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#249318 - 08/01/12 04:02 AM Re: what critical ropes knots often used outdoors ? [Re: picard120]
lordnoble Offline

Registered: 03/14/12
Posts: 27
Loc: Upstate NY, USA
Yeah... dealerS#!Tch... LOL!


#249320 - 08/01/12 04:24 AM Re: what critical ropes knots often used outdoors ? [Re: picard120]
comms Offline

Registered: 07/23/08
Posts: 1502
Loc: Mesa, AZ
I don't pretend to know the name of every knot I have been taught or learned. But any time I can purposefully and aesthetically secure a object(s) using rope/cordage and not use square knot, is a good day
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#249369 - 08/01/12 11:47 PM Re: what critical ropes knots often used outdoors ? [Re: picard120]
GoatRider Offline
Old Hand

Registered: 08/28/04
Posts: 818
Loc: Maple Grove, MN
I used to sail with guys that believed "if you can't tie good knots, tie lots of them." Don't be like that.
- Benton

#249393 - 08/02/12 01:13 PM Re: what critical ropes knots often used outdoors ? [Re: Craig_Thompson]
Virginia_Mark Offline

Registered: 02/22/07
Posts: 80
I'm not a not guy at all, and when I have time would like to educate myself more on this subject. But I will say that the slip knot, half hitch, and improved clinch, have served me well for ages..

#249530 - 08/06/12 11:04 PM Re: what critical ropes knots often used outdoors ? [Re: Oware]
Oware Offline

Registered: 10/23/09
Posts: 41
Loc: 49th parallel
Made a youtube video of a Quick Release Tautline Hitch.

#249693 - 08/10/12 10:25 AM Re: what critical ropes knots often used outdoors ? [Re: Oware]
MostlyHarmless Offline
Old Hand

Registered: 06/03/09
Posts: 982
Loc: Norway
EDIT: Forgot about the rolling hitch. Perfect when you want to attatch some guy line to another. This also works great with a quick release loop.

I also want to add the alpine butterfly to my arsenal (adds a secure loop to the middle of a roap). I just have to keep tying it so I remember.

My list is soo much shorter... but it get's the job done:
Bowline hitch
Sheet bend
Trucker's hitch
Round turn with two half hitches
Overhand knot and figure-8 knot

More often than not, I'll augment any of these with a quick release loop.

Setting up a tarp ridgeline (or clothesline) I'll make a bowline hitch with quick release around the first tree and a trucker's hitch around the second. I really like how quick and easy it is to get a nice and REALLY taut ridgeline with this method. And two gentle tugs is all it takes to tear it down again...

For joining two ropes I've gone off square knot. Tying a sheet bend with a "quick" method is much faster and much safer, and works for ropes of uneven diameter. Sorry, I'm unable to find videos or pics of my "quick method" for tying a sheet's bend.

I use round turn with two half hitches if I don't want a loop, but want to tie really taut to whatever object I fasten to. This is also my preferred knot for mooring boats.

I really dig fancy knots, but this short list is what I actually use and rely on. Anything fancier and I'll have to look it up...

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#249694 - 08/10/12 11:10 AM Re: what critical ropes knots often used outdoors ? [Re: picard120]
Quietly_Learning Offline

Registered: 05/29/12
Posts: 163
The knots I use most often have been listed numerous times, variants of: figure 8's, clove hitches, prusiks, etc...

The one I don't see mentioned is a water knot. It is used to tie knots in webbing.

#250190 - 08/23/12 08:02 PM Re: what critical ropes knots often used outdoors ? [Re: picard120]
MichaelJ07 Offline

Registered: 12/19/06
Posts: 101
Loc: Michigan, USA
I like the Canadian Jam knot for tying things together and then having to loose them later. Has always been there for me.
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#252230 - 10/25/12 04:08 PM Re: what critical ropes knots often used outdoors ? [Re: picard120]
TeacherRO Offline

Registered: 03/11/05
Posts: 2217
Thanks for the input -- I'm doing some knot teaching classes for youth groups

#252408 - 10/30/12 02:59 AM Re: what critical ropes knots often used outdoors ? [Re: picard120]
Pete Offline

Registered: 02/20/09
Posts: 1337
Here is my input. I was a climber for many years. Although many knots can be tied, only a few are generally useful on a regular basis.

learn how to tie a "water knot" in webbing. that is very important. it may go by other names, but it is the basic knot for joining two ends of flat webbing together.

for ropes, learn a "Figure-8" which is used for making a loop, a "clove hitch" which is very useful for attaching a rope to an anchor, and a "Double Fishermans knot" which is very important for joining two ropes together. I never used the bowline or the square knot, but some people like the bowline.

good luck,

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