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#251569 - 10/09/12 04:38 AM Re: More bad news about BPA in food packaging [Re: Byrd_Huntr]
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Registered: 07/23/08
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Loc: Mesa, AZ
that sucks man, it does. my uncle died a horrible, painful death from pancreatic cancer a few years ago. I found out today my son may have a form of cancer and we are now scheduling appointments with a number of -ist's, to start figuring things out. optometrist, geneticists, neurologists, brain mapping MRI's, other -ists, too.

That being said, I simply do not believe that BPA in something is more dangerous than what we are getting from something. Meaning, we ingest more BPA from tap water than in the plastic cup you put it in. Meaning I would be more concerned about mercury or radiation in fish than the chemicals in a can of soup or the chlorine wash left on the peeled baby carrots I buy. I ate an apple the other day without washing it or rubbing it clean on my shirt. Do you know how many people could have touched that thing in the store before I did and the germs they had on their hands? That concerns me more than BPA. Someone sneezing into their hand and then trying to shake mine, concerns me more than BPA in food.

I am being contrarian. But I am being a realist. I personally don't want to pay more money just to read a label. Where does it stop where with the bleeding of money for the greater good. The manufactures should choose or be told to do so on their end. Will that get past down, probably but to stick a label on it as BPA-free just to raise the price and feel better about yourself (globally, not you specifically Spud) is as self serving as those that put BPA free on bottles that never had it to begin with. Or when companies put 'trans fat free' on products that never had trans fat to begin with.
Don't just survive. Thrive.

#251570 - 10/09/12 04:53 AM Re: More bad news about BPA in food packaging [Re: Byrd_Huntr]
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Registered: 07/23/08
Posts: 1502
Loc: Mesa, AZ
Spud, I apologize if I got to hot there. I am leaving it up because I believe in what I said, but it was not my intent to say it the way in which I did which would rightly make a reader feel a rising anger. The filter I normally use for civil discourse is damaged tonight, as mentioned in my post above. While I don't agree with your point of view on BPA's, I concede we both disagree with the way in which I said said it. Please excuse my forceful discourse tonight.
Don't just survive. Thrive.

#251571 - 10/09/12 09:56 AM Re: More bad news about BPA in food packaging [Re: Byrd_Huntr]
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Thanks Comm,and back at ya all the way.I respect your post 100% of stating your position/opinion,well done,not overboard at all IMO.

Yes,this issue has hot button all over it.It cant be discussed without politics entering it,it IS a political issue and Health issue equally.

Sorry about the cancer in your family,its bad stuff.My son had a sinus cancer,2 surgeries,looks like 2nd did the trick,no recurance in a couple years now.Prayers sent for your son.

I learned a lot about BPA I didnt know and appreciated the knowledge,I hope others did too.I know for me it sounds downside outweighs upside and I will be glad when its gone and fully expect it will be too.Huge momentum to remove it world wide.Thats good in my book.

I come across sounding like a radical left greenie extremist,Im not at all,I believe in a lot of chems and pharma when essential and proven safe, but when not proven safe OR beneficial to health ... it just isnt my cup of tea.But if it is for others I have no problem of people making it their personal choice.

Fewer drugs you take,the better,based on my lifetime of healthcare work its what I personally have seen,IMO.

Like my choice of no pesticides in garden,it isnt because Im a greenie,its because stuff will grow at home and nature will balance it out to a large extent.And no risks of is a pesticide good or not.It just isnt there,so I know Im good to go on the issue.

The philosophy of one for pests,one for mother nature,one for me,I can live with that,I usually get far more for me,though we have had spectacular failures too getting started.The year of 2 tomatoes comes to mind.LOL,the 86 dollar tomato!

If it was survival garden,the Sevin powder would have been deployed.Without any remorse.Yep,I actually have the stuff.

Im more of a modern Amish if that makes any sense at all.

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