go for a Coleman propane burner stove, and one of those tailgating propane grills, feed with a couple of 20lb propane cylinders and an adapter hose. The fuel would last a long time and you'd get to cook more or less "normally", even using you standard household cookware. Many many people use propane BBQ grills safely, but of course there are a few nimrods who manage to blow themselves up. Still, I wouldn't let that deter me from using propane. Just learn how to use it safely. Millions of people do exactly that, every day.

#271631 - 09/10/14 10:33 PM Re: Cook Stove Recommendations [Re: haertig]
nursemike Offline
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wally world solar oven

No connection with Wally World; I am however a priest of the sun god Ra, and recommending use of solar energy may represent a conflict of interest.
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#271632 - 09/10/14 10:47 PM Re: Cook Stove Recommendations [Re: nursemike]
Russ Offline

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Would you happen to know the width/depth/height of the oven. Will it hold a cookie sheet? We cookie monsters love to worship Ra while cookies bake... cool

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