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#250743 - 09/07/12 07:30 PM Re: PERSONAL crisi bag - not a BOB [Re: Chisel]
ireckon Offline

Registered: 04/01/10
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Loc: Northern California
Originally Posted By: Chisel
our dog is part of the family. it would be very hard to just ditch her.

Well, BOB, that is why I have a NO PET law in my house. If we don't have her to begin with, we don't have to struggle with ditching her later.

About the useage of a dog in a SHTF, maybe , but depoends on what type of SHTF. In MY most propable scenario, I want to move as quickly and quietly as possible. I can't see myself and family in a confronation of any type. Even a big dog won't help us much against several bad guys with guns, if it comes to that.


I get your point, and you made a responsible decision not to have a dog. I can respect that.

Personally, if my family settled down somewhere, my dog would be an invaluable alarm system. That may not be easy to imagine now while we're all warm and comfy in front of our computers, but there may be a time when my family is exhausted and may, for example, sleep through a bum rummaging through our stuff. My dog would definitely let us know about the intruder, and would be worth her weight in gold at that moment. That's not an unlikely scenario.

More importantly, I enjoy my dog's companionship as a family member. My family is the first thought in my mind when I face a life-or-death situation. My motivation to survive is to spend more time with my family, not just to win a competition or whatever.
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#250751 - 09/08/12 03:04 AM Re: PERSONAL crisi bag - not a BOB [Re: ireckon]
Chisel Offline
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All right. I'll confess. Maybe I am a little bit biased by my mom's attitude . Pets were a friction point and source of argument between her and dad. He had a few birds ( parrots, canaries .. etc, ), The parrot could talk in a way , even we , would mistake him for dad. It made my brain wander in rugged areas of thinking. For example, I often asked myself : If this bird could talk like this , how come chimpanzees cannot talk; and they are so similar to us.

Anyways, one day my dad came home and mom told him the bird was dead. Teary-eyed, he asked where it was. Mom told him she tossed it in the garbage can!! He was upset and said the bird (deserved a better burial). He took it out of the can and went out to bury it.

So, I guess we people are created differently.

#250753 - 09/08/12 04:55 AM Re: PERSONAL crisi bag - not a BOB [Re: Chisel]
Chisel Offline
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Registered: 12/05/05
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OK, back to original topic : a bag full of stuff that can help you in most hard circumstances.

Although e-gadgets are not reliable in hard times, but I am fan of software applications that help tackle different tasks. One example is unit converters. They are life savers sometimes when you need to know something and you get it but in the wrong units. You want to know the BTU's , but you get your info in kilowatts, for example.

Do you know any other kind of software or application that is also helpful. I don't mean nice to have like a visdeo game, but really important when you need it.

#250754 - 09/08/12 08:51 AM Re: PERSONAL crisi bag - not a BOB [Re: Chisel]
bacpacjac Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 05/05/07
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Loc: Ontario, Canada
We keep a bag in the front hall closet that s basically a get out of the house because it's on fire. It's got a change of clothes, jammies, shoes, jackets, hats, mitts, toiletries, cash, spare vehicle keys, and a printed contact list. It's essentially a going to a hotel/friends house/relatives house for a night or two bag. It also nicely suppliments the family BOB, one of which is hanging inside the garage door.
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#250758 - 09/08/12 02:44 PM Re: PERSONAL crisi bag - not a BOB [Re: Chisel]
Russ Offline

Registered: 06/02/06
Posts: 5055
Don't confuse a pet bird with a well trained dog. The sensor package on a dog is incredible. I work with a German Shepherd rescue and some of the dogs we get from shelters are simply outstanding. One came to us fully trained from a family that lost their home to foreclosure. It was a great dog which would be an asset in a SHTF scenario; it's currently being trained in SAR. They make good companions, but they also pull their weight. Pet birds, cats, pet snakes and gerbils do not belong in the same category as a companion canine.

That said, I agree with your decision to not have a "pet". Part of what goes with bringing a dog into your family is a committment mindset and you have described yourself as what I would call an unreliable pet owner. At least you know. A lot of folks who adopt pets think they can committ but when push comes to shove, they fold and we end up with another dog that needs a home.

$.02, YMMV

#250767 - 09/09/12 05:01 AM Re: PERSONAL crisi bag - not a BOB [Re: Russ]
Chisel Offline
Old Hand

Registered: 12/05/05
Posts: 1155
described yourself as what I would call an unreliable pet owner

Russ, I think a better description for me is : a realiable and responsible pet NON-OWNER.

In the past, I was stuck with pets (stubborn kids , you know ) we got a few fish and we put them in an aquarium. It needed feeding and cleaning ..etc. A few weeks down the road my daughter's attention went elsewhere, and I got to feed the fish. The fish reproduced and I got a bigger problem. Then I asked my son to help me transfer all those fish into a big water bottle and donated them to a pet shop.

It's just that I don't want to have the pets to begin with, and having to be responsible for them.

Back to original topic. Bag of helpful stuff.

I don't have a late model smart phone, but the cell phone I have does have a few useful functions. Camera, off course. The nice thing about a cmera is ( a picture is better than a 1000 words). Really. Saves you lots of talk. I often use it to photograph useful and helpful stuff. Like one day a pickup was parked at the store and displayed on the doors ( electrican & plumber ) plus phone numbers. tsk .. took photo.

The phone also has a voice recording function which I use frequntly to record TO DO things , or other remarks to write down later. One day my wife showed me some location and didnt want to forget it next week , so I recorded her description ( take right , then when you get at the phrmacy turn left ...etc. ) It is really helpful.

Thse functions are very helpful when you face problems.

Any other functions you have found useful for hard times ?

#250772 - 09/09/12 12:46 PM Re: PERSONAL crisi bag - not a BOB [Re: Chisel]
spuds Offline
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Registered: 06/24/12
Posts: 822
Loc: SoCal Mtns
If you arent a dog or pet person,I applaud the responsibility in not getting a pet.

See many folks with no ability to own a pet making a pet orphan.Both of ours were pet orphans from people who had no business having a dog. mad

To me pet ownership is almost equal to a child in responsibility,and needs to be almost that level of commitment.

I wouldnt put a child in a life threatening situation,but I would a dog in certain situations. I love my mutts, but....Thats what a protector dog is for.

To stay OT,our dogs are personal crisis tools.

#250773 - 09/09/12 02:10 PM Re: PERSONAL crisi bag - not a BOB [Re: Chisel]
Russ Offline

Registered: 06/02/06
Posts: 5055
a reliable and responsible pet NON-OWNER
I agree, that is a better description of someone who chooses to not own a dog (or other pet), knowing that a pet isn't right. Good call.

As to the topic of a personal crisis bag, I always have my EDC backpack nearby if not hanging on one shoulder. Everything in the backpack is for use as needed. It doesn't take a crisis or emergency, but tools, flashlight, spare battereies, small FAK are all good in a crisis. Yesterday I carried a 40 oz bottle of water & extra socks. When I got home the water was gone, no crisis, I got thirsty. I carry that stuff to avoid things becoming a crisis.

Some things like cell-phones, EDC folder etc. are for pocket carry. Unlike most smartphone peeps who are always texting or walking around 95% focused on their phones display so they can get the latest text, I put mine in airplane mode and drop it in the pocket. If a call is important, they'll leave a message. Otherwise, I save the battery for when I need to use it. It's not a pager.

#251116 - 09/21/12 02:10 AM Re: PERSONAL crisi bag - not a BOB [Re: Chisel]
Fyrediver Offline

Registered: 09/08/10
Posts: 46
I have a man purse that I carry most every where. It's a non-commando looking REI type bag.

In it is a Leatherman, small binoculars, lighter, Pocket Survival Pak Plus, Petzel headlamp, a small packet of food like Tanka bars and peanut butter, two space blankets, two 1 liter water bottles, a small first aid kit, and some cash in small bills. The main compartment is usually empty except for my sun glasses case and whatever's needed at the time.

I also have kits in both of my vehicles that replicate those items but are more extensive.

#251117 - 09/21/12 04:06 AM Re: PERSONAL crisi bag - not a BOB [Re: Fyrediver]
hikermor Offline
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Registered: 08/26/06
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Loc: southern Cal
I have carried for quite a while an Eagle Creek cloth briefcase/backpack item that usually contains pens and notepaper, cell phone, spare glasses, small FAK, munchies, a small hooded jacket (Patagonia Houdini-4 oz), and usually my lunch. When I am commuting on the bicycle, it slips nicely into one of my rear panniers. I find that, off the bike, I usually sling it over my shoulder on one of the pack straps. It works just fine as a day pack on short hikes - probably one of the most versatile gadgets I own. Works everywhere from the workplace to the woods.
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