Is your camping stove louder than a jet engine?

The QuietStove will cut the noise in half and your stove will boil water faster. The QuietStove is one contiguous piece of metal. There are no welds, seams, or brazes. This is the original one-piece Quiet Stove Burner.

The QuietStove comes with a 13 month money back guarantee and is constructed with stainless steel. It is the only product currently available that is corrosion resistant. The QuietStove is a Quiet Stove Burner you can depend on.

Retail price: $149 (now offered for a limited time) $119!

The QuietStove can be purchased from:

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What is included:
  • QuietStove Burner
  • Instruction Sheet
  • Email support
The QuietStove is custom designed by us.

The QuietStove is available for the following stoves:
  • MSR Dragonfly
  • Primus OmniFuel
  • Primus OmniLite Ti
  • Primus 70/71
  • Max Sievert Svea 123
  • Optimus Svea 123
  • Optimus Svea 123R (may need stainless wire to hold QuietStove into place)
  • Optimus 6/8/8R/80/90
  • Primus/Optimus 96 & 97
  • Radius 20/42
The QuietStove does not require any adjustments. Because the QuietStove is one contiguous piece of metal it will not fall apart under extreme heating conditions. You can rest assured this burner is a precision manufactured structure which will operate safely and stand up to the rigorous cooking duties you can throw at it.

With multiple rows of holes the QuietStove will output plenty of heat for your most demanding cooking requirements, and it is compatible with all gas types which are supported by the host stove. The QuietStove provides the quality and reliability required for the demands of the wilderness. Finally, morning coffee or tea can be brewed without disturbing folks in your campsite.

The photos in this listing are stock photos and are for illustration purposes only. The QuietStove will change color towards sliver/grey with time after it is fired.

We have several videos on YouTube showing stoves running with and without a QuietStove. The camera is the same distance from the stove in all comparison videos. The videos are raw footage from the camera. Absolutely no post editing was applied to any video (aside from YouTube annotations).

MSR Dragonfly


Primus OmniFuel

Svea 123