This is the first of a three part video series on making the two color Monkey's Fist keychain fob. I've never seen any two-color monkeys fist how to videos, so this is my take on the process. Any similarity to someone else's approach is coincidental, and if I learn better ways to do this maybe I'll do a follow-up video. The finished keychain fob can be used in self defense applications, it can be tied to the ends of 550 cord to create a boleadora (bolas), or it can be used to weigh a heaving line for nautical and other purposes. This first video segment will demonstrate the use of the exclusive monkey's fist jig and two strands of 550 para cord to form the knot. I'll soon be following up with Part II which will show the proper tightening of the monkeys fist (a task I took for granted, but many people have requested that I film). Finally, Part III will show the formation of the doubled lanyard knot with a loop.