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#24175 - 03/03/04 05:19 PM Re: Erth's. Wldst. Plcs. / The Srvl. Aspects.-COLD
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MOUNT WASHINGTON, NH, -Being Such an Infamously Known Cold Area as it is!, I'm Covering Mt. Washington here, though I'd Normally Address it under "Earth's Wildest Places,-MOUNTAINS". This is a Killer Peak!, if you Havn't yet Well Heard Already!

This is the Highest Peak in the NE U.S., -Coming in at 6,288 Feet ASL . Its of course in the Presidential Range of the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the Pride and Hallmark of Such! It's Quite World Renowned and Famous! -Notoriously Famous!, as we Shall See!

(Though Not the Highest in the Appalachians or Entire Eastern U.S.. That Honor Belongs to Mt. Mitchell, NC, at 6,684 Feet ASL.)

This Peak is Only so Well and Notoriously Known!, -For it's Utter Cold ! It's Deep Winter Freeze! It's Capriciously Atrocious Foul Weather! And it's Hurricane Force or Greater of Winds! And Winter Winds at That! -Talk About Wind Chill !!! Put Those All Together!, in One Time, Place, or Outing! Thats Mount Washington for you!!

It's Record Cold comes in at Negative 47 Degrees Fahrenheit!, on Jan. 29, 1934.

It's a Rather High, Roundish Mountain, which Reaches up into some of the Faster, More Upper Level Winds. The Good Mid Level Upper Winds. And it Stands Alone! There's the Northeastern Corridor of the Jet Stream further Above too. -One of the Two Such Worst Areas of the World for This!, the Other being Japan.

It so Catches and Funnels these reasonably High, Fast Winds, around it's Bare and Bald Obstruction. It so Accelerates these Winds to Hurricane Force or Greater! You have Absolutely No Shelter from This!, if Caught Out in the Open! And Winter Winds once again!, Not Summer Ones! The Highest Winds ever Recorded in the USA, and perhaps even on the Planet!, Have Been Recorded at Mount Washington! They've been Measured at 231 Miles per Hour!, on Jan. 29, 1934. Which is also the Same Date of it's Record Low.

There could be some Altitude Effects too, particularly for Unaccustomed, Unacclimated, Lowlanders.

Even in Summer or Other Warmer Times of the year, This Mountain can be a Killer! The Higher you Go, the Colder it Gets! The Capricious, Atrocious Weather, -Can Turn on a Dime at Any Time! And so Often for the Worse! Higher Up, even in Summer, You can be in for some Very Wintry Winds and Temperatures!

It's a Killer Mountain once again! Like a Moth to a Lovely Flame, Many a Hiker's been so Lured! Only to be "Burned" by this Mount! Like Cape Hatteras NC is the Graveyard of Many an Atlantic Ship, This Mount has Been such to Many a Hiker and Climber! Mt Washington takes the Prize!, for This, here in the Northeast! Be Aware and Beware!, Shud yoe ever Decide to Make Acquaintence with Mt. Washington, NH ! Or if Circumstance shud ever Find you there! You've Got to Really Know What you're Doing!, if you Ever Plan to be Meeting Up with Mount Washington! You've Got to Know the Mountain!

Ask Anyone Who's Been There!, and Has Personally, Firsthand, Seen and Experienced it's Wrath! Just Ask Somebody who so Knows!

Many People who Have Come to Know!, -Have Not Lived to Warn and Tell you about It! Don't Ever Become One of Them Yourself!

A Very Dangerous Killer Mountain! This is Quite Commonly Known Societal Knowledge. Its Quite Common Knowledge here in our Mountaineering, Hiking, Outdoors, and Survival Communities.

I've come across a Good Post or Two on this Mount here on our Fora, from Someone who Lives in the Vicinity, and is Well Familiar and Experienced with It! The Place is Only World Famous for Such!

Deeply Below Zero Temperatures! Hurricane Force Winds that go with That!, Along with their Accompanying Wind Chill! The Altitude! Blizzards, Deep Snow, and Massive Icing Over! "Turn in a Moment!" Atrocious Weather! Caught Out in the Open!, -*This* Sort of an Open! This and More!, -That is Mount Washington for you! The Place is again Only World Famous for Such!

I'm a Little Rusty on my Mt. Washington, but This is Very Much and Essentially It! I Didn't Used to be so Rusty. This!, is the Very Cold and Super Windswept!, Mount Washington sort of Wild Place COLD!

Once again, if Ever There!, -Be Aware and Beware!

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#24176 - 03/04/04 01:27 AM Re: Erth's. Wldst. Plcs. / The Srvl. Aspects.-COLD
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TIBET -Being as Vast, High Altitude, and Cold as it is!, -This Wild Area could Very Well Belong Right Here within the Sphere of "Earth's Wildest Places,-The Survival Aspects,-COLD"! But it can also Quite Justifiably and Appropriately Come Under "The Himalayas and Tibet", -Itself under MOUNTAINS. And This Latter one is How we're going to do it here. So See the Upcoming Post Section, "The Himalayas and Tibet". It will be under "Earth's Wildest Places,-The Survival Aspects,-MOUNTAINS", for Coverage on That.

Being Such a Great Cold, Wild Place, It had to be Basically Mentioned here. Less would be Remiss! But It's even More Due under Mountains! And I Refer you There.

But Tibet!, -What a Place! [color:"black"] [/color] [email]ScottRezaLogan[/email]
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#24177 - 03/04/04 09:34 PM Re: Erth's. Wldst. Plcs. / The Srvl. Aspects.-COLD
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GLACIERS And ICEBERGS - - -(This is the Last COLD E.W.P., in Two Parts.)

Part One - GLACIERS -

These Great Moving Sheets of Ice!, -Ice Rivers, to be More Exact, are a Uniquely Interesting Cold Area of our World, All their Own! Malaspina, Aletsch, Hubbard, and so Many Others!

If our World is yet so Glaciated Now, Think how it Must have been, in even Colder of Times!

Now Along with All these Well Known, and Not so Well Known Glaciers, are Both the Mountain and Continental (Gr. & Ant.) Ice Sheets from which they Spawn, and the Icebergs and Moraines which they Leave Off in their Wakes. These are All Parts of our Wild Iced World.

What Ice Water in it's Frozen Form Does!, on our Planet! Of just What this Interesting World Ice Phenonomom Actually Is! They Together are a Great Assemblage of Uniquely Cold Wild Places, in their Own Right! There's Nothing Else Like Them!, on our Planet! OK, Things like Landslides and Lava Flows could be Somewhat like them, to a Point. But Other than That!,.....Ice and our World! It can Really be Something!

Includeing on How Many Times this Planet's been in the Grip of Ice Ages, (As Well as Warmer Times than Now!), and the One or Ones to which we Shall No Doubt Return!

Will Mankind as a Whole be Prepared and Ready for It?! Global Warming or No!, This Renewed Ice Time is Coming Sometime too!, and We're Gonna Have To be Prepared and Ready for It! We Must Think over More than Only our Short, Immeadiate, Here and Now, of Terms!

The Great Antarctic and Greenland Ice Sheets, Continental in Scope, and Often Two Miles High!, are Phenomomal in their Own Right! They are at the Heart of Most of our World's Iceberg Activity. Nearly All of the World's Icebergs are Born that way. They have already been Well Addressed, back in the "Antarctic Icesheet" and under the "Greenland Icecap." But their Icebergs of which they Spawn, were Not. It is Time to Discuss them now.

So Back to Glaciers and Icebergs In and Of Themself now! As we Know and Experience Them in our World right now. First Off is the Glaciers.

Most, but Not All the World's Glaciers, Fall Directly off the Continental Ice Sheets. Of the Greenlandic and Antarctic Sort.

But some also Calve Off of the *Non*-Polar, High Mountain Glaciers of the World, wherever they may reach the Sea. Those Mountaintop Ice Fields. Such as Canada's Colombia Icefield and Iceland's Massive Vatnajokull! They may Pale Next to those of Greenland and Antarctica!, but can Still be Absolutely Huge!, on our Own Human Scale! They even make their Appearance on Equatorial Mountaintops, such as Kilimanjaro and the Peaks of the Peruvian and Ecaudorian Andes!

Ice Does Flow, however, and Off into Downflowing Glacial Flows they shall Go. They so Fan Out, from their Mountaintop Parent Ice. Snaking Downward, they take the Path of Least Resistance, Gouging Out Great U Shaped Valleys, as Today are Very Evident in Places like Norway. Ice Moves! Seemingly Solid, It is at least Semi-Liquid! Gravity Governs. Downslope toward the Lowlands they go!

Sometimes they even Reach the Sea. Then Glacier Borne Iceberg Calving Begins. Ice Chunks Great and Small Chip Off! Thundrously Crashing to the Waters Below! Creating Immense, Far Sweeping Waves! Do Not Expose Yourself to either of these Dangers! Do Not Position Yourself into such Close In, Harm's Way! You Don't Want to be Under or Near Such!, at Such Time! Sometimes they'll be Chipping Off in Rapid Succession!

Some of this Glacier Calving even happens in Antarctica and Greenland. But Bergs the World Over, are Far from Limited to just that! But Regular Glaciers too Play their Part.

Glaciers and Ice Sheets are What Created such Things as Cape Cod, Long Island, and the Great Lakes! They Plowed In the Rich Soils which now Make Up the American Great Plains and Canadian Breadbasket! This is Why the Rock of the Canadian Shield now Stands Exposed! Our Continental Glaciers and Ice Sheets *Exposed* It!

Rich,Swift Meltwater Streams form Atop, Inside, Underneath, and Ahead of the Glacier!

The Vary Greatly in Volume and Magnitude, Depending on the Time of Day, of When, Whether, and How, the Sun may be Up! It may somewhat Approach a Trickle when you Awaken in the Morning, yet be a Roaring Torrent, Once the Afternoon and Evening's Well On!

This Provides you with a Rich and Ready Fresh Water Source! Even in Weaker Running Times!

But be Alert and Careful in Crossing or Trying to Cross Glacial Streams!, as you would with Any Others! -Even More So! This is an Important Glacial Survival and Safety Point to be Aware of!

For Atop the Glacier, to Name just one such Danger, Water could be Coursing thru a Deep and Smoothly Cut Channel! Not Only will it Sweep you Down and Away!, and Hypothermically at that! -But you Won't be Able to Climb Up Out of it! It's a High, Vertical or Nearly Vertical, Slippery and Smooth Surfaced Wall! Just Try Climbing Up Out of That! So Better Yet, Be Ever Watchful and Careful!, so as Not to Fall so In in the First Place! These Glacial Surface Streams also Often Lead Deep Into the Glacier Itself! The Ice Equivalent of an Underground River. In Addition to All Dangers already mentioned, You could Now at Times be Without Any Air!, Down There. And it's Gonna be as Dark Night Down There too! You probably Won't Make It Back Out Alive, in any event! So as with an ordinary Crevice, or Cliffedge, (Glaciers have these too!), Don't Find Yourself Falling Off or Over! Don't just Carelessly Slip or Fall into One! Preparedly, Observationally, and Thoughtfully so Seek to Avert and Avoid All Such!

These Great Crevices can Appear Any Time and Any Where! They can even at least Begin to Open!, Right Before your Feet! Or Underneath. Such as Ones Thinly Covered with Ice or Snow! They can Snap and Crack Open on you at Any Time!

These Crevices can be Hundreds of Feet Deep! You're in effect Falling Over, and Into, an Ice Cliff! And Wedgeing Yourself into an Ice Vise!

Be Ever Alert to, and Aware of!, -Their Potential Prescence and Dangers! Do you Really Want to Be Stuck in a Hole, a Cold Hole, that you Can't just get Out of! And with perhaps a Cold Night's Darkness Beginning to Descend?! Think of it That Way! Know How Best to Safely Cross or Circumvent them! Ropes and Other Crevice Extrication Gear can be a Very Good Idea, and a Must!

On and Around a Glacier, -There are also Many Steep Sided Glacial Ice Cliffs! Of Varying Heights. Climbing Knowledge, Equipment, and Techniques, particularly those in Ice Climbing, Come into Vital Play here!

On a Glacier, Pay Attention to Each Step! You may Be Glad that you Did! You may Pay Dearly if you Don't! This Isn't any Walk Across the Lawn or Park! This Applies even More so in Glacier Travel, than in Many Other Outdoor Activities or Survival Tasks! Much as It Very Much also Applies in Those!

On a Glacier, at least you can Note which way the Water's Flowing, as an Indication of it's Down End, and Lower Altitudes. Though the Latter may be Fairly Obvious Otherwise.

Some Glaciers are Quite Wide, as well as Long, in Extent! Many Undulations may Pervade your Surface. You so may Well Not be Able to See Much Around you for Much of a Distance!

And There's the Ever Present Danger of a White Out Forming Up on you!, as in Any Other Arctic or Cold Weather Situation.

Weather Otherwise can Make Turns for the Worse on a Dime! You can be the On Scene Effectee here!

You'll See Much Rock and Soil Mixed in with your Glacial Ice, in Varying, Alternating Bands. Glaciers are a Good Ways from being 100 % Total Ice!, and You'll in all Great Likelihood be Seeing Such! -Don't Be Surprised!

I'm Sure there's Other Good and Important Glacial Survival Tips that have Not been Mentioned.

But a Final One which Does now Come to Mind, is, -To Get Off the Glacier. Work Towards Doing This! Unless, of course, it's Really the Best Way and Means of Travel, in your Given Situation of the Moment. Or you in a Similar Way Must Cross It. But Otherwise, Try to Avoid Glacier Crossings and Travel!, for the Most Part! And Make Sure you Carefully Know What you're Doing!, if you Do!

Food, Shelter, and Firewood Materials on a Glacier are just about Non-Existant! You've Got to Carry What you so Need there, in with you! Without of course Carrying Too Much.

Water is about the Only Survival Resource that's likely to be Naturally Plentiful, there on the Glacier's Surface.

And of course it should be Fairly Obvious, that Cold Survival, Plays such a Crucial and Central Role!, in Glacier Traverses and Survival!

These are the Glaciers of our World! And This is Safety and Survival On and Around Them! One might Not Readily Think of it! But Glaciers, along with Icebergs which are to Follow Next, are Truly one of the World's Great Wild Places!, -COLD!

A WORD ON ICE CAVES - Finally the Most Shimmering, Crystal Beautiful of Ice Caves!, Often Form on and within Glaciers! Oh!, -How I Personally Love Them! Beyond just such a Great Beauty!, There is also Such a Great Peace!

But This is to Come under the Purview of CAVES !, Here within Earth's Wildest Places. Later to Come. Not here under "Glaciers and Icebergs" or Earth's Wildest Places-COLD. Though it's Doubtless Also a Part of this Glacial World too!

A WORD ON AVALANCHES - The Allied Matter of Avalanches also will Not be Discussed here. It's a Great and Important Part of Both the COLD and MOUNTAIN Survival and Wild Place World's. But is of course by it's very Nature, Not a Specific Part of Wild Areas in Itself. And so Won't be Discussed as a Topic in Itself, -Anywhere here in EWP. It is of course a Type of Disaster, as Oppossed to an Area. There could be some Due Touching on it, every here and there. As we are Doing right now here. But No Area of Topical Addressage of it's Own! Brush and Bone Up on Avalanches though! And Be as Alert and Careful regarding These, as with Anything Else mentioned here!


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#24178 - 03/05/04 05:53 PM Re: Erth's. Wldst. Plcs. / The Srvl. Aspects.-COLD
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GLACIERS And ICEBERGS - - -( This is the Last COLD E.W.P., in Two Parts.)

Part Two - ICEBERGS -

These Massive Sea Chunks of Ice, Calving and Floating by the Thousands, are a Unique Aspect of our Cold and Oceanic Wild Worlds, All their Own!

Personally, They have something of a Unique and Special Place with me! What a Beautiful and Grand Sight! And What a Great Part of our Total Wild & Natural World and Great Outdoors! From the Most Massive Mountainish of Bergs, Down to the Smallest of Chunks and Ice Flows Floating by! They All Have that Great Ice Hunk Beauty All the Same!

Beauty can also Equal Danger Too!, in their World! As in so Many Other Natural and Outdoors Matters as well!

Be it a Titanic type Collision, a Crashing Calveoff from a Glacier Face, complete with the Large Resulting Sea Wave!, or a Sudden Iceberg Tipover Shift! Among I'm Sure Others.

Icebergs can be Very Pretty and Attractive! And except for Small Fry, are Always an Imposing Sight! But Icebergs Can be, and Often Are, Very Dangerous as Well! Watch How Close you Get to One! And Don't be Caught Under a Calving One!, Nor Caught Up in it's Massive, Resulting Wave!

They Form Predominantly in Greenland and Antarctic Waters. But can also form Locally in Non-Polar Areas, where "Ordinary" Mountain Borne Glaciers Meet the Sea! But by Far the Vast Majority come from the Sprawling, Continental in Size, Antarctic and Greenlandic Ice Sheets. At some 90 % of the World's Total Ice!, and some 10 % of the World's Ice, Respectively! All Other World Ice Sources count for something like Less than 1 %! Not Only Continental in Dimension, these Ice Caps can be as Much as Two Miles High!

From Greenland, especially it's Western Coast, and From All Around Antarctica, they Calve!

In and Around Antarctica, they have an Entire Unobstructed, Globe Circling Polar Ocean, to Play, Drift, and Float About in! This is sometimes called the Antarctic Ocean. Itself made up of those Cold, Windy, Ruff, Southernmost Portions of All Three of the World's Greatest Oceans, -the Pacific, the Atlantic, and the Indian. No Land Interrupts Anywhere!, Quite Unlike the Situation in the Northern Hemisphere. Though Southern South America and Antarctica's Palmer Peninsula make a Good, Joint Effort at a Pinchoff! Still, even that Leaves Nearly a Thousand Mile Gap!, -the Infamous Drake Passage. This Circumpolar South Sea, is the Area of the also Infamous Roaring 40s! The Counterpart of the Far Off North's Angry Atlantic!

This is the Stomping Ground, of the Antarctic Iceberg Breakoffs! Occassionally some Bergs Breaking Off from the Antarctic Ice Shelf, are as Big as Small Countries or States! On the Order of Belgium, Delaware, Rhode Island, or Connecticut! Small States and Countries!, -Mega Large Icebergs! This may have Increased somewhat Lately, and Where So, It could possibly have to do with any Global Warming that may be Going On.

In the North it's Greenland's Iceberg Alley! Along Greenland's West Coast, though I Don't See how Eastern Greenlandic Icebergs cannot also Appear. In the West, they are initially Shunted Northward, by the West Greenland Current. This eventually Takes them far enuf West, where they then Meet the South Flowing Labrador Current. Where they then Flow South often to Well Below the Grand Banks and Eastern Canadian Maritime Provinces! They can even Dip somewhat Below 40 Degrees North. -my Own Latitude! The Furthest Southerly Siting of a North Atlantic Iceberg!, I Beleive was as Far South as Bermuda! Thats about at the Latitude of North Carolina! They Play Havoc and are a Shipping Menace, to Everything within this Area!

Many Approach the Canadian Maritimes and East as well. They Make a Terrific Grinding Racket!, when they Beach up onto Places like the Labrador and Newfoundland Coast! It is Really Something to See, Hear, and Behold!

The International Ice Patrol, in Practice Largely the U.S. Coast Guard, (At Least as of my June 1968 National Geographic Source), -Keeps Tabs and Track On!, this Icy Parade! I'm Sure Canadian Bodies Well Participate as well. They are Marked for Better Visibility, Size and Other Characteristics are Noted, Positions and Track Projections are Relayed, Ships are Warned!

Eventually, of course, they Melt Away until they Merge entirely with the Ocean. This has to Accelerate in the Later Stages, Due Both to an Ever Smaller Mass to so Work on, and Increasingly Warmer Southern Waters. They've Held their Pride for a Good While! But the Sea eventually Wins Every Time!

Irreagularly Shaped as a Prevailing Rule, They are Often quite Inherently Unstable! As the Sea Works Over and Melts their Much Larger Undersides, Center of Gravitys, Weights and Balances, and Previous "Stabilitys" Become Repeatedly Upset! *Tipovers are Sudden and Commonplace!* Unpredictable too! Smaller but Still Sudden and Dangerous Shifts also Take Place!

An Iceberg can probably Split on you Without Warning as well! A kind of Sub-Calving of it's Own! Should you be Using one Mid-Ocean as an Emergency Float! Let Alone with Tipovers and Other Sudden Lurches and Shifts! *You* May be On such a Berg! Watch For and Be Wary of All of These!

The Vast Part of the Mass and Volume of an Iceberg, is of course Under Water! Large and Imposing as the Visible Above Surface Portion is!, -Thats Only "the Tip of the Iceberg"! Some 9 / 10ths is Hidden from Sight!, Invisibly Below the Surface! I've Heard Figures Vary here, but they're All in this Same General Ballpark. It would have to do with the particular Composition and Density of the Ice, How Much Bubbled Air may be Dissolve within, Sea Salinity Levels, Etc. But just as the Bulk of an Ice Cube as you may put into a Drink, is Mostly Below the Water Level of your Glass, So too is an Iceberg or Other Floe in the Ocean. It's just the particular Physics of the Way Ice Floats.

Beginning with Sharp, Jagged Edges at Calving!, the Sea, wherever and whenever it so Touches and Works on the Berg, Progressivly Rounds and Smooths these Out.

Icebergs even Change Color over Time! They Age Beautifully! Just Look at some of the Color Photo Sections of the appropriate Lonely Planet Travel Guides! And you will See what I Mean!

This Color Change has a Very Important and Useful Survival Application as well! You're gonna Want the Blue or Bluer Bergs, for your Fresh Water Source! This may Not be so Important with Continental Icesheet Born Bergs, which are Fresh Water to Start With anyway! But for Arctic Ocean Ones, Formed by the Freezing of the Ocean Surface Itself!, You're gonna Want the Blue or Bluer! This is an Arctic Fresh Water Source Must!

For Survival Purposes, You may be Able to Get Onto a Nearby Berg or Ice Floe, to Use such for Flotation Purposes!

Remember, however, that you are on a Cold Platform, that Shifts and Tipovers Can Occur!, and that Sooner or Later, your Float Platform is Going To Melt Itself Away!

Try to Find a Stably Shaped One, or at least one Reasonably so! This may be Hard to Gauge, with Most of the Berg Invisible Under Water!

This Float Platform will also Provide you with a Rich and Ready Fresh Water Source, Out Amidst this Saltwater Ocean! Don't Carelessly Over Chip Away though!, or you may Further Shorten the Life of your Float Platform!, even if only by a Little Bit! Out Here, -You Don't Want even That! Final Rescue could be a Hair'sbreadth Away!, -This could Make All the Difference!

If you Can't Find at least a Reasonably Stable Berg or Floe for your Float, then Chances are Virtually Certain!, that you'll Experience Shifts andor a Tipover!, Sooner or Later!

As to Major Subcategories and Types of Survival, The Only Two when it Comes to Icebergs out on the Open Ocean, would be Cold Survival and Ocean Survival. There is Little to No Coast Survival to speak of. Climbing Skills and Equipment, Especially Ice, Mountain, or Glacier type ones, could come in Very Useful and Handy. (In the Climbing up onto, Getting Around on, and Climbing Back Off, a Berg. Bergs will of course Vary, in Ease or Difficulty here.)

For Food, You're gonna have to Fish, andor Go After other Sea and Bird Life.

Fresh Water, -Shud be No Problem whatever, even Out Here with Salty Sea All Around. As mentioned earlier, Just Get it from your Very Berg!

Warmth, -Only the Chlothes and Other Bundling Ups as you've Already Got!, and have managed to Keep from Getting Wet, or can Dry in Time.

The Utility and Imperative of Building a Fire in this Cold, could be No Less than in a Land Portion of the Arctic! You Need Warmth and Dryness All the Same! On an Iceberg, that will probably Have to Come Exclusively from What you're Wearing!

Shelter, -No Plant Materials, Most Most Probably, No Rocks! Perhaps you can Make Use of the Ice Itself, for This, andor Hollow Something Out. Other than that, Shelter is just What Tents, Tarps, Bags, or Whatnot, as you Happen to Have Brot in with you!

Things such as Signaling can be Very Important! The Fire of earlier, assuming it can even be Built, has This additional Use here! And if you have anything to Cook, then for that purpose too!

Someone Shud ideally be On Watch at All Times! For Signaling and Rescue Purposes. For Berg "Shift Warning" Purposes. Among Others.

Even if Bergs could hypothetically have None of these Disadvantages and Difficulties, You'd Want to Get Off anyway! Sooner or Later!, and of course This Means Sooner! Because for just One Thing, your Iceberg Flotation Platform, is Gonna Sooner or Later Entirely Melt Away into your Surrounding Ocean!

All this Applies in the event you even Do Come Across an Iceberg or Floe, that you can Use as a Float! The Only Thing More Dubious than Survival Efforts on an "Iceberg Float"!, is Trying to Build and Keep, a Fire on One!

Chances are Better, that you'd be Facing Ocean Survival Alone! And Cold Ocean Survival Efforts at That!

However it's Not like All Bergs Cannot be Climbed Upon, and Made Use Of!

I Fondly Recall, a Picture I Came Across in a Book on Antarctica! It's one of those Old Time Drawings. From the Days of those Old Wooden Sailing Ships! And Early Antarctic Exploration. It Shows some Members of Such a Crew, Among the Icebergs of the Southern Antarctic Ocean. These Crew Members had Climbed Up on a Nearby Iceberg! They were there on a Fresh Water Collection Mission. The Sketch Clearly Shows a Number of them, at the Base of some Pretty Good Puddles, that had so Collected. They're Scooping Up Fresh Water, to Take Back to their Ship!

Others of the Crew, however, are Shown Having a Jolly Good Time!, Slideing Down a Good Hilly Section of the Berg, Having the Fun of the World! The Time of their Life! Their Ship is Shown Off in the Background, at a Goodly Distance. What Fun! And What an Adventure! At One and the Same Time! Old Time Sailors and Adventurers, and Current Ones, Did and Do Things like That!

They probably Took Turns, at Both the Fun and Games, and the Important and Serious Business at Hand, the Fetching of Fresh Water Supplies, for their Present and Future. Some of the Water Fetching Guys, probably Weren't Interested in the Ice Sliding Fun and Games, and so Deferred and Declined.

But To Each His Own! Here in the Drawing, and on the Berg, there was Room Enuff for All Such from All! Imagine that, -Having a Berg All to Yourselves like that! And Being Able to Let Loose so, Like Kids! There was No Pre-Empting Adult Responsibility Getting in the Way!, -Save Water Fetching! They Had the Chance for some Good Ole Jolly Merriment and Fun!, and They so Took it to Full Advantage!

It was Additionally a Great Chance to Get Off and Away!, for Awhile, from the Confines of their Ship! That probably Figured into the Jolly Ole Fun!

But even if Sea Life were a Paradise!, I for One would Have a Jolly Fun Time!, Sliding Down an Ice Hill on an Antarctic Iceberg, -Myself! They Did Too!

And there was Probably Nobody within a Few Thousand Miles or More!, of Those Guys! They Had the Whole Area to Themselves!, Not just the Iceberg!

Of course They Have to Be Aware and Alert to Tipover Possibilities!, as anyone else! As I'm Sure They were. But then again, they may have Located a Quite Stable Berg, as the Picture seems to Indicate. Still, on an Iceberg, You Keep Such Alertness Up!

I Like, Love, and Enjoy this Picture!, and Have from the Moment I Saw It!

Perhaps some of you have Seen it too. I've either Misplaced the Book, or I had Seen it in a Library. I would Like to Post this Picture, with this Post. But Between Unavailability, and Unfamiliarity at Present on How to Post a Picture, I'm Unable to at Present.

But some of you may Know What I Mean! And I'm Sure that Many of you, -Can just Picture It!

But Beyond All This, the Picture also Shows that Not All Icebergs are Total Climbing Demons!

Oh This Picture! And What it Stands For and Conveys! Adventure Fun on an Iceberg!, that you Have All to Yourselves! Coupled with the Crucial Business of in This Case, Getting Fresh Water.

These are Icebergs! This is Iceberg Survival Options. A Float, and a Fresh Water Source, are about the Only Things They Have in Abundance! They are of course So Beautiful, Dignified, and Magnificent!, in Their Own Right! And Can certainly Be Deadly Dangerous too! They Make For a Great and Unique Place All Their Own!, Among the Earth's Wild Places!, -Cold and Otherwise!

AFTERWORD - We've just been Thru a Survey of the Earth's Foremost Wild Places, -COLD. With Their Survival Aspects being a Major Part.

From Greenland, to Iceland, to Siberia, to the Wilds of Canada, to Alaska, to Kamchatka, to the Scandanavian Wilds, to the Aleutians and the Very Similar Kuriles, to Patagonia and Tierra, to and Around the Horn, to South Georgia and the Sandwiches, to the Falklands or Malvinas, to the Forested Wilds of Maine, to Both the Arctic and the Antarctic, and Any Other such COLD Places in Between! We've Been To and Thru them All!

You Now Have a Better Taste and Awareness of Such! Than you perhaps had Before.

Includeing of some Important general Survival Aspects of Such! Circumstance could *Have* Us in Any of These! Its Not Only a Matter of Liking, Loving, or Getting to Know Them Better as a Great World's Wild Place! It Can also Mean your Make It or Break It Survival!, Shud Circumstance Place you There! The Same of course Goes for the Many NON - Cold, World's Wild Places to Follow! You just May Have To Hunker Down and Survive!, in Any of These Someday! They Have Many Important Survival Implications.

Much of Survival and Well Being in any Given Environment, -Begins with an Awareness of the Conditions! It would be Good to Have at Least a Nodding Familiarity and Acquaintence, -with Such Great Wild and Outdoors of Places! This is Another Part of our Across the Board, Areas of Emergency and Survival Preparation. Know at least the General Environmental Conditions *of* Such World Wild Places, Know some Chief Survival Practices and Tips for Each!, to Say a Least!

We Can't Know Everything, but Someday you may be either Glad you Did!, or Rue and Regret that you Didn't! -Back When you Had Something of the Chance To!

Evident Also from this Grand Tour of the COLD, -Should Be that even in Today's World, -There *Are* Still Plenty of Wild Places Left! So Many Completely and Pristinely and Untouched!, So! This World is Still Far From Chock Full or Crowded Up! Its Far From being All De-Wooded or Depleted! What of This has Unfortunately been Done, is Surely a Cause for Concern. And there certainly has to be some Intelligent and Informed Development, as Well! But It Need Not Intrude into an Awful Lot of the World's Great Wild Places as I mention. And it's Far!, Far!, Far!, from True, -that All the World's Wild Places are Suppossedly Gone!

This has been Earth's Wildest Places, -The Survival Aspects, -COLD. We now Move into the Earth's Many Other Wild Places, Beyond just the Cold! -Though Many of These at Times, -Can be Far from Warm!

We're now Moving into the COOL Wild Areas of the World! There are Only Four of These. After that, we Shall Move into the World's Blazing Deserts, Followed by the Various Other of Earth's Wildest Places! Now Shed some of Those Layers from your Cold Gear!, -For We now Move into the Earth's Great Wild Areas, -COOL !

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E.W.P. -COOL, - ( There are Only Four of These.)

NEW ZEALAND - Ah!, -This Crisp, Clean, Clear, Mountainous, Forested, COOL, World Wild Place!, and Great Outdoors Location! One of my More Top Ranking Favorites! Talk About Places that you'd just Like to Go Off and Relax to! Or as a Place to be Left Alone in Peace! Minding your Own Business, and Neither Bothering, Nor being Bothered, by Anyone! Just in it's Cool, Forested Outdoors and Grassy Meadows! The Mountains, Trees, Clouds, and Sky!, -Being the Only Things that Tower Over you! This and More is New Zealand! New Zealand is It!

These Two Large Islands!, North Island and South Island. Deep in the Cool, Temperate, Mid Oceanic Region of the South Pacific and the Southern Hemisphere. Off in a Far, Isolated, and Very Obscure Corner of the World! Far from the Maddening Crowd!

It has Only Australia for a Neighbor, -Itself Quite Wild, Obscure, and Isolated!, 1,000 or More Miles to the West. And the even More Isolated, Obscure, and Scattered South Pacific Islands of Polynesia. (Though Some of Those are Well on the Tourist Map, Nonetheless)

This is our First COOL World Wild Place! Too Far South and Poleward (The South or Antarctic One!) to be Pacific Tropical, It's also yet Too Far North toward the Polynesian Pacific Tropics, to be within the Scope of COLD. It Comes in Neatly and Nicely, Right Down the Middle!, -as COOL ! New Zealand is the World's Foremost Purely Wild COOL Place! New Zealand is COOL !, in Both Commonly Understood Senses of the Word!

Much Cool Continental Temperate Areas also Occur, on the Continents. Canada, Much of the United States, Japan, Korea, Europe, Much of Rusha, Northeastern China, -but these are typically Far Too Populated and Developed!, to be considered Wild! At One Time, Magnificently Yes!, Today, -No! This is Not to say that there Isn't Much Great Outdoors Wilds left within them! For There Indeed Are! But it is to say, that they're All Round Developed to the Point, of No Longer being All Round Wild! So Such Vast, Cool Continental Temperate Areas of our World, -Shall Not be Discussed here as Wild Places. Beyond this Honorable Mention, They will Not.

New Zealand Shares it's Spandiferous COOL World Wild Placeing, with Three Other Sizeable, Fellow World Island, Locations. Namely Australia's Tasmania, Japan's Northern Island of Hokkaido, and the Island Nation of Ireland. These Cool Islands are all Quite Sizeable! They're Not among the World's Many Small Ones, though also Not among the Largest. They are Not Madagascars, Greenlands, or Borneos! They All Come In somewhere Midway, between being considered "Islandational" and Continental. These Four are essentially It!, for the World's Great Wild Places, COOL ! New Zealand is First Up at Bat, here!

New Zealand has Forests, Mountains, Streams, Rivers, Rapids, Glaciers, Lakes, Fish, Game, Kiwi Birds and Fruit, Hiking Trails, Sheep and Sheepherding, Maori, Fiords, Volcanos, Hot Springs, Grass and Greenery, and Clear Clean Fresh Waters in Abundance! They Pervade it's Coolness!, and It's Coolness Pervades Them!

New Zealand, Being Long so Geographically Isolated as It is!, -Has Developed Many Unique Plant and Animal Life Forms, All it's Own! Found Nowhere Else! Their Flightless Kiwi Bird being just One. Along with the Likes of Madagascar and Other such Noteworthy World Places, -New Zealand is Such a Place! Right Up There so!

New Zealand is Definitely Volcanic!, It Sits Right Atop it's Portion of the Great Pacific Ring of Fire! This Means it's Earthquake Prone as well! But it's Not as Volcanic, as some Other Actively Volcanic Areas of the World!

( VOLCANOS Themself will be Treated as a Great Wild Area of the World in it's Own Right, Later under MOUNTAINS. More than just a Type of Disaster Alone, They of course also actually Qualify as One of our Earth's Great Wild Places! And as such will be Worthy of Inclusion and Mention there. Avalanches and Earthquakes for example Cannot be so Qualified. By their Very Nature. But Volcanos Can, and here Will.)

It's one of the Many Volcanic Areas of the World, Coming Complete with Both the Promise and Perils!, that Go with the Volcanic Territory. Live in the Proximity and Shadow of Volcanos as the Kiwi New Zealanders Do!, and you Get Volcanic Benefits such as Very Good Soil! But you also Take the Risk! You Live at the Volcano's Pleasure!, It Does Not Live at the Pleasure of you! You are a Guest on It's Turf!, Not Vice Versa! This in Fact is How New Zealand was Formed!, to Begin With! No Volcanos!, -No New Zealand!

New Zealand's Pride and Highest Peak, Mt Cook, is a Volcano. As Mt. Fuji is to Japan, Mt Cook is to New Zealand! It is just as Emblematic. At 3,050 Meters ASL, I'd estimate that to be at about some 9,500 Feet.

Volcanic and Earthquake Preparedness, Awareness, Safety, and Survival, are certainly High Ranking Aspects of the New Zealand Survival Scene! As also are Tsunami Matters! Including those that Originate from Far Trans Pacific Elsewhere!

Also, as in Iceland, Yellowstone, the Kuriles, and Elsewhere, Much Geothermal Hot Spring Activity takes place here in New Zealand, as well ! New Zealand is very Well Known for this.

New Zealand also just Happens to be, a Friendly, Fellow English Speaking Culture and Country! And though Country and Wild, also a Developed, Peaceful, Stable, First World Country too! You're Among Plenty of Friendly, Decent, Down to Earth, Country Folk! Intimate With and Knowledgeable Of, Their Great New Zealand Outdoors!, to the Core! They've Carried Over with them, Much of that Great British, Welsh, Scotch, and Irish Heritage as Well! As Well as of course the Contribution of Many Other Immigrants! -All New Zealand Oriented and "Lured"!

But there's Rather Few of Them! Only some 3 and a Half Million People!, in a Large, 154,454 Square Miled Area! -About the Size of California. It is Widely Said that there are Far More Sheep than People there!, some 50 Milliion, in Fact! Even Other Livestock Outranks People by a Factor of Several! You've got a Great, Sparsely Settled, Outdoor Area! And Many of Them are in the Neat, Clean Urban Areas of Wellington, Auckland, and Christchurch, among Smaller Others. 85 %, in Fact! And What People there are, are Progressive, Educated, Sensible, and Friendly! You've Got a Friend!, in New Zealand! Both Australia and it's Aussies, and New Zealand and it's "Kiwis", are Great South Asian and Pacific Friends!, in this Quiet Corner of the World! Both in Freedom, and More Personally and Culturally. A Fellow Euro-Caucasian or Not, the Survivor too, has a Friend!, in the Typical New Zealander!

New Zealand is also a Main Gateway to the Antarctic! Christchurch on the Eastern Coast of South Island, is the Center for This. From Here, the Antarctic Coast is Only some 1,500 Miles Off! Thats Not as Close as Chile's and Argentina's Tierra Del Fuego. Or their Ushuaia and Puntas Arenas Antarctic Centers. But it's Still Right Up there with them! New Zealand is a Prime Player, in International Antarctic Activity. And Christchurch is it's Link, to that Great White Continental Ice Plateau, to it's South!

New Zealand also has a Respectable Amount of the Isolated World Islands, in it's Vicinity. The Chathams, the Antipodes, and the Kermadecs, to name some.

The Antpodes are Almost Directly on the Opposite Side of the World!, than London. Hence their Name.

My Own World Antipodal Point, is about 800 Miles Southwest of Perth, Australia, in the Indian Ocean!

Where's Your's?! If you were to Draw a Line Straight Thru the Center of the Earth, or Poke a Needle in the Same Way thru your Globe!, -Where on the *Other Side*!, Would It Come Out!? A Very Interesting Curiosity!

This is What's of particular Note, about New Zealand's Isolated Antipodes, World Islands.

Aside from that, Other Discussion concerning New Zealand's portion of the Isolated World Islands, Shall Come Under the Same Name, -ISOLATED WORLD ISLANDS, at a Later Point.

Many of These New Zealand Outliers are somewhat Closer to Antarctica. They are All Small, Cold Lonely, Windy, Rainswept, Isolated Islets and Rocks! A Foretaste of What we'll be Seeing, in ISOLATED WORLD ISLANDS to Come.

New Zealand and it's Wild, Cool, Clean, Fresh Unspoiled Great Outdoors!, In Short, -I Like and Love It! It's my Kind of Place! -Cool Wild Place!

And so How would One Best Go About Survival Down Here?! -In This the *Other* Down Under? If you either Wanted To!, or Circumstance Had It that you Had To!, -Try your Hand at Survival Down Here!, -How would it Be?! How would you Go About Doing It?

Well First Off, You're in a Cool, Temperate, Often Mild, Mountainous and Forested Area of the World. You're on One of Two rather Large Islands. Each of which so has some Elements of Continentality. You're in a sort of Mid-Zone, between "Islandness", and Continentality. With Highly Fertile Lowland Soil!, once you get out of it's Many Mountains. Volcanic Mountainsides too, shud be Quite Fertile. Volcanic Soil is Like That! You have Few Other People Present, in this Low Population Base! The Land is Wild, Rural, and Unspoiled and Undeveloped! Seacoasts and All that They Provide for Survival!, are Never All that Far Off! It's Many Geothermal Resources can be Put to Good Use as well!

So New Zealand Survival Revolves Around that of the Forests, Mountains, and Seacoasts! Along with a Healthy Assist from New Zealand's Many Pastures and Grasslands, in a Form of Grasslands Survival.

Richly Agricultural in the Lowlands, You as a Survivor can also Avail Yourself of Food Resources that Way! As well as by Garden Style or Greater, Growing some of your Own!

Food is Plentiful and Readily Available! As is Fresh Water! Fire and Shelter Materials are as Well!

Being a Predominantly Cool Area as It is, Temperatures Often Don't get Heavily Cold, -Excepting High Altitudes and Mountains!, and some of the Southernmost Reaches. You Must Still be Prepared and Fully Dressed for Any Cold Contingency!, However! New Zealand is Not the Tropics!, It is in Fact Well Outside of Such! It's Maori Natives are Polynesian, Yes! But This is No Longer Tropical Polynesia! You're Now a Little Too Close to Antarctica!, for That! Though Cool, the Cold is Not to be just Pooh Poohed, Papered Over, or Otherwise Passed Off!, -Down Here! Be Mindful and Aware of any Cold Possibilities!

Be Able to Stay Warm and Dry!, and So Protect yourself from the Rain! It's Not Nearly as Rainy as say Ireland! But Rain is Far from Unknown here!

Keep in Mind that you are in the *Southern* Hemisphere! And that Seasons and so Many Other Things, are Reversed from What we're Used to Knowing in the North.

New Zealand is Technically Four Seasoned, but in this Milder, Cooler Climate and Conditions, Divisions are Not so Pronounced or Sharp, as in many places else!

Compass Directions too are Reversed! Though you are Far Enuf Away from Antarctica and it's South Geomagnetic Pole, that your Compass shud be Perfectly Reliable, with No "Near Geo-Pole", of Foulups! You Must Get Used to the *New* Pole and Direction, that you will be Operating By!

Volcanic, Earthquake, Tsunami, and Hot Spring Survival Matters are a Rather High Ranking Must!, once again!

Sea and Aircraft Signaling could be Quite Important, too!

Avail Yourself of the Rich River, Lake, Forest, and Other Outdoor Resources!

If Not Already At or Near the Shore, -Work Down from the More Central Mountains and Streams, to the Coasts! Nowhere in New Zealand are you Very Far from such Rich Coastal Food Sources! Much Fish, Seabirds, and Other Sea Life, will be there! Perhaps even Larger Game such as Seals or Large Turtles, in Places. And It could Well Be your Key to Being Located, Extrication, and Rescue, too! Here at the Shore! Follow Inland Streams to Such. There will in all Liklihood be some Rocks, Rapids, and the Like, to Have to Deal With, in Doing So!

Get an Idea of Which Coast you Want to Go Towards, the Eastern or the Western, on whichever Island you happen to be on. And Whether you then Want to Track, either North or South! As a General Rule in New Zealand Inland to Coastal Travel, -It's First East - West, then North - South, if Need Be.

Work to Where some Cities, Towns, Ranches, or Settlements are!

You may be On Your Own for Awhile!, in the World of New Zealand Survival! But Once you Do Reach some of New Zealand's Established and Settled Population, You shud be in Good Hands! And your Survival Concerns shud Begin Being Over! New Zealand SAR and Such is Good to Great! Perhaps Small!, But Helpful and Quality what there is! Get Yourself to the Coast and Developed!, and Thereby Get Out!

New Zealand Survival can be Hard and Harsh! As in Many an Anywhere! But in Many General Respects, It's Not *as* Hard or Harsh!, as in say the Real Siberian, Saharan, or Antarctic Parts of the World! But Don't be Too Lulled by that either! Prepare Yourself Well!, for New Zealand Down Under Survival!

And Besides, -You just Might Want to Stay! As either a Survivor or Non Survivor Resident!

New Zealand and Kiwi Survival! Another One of Earth's Many Great!, and Remaining!, -Wild Places! [color:"black"] [/color] [email]ScottRezaLogan[/email]

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TASMANIA - Tasmania, -Oh How I Love that Place! "Tassie", as the Aussies Call this State Sized Southern Island of their's. Wild, Cool, Isolated, Sparsely Settled, Forested, Mountainous, Tassy is my Kind of Place!

Though Sparsely Populated, It Does possess a Rather Few Developed Towns and Cities. It has some 475,000 People all told, -Less than Half a Million! And a Large Part of these, Live in Tasmania's Few Smallish Cities, such as Hobart and Launceston. Which Makes the Already Sparsely Settled Countryside!, even More so! In the Late 90s, Tasmania even Lost Population! There is also some Forestry, Fishing, Farming, and Ranching, Going On. All the Same, You've still got yourself a quite Large and Rather Empty Place in which to Roam!, and Feel Yourself to Pretty Well be Left Alone!

You also have the Advantage, of being within a Friendly, Fellow English Speaking Area! And Friendly, Knowledgeable, and Helpful People and Pioneering Country Folk!, in Many Other Ways Besides!

"Boulder Shaped" in a "Circleish Square", She sits just off Australia's Southeastern Coast. A Coast which Already Dips Well to the Continent's Southeast! Into Increasingly Cool to Cold Southern Antarctic Waters. Tass is a Part of Australia, a State of it's Own. It's about 150 Miles South of the Australian Mainland, Across the Stormy Bass Strait. Several Important Islands lie in this Channel, Closer to the Australian Mainland. The Furneaux Group, Flinders, and King. They are Much, Much Smaller than Tasmania. It, Tasmania, comes in at 26,200 Square Miles.

It's Highest Mountain, Mt. Ossa, Comes in at 5,300 Feet High. Thats somewhat Representative of the Tasmanian Highlands as a Whole. And Thats Pretty High, for a Pretty Cool-Cold Southerly Locale! Here in the Far Southern Hemisphere, where "South" effectively Equates to Meaning our "North"!

And so Tasmania has a Decidedly Cool, Forested, Mountain Climate! -The 2nd Ranking *Non*-Continental COOL Wild Area in the World, the Other being just mentioned New Zealand. They're in the Same General Part of the World, but still Separated by a Good 1,000 to 1,500 Miles of Ocean. Tasmania comes in Midway as such a Cool Wild Area of our World, between New Zealand, and Japan's Northern Island of Hokkaido. Not Neccessarily in Size, but in COOL Wildness!

Like as with New Zealand, It's Far Enuff South to be Cool!, yet Far Enuff North Not to be in the Icy Grip of the Antarctic Cold Belt!

It is Another, Different Sort of Australia! None of it's Parent Continent's Well Known Red Deserts or Tropical Northern Jungles, Down Here! Tass is Cool, Cloudy, and Wet!, as Oppossed to Their Hot, Sunny, and Dry!

Like Madagascar, New Zealand, and Other Large sort of Isolated World Islands, -Tasmania has Evolved Many Plant and Animal Life Forms!, -Uniquely All it's Own! As Well as Having Australian type Marsupials, from the Nearby Land just to it's North. Which Itself is Quite a Uniquely Isolated, World Lifeform, Area!

Some Deforestation and Other Environmental Changes heve Occurred in some Areas of Tasmania, but So Much still Remains Unspoiled, Untouched, and Wild! And of Damage and Degradation as has been Done, Early Native, Pre- European Man, is now Known to Have Done it's Good Share of Such too!, in Tasmania and Other Parts of the World. Previous New Zealand and Madagascar being Two Prime such ones. Deforestation, Species Extinction, and Other Sorts of Environmental Havoc! Both New Settlers and Previous Natives! Just Look at All the Slash and Burn going on in the Tropics now! But Still Much of Tasmania has None of this assorted Enviro-Destruction.

But it's yet Australia Thru and Thru!, as Much a Full and Equal Part of Australia, as any Other! But in a Different Sort of Way!, -a Tasmanian Way! A Refreshingly Cool!, Great Tasmanian Outdoors!, Sort of Way! Wild, Free, Untouched, and Natural! Tasmania Indeed is Quite Different! From the Austral Outback to the North, though Not All that Different from it's Cool Climate Cousin, our earlier mentioned New Zealand. This is Tasmania! This and More is Tassie!

I Love the Place!, and I would Really Like to Go there someday, to Live, to Visit, or to Survive!

So How Does one now Go About the Task of Surviving There? What are the Prevailing Conditions, and Techniques, -of Tasmanian Survival?

It's Mountains, Forests, Lakes, Fields, Coasts, and Streams!, Can Provide Generously for the Survivor!

Tasmania so Comes Down to, Forest, Mountain, Seacoast, Grassland, and Cool, Temperate Survival.

There's even a Good Healthy Dose, of our Old Friend Cold Survival, Here! It Can Indeed get Cold here! An Antarctic Cold Snap can Always Come Up!, even into the Lowlands, Let Alone the Mountainous Uplands! Tasmania is one of the Few Australian Places that Pretty Regularly gets Snow! If Not Often more than a Dusting.

But Tassie is still Far Enuf North, to By and Large be considered a Cool Place!, rather than a Cold Clime!

Food, Plentiful! Fish and Coastal Sealife, Plentiful! Fresh Water, Plentiful! Firewood, Plentiful! Plant and Other Shelter Materials, Plentiful! "Fish" here includes Rich Inland Lake and Stream Fish Life, as Well as Coastal, Marine Fish Sources.

Tasmanian Rivers and Streams Provide you with Ready, -if at Times Rocky and Rapids Filled,- Transportation Routes toward the Coast, or Elsewhere Inland. They also so Serve as a Valuable Direction Indicating Means. And for their Greatest Bountiful Benefit of All!, -They're such a Rich Fresh Water, Fish, and Food Source!

You can Stay either in the Isolated Inland Interior to Survive!, (Especially if you Want to Stay, and Have an even Better Chance of Being Left the Heck Alone and at Peace!). -Or you can Move More to the Coasts for your Survival! Where you now Have even More Bountiful Sea Food Resources! And an even Better Chance of Location, Extrication, and Rescue!, if That be your Desire.

If you're Seeking a *Little* More Warm!, in This Cool to Cold Land!, -Then Move toward the North Coast, as Oppossed to the Southerly Ones, the Lowlands as Oppossed to the Highland Plateaus and Mountains!

You may also Want to Work your Way to one of the Towns along the Coast. Or to one of the Far More Scattered Towns or Settlements, Sprinkled every Here and There, in the Interior. Those Occassional Coastal Towns, are More on the Northern and Southeastern Coasts, than Elsewhere. The Major Centers of Launceston and Hobart, are on the North and Southeast Coasts, Respectively. Caution here!, -Launceston is somewhat Inland, on a Deep Running Inlet. With a Small Total Tasmanian Population, These Towns have Got to be Small! So Worry Not about any Great Urban Congestion or Anything Down Here! -Not Down Here in the Tass!

Here on the Tasmanian Coasts, Most Especially the Northern, Followed by the Southeastern, -Rescue and Re-Integration "Back into the World" is Most Possible! And Reasonably Likely, at least on those particular Coasts. Keep in Mind that Tasmania is in a Very Isolated, Obscure, Backwater Part of the World! And that it's Coasts, -Especially it's Western, Southern, and to some extent it's Eastern Ones!, Are So Too! They are No Exception to the General Rule!, and so Hailing or Signaling a Passing Ship or Plane!, -May Take some Time and Doing! Even here on the Coasts, your Best Chance for Such! You Stand a Far Better Chance of Doing so in the Hobart or Launceston Areas, Heck!, if you're that Close to these Centers, -You'd Mayswell just Go in and Talk to someone, rather than have to Signal Seaward or Skyward anymore! Elsewhere on these *More* "Settled" Northern and Southeastern Coasts, your Chances of Successfully so Signaling, are Still Somewhat Limited! But Far Better than say on the Southern or Western Coasts!

But Signaling Chances or No, You Stand a Much Better Chance of Rescue and Extrication on the Coasts, than you Do Inland! Strike and Head for These!, if that is What you Seek!

Once you Do so Meet Someone, Your Tasmanian Survival Experience shud Soon be Over! In this Reasonably Well Developed (Where It Is), First World, Friendly / Knowledgeable / and Helpfully Peopled Area! An Area of Good to Great SAR and Such Besides!

I'm Sure that the World Renowned Australian Flying Doctor Service, Operates Down Here as Well! Includeing via their Ground Based, Emergency Radio Comm, System. After All, They're Very Isolated! An Outback of their Own! At least the Equal of Many Another in Australia! After All, They're a Part of Australia!, Full and Equal as Any Other! No Less than Hawaii, is as Full and Equal a State of Our's!, as Any of our Others. So One can be Quite Sure!, that the RFDS is Down Here! This is Only a Further Boon to One's Survival and Extrication Chances! Seek it Out, and Avail Yourself of it's Excellent Services!, if Ever Down There.

Survive in the Forests, Mountains, Streams, and Beaches! And Work your Way Down to the Coasts! Those are the All Round, General Keys, to Tasmanian Rescue and Survival! It's Not a Siberia!, Nor an Antarctica only some 2,000 Miles to it's South! But Tasmanian Survival, as Richly Resourced as it Often is!, Can be a Rugged Challenge and Harsh!, as Well! Let it's General Coolness Kid or Fool you Not!

Aside from that, Enjoy the Great Tasmanian Outdoors!, and Cool Wild Place! It's Indeed one of the World's Wild Great Ones! You just Might Like to Stay!, to Live andor Survive So!

And Last but Not Least, -Watch Out for that Tasmanian Wolf and Devil!, -Just Two More of it's Uniquely Strange Faunal Life Forms! [color:"black"] [/color] [email]ScottRezaLogan[/email]

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Japan's Northern Island of HOKKAIDO - This Norternmost Island of Japan's Main Four, is just South of our earlier mentioned Kuriles, Sakhalin, and Southeasternmost Siberia. Kamchatka is some 1,000 and More miles Further North, beyond the Kuriles. Korea is reasonably Nearby, and Northeastern China's Manchuria, -Much a Great Wild Area of it's Own!, is Not Far Off either.

They Can and Do get a Lot of Siberia's Cold!, -these Hokkaidan Neighbors. But Hokkaido Itself, while it too can get Definitely to the Cold Side!, is nevertheless Milder Enuff to generally be considered within the Cool Zone! It's Far Enuf South to be so. But Still has been Described as Having an All Round Wisconsin Climate! We All Know Wisconsin gets Cold! Hokkaido is a Midway Transition between the Cold Siberian and Asian North!, and Japan's Warmer to Subtropical Main Islands to the South! Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu, and the Ryukyus. Hokkaido Serves as the Climatic Link and Bridge! Between the COLD and the COOL! Hokkaido is a Decidedly Cool, Sizeable Island, and Wild Area of our World!

It is rather Sprawling and Flattish!, for a Japanese Island! It's the Second Largest of Japan's 4 Major Islands. At 30,144 Square Miles, about the Size of some of our typical U.S. Northeastern States. This is out of a Total of 145,850 Square Miles for All of Japan. Most of Japan is Chock Full of Mountains!, -The Famed Japanese Alps! They're a Very Wild Outdoors Place in their Own Right!, in an Otherwise Very Populous, Developed, Non-Wild Japan! But Quite Unlike such Typical Japan!, Hokkaido's Far More Spread Out, Plateaued, and Flat with Lowlands and Plains! It's Not Totally so!, now. It Does have it's Mountains and Highlands too! But Quite Unusual for Japan, It Greatly Flattens and Spreads Out!

This can be a Boon for Survival, in Subsistence Gardening, Small Scale Agriculture! Coupled with the Good, Rich, Volcanic Soils! You may be Hampered a Bit by a somewhat Pinched Growing Season though! And you're No Longer Far Enuf North, to Get Much Benefit of Longer Summer Daylight Hours! With it's Adverse Survival Gardening Implications. Nor again, to Go Back to the Positive Side, -Do you Have the More Northerly Mid-Winter Daylight Darkness! Make Use of Hotbeds, Cold Frames, and Greenhousing and so on!

Unlike Most of the Typically Very Populous Japan, Hokkaido has Quite Few Residents or Settlers!

It is Japan's Wild Pioneering Frontier Land to it's North! (Not that the Japanese Alps to the South, Aren't Also so Very Much So!). Hokkaido does have Some Limited Development, Every Here or There! But It's Mostly a Wild, Untamed Frontierland!, of Anything But!

It Too is as Volcanic!, and Earthquake Prone!, as Anywhere in Japan! Japan as a Whole is as Volcanic and Earthquake Prone as they Come! And Hokkaido is No Exception! If Japan perhaps Doesn't Take the World Prize in this Area!, then it Strongly Vies for It!

Even if Hokkaido may be Relativly Somewhat Quieter, in the Volcanic and Tectonic Departments, Over it's Fellow Japanese Islands to the South!, -Who Knows When it may again Rumble Awake!? Volcanos and Quakes are Like That! Japan is just Too Susceptible in these Ways!, to Chance or Hazard such a "Safe Guess"!

As Anywhere Else In or Around Japan, Volcano and Earthquake Awareness and Survival Concerns!, Rank as a Front Burner Matter!, on any Total All Round Plate, of Japanese or Hokkaido Survival!

Plus No One Ever Forget!, -Tsunami Awareness and Survival too! Not in Japan!, Shud one ever Lightly Pass Off This! The Japanese Language, After All, Lends it it's Very Name! And such Tidal Waves can Originate from Far Further than Only the Japanese Home Islands! They can Cross the Entire Pacific, from as Far Away as Chile! As They Did in the 1960 Chilean Mega-Quake!, the Largest Ever Known! These Rare Very Largest Ones!, are Strong Enuff to Set the Entire Planet Ringing like a Bell! Well Aside from just That, This Sent Tsunamis Across the Entire Pacific!, Including to Japan and it's Hokkaido! Even Normal Major Cross Pacific Quakes!, Do This!

A Number of Important Survival Considerations regarding Hokkaido and Greater Japan have already been Touched Upon. So What Else is also Foremostedly Involved in General Hokkaido Survival and Rescue?

Beyond only the Great Geological Forces of Quakes, Volcanos, and Tsunamis!, the Bane of So Much concerning Japan!, -There's more Customary and Ordinary Matters of Survival as well.

These Revolve Around Forest, Mountain, Seacoast, Lakes and Streams, and Grasslands Survival.

And at least in Hokkaido's Wisconsin like Winter, -Throw in Cold Survival as well!

You might Want to Survive, or Otherwise Stay, -either in the Interior, or Along the Coast.

Or if Caught Inland and Not Wanting to Stay, -You might Want to Work your Way to the Coast! For Better Survival Chances! And for Better Signaling, Being Located, Extrication, and Rescue!

Once Located so, then Japanese SAR and Other such Resources, being at least Good, Perhaps Very Good, -Should Soon be Well on their Way to Getting you Out of your Survival Situation! And Back Homeward!

On your Journey toward such Contact, Work also Toward Major Urban Centers!, such as Sapporo! -In Addition to the Coast. Most of these on Hokkaido are Indeed on the Coast. Though Scatteredly so! What such Urban Centers as there are! But These Population Centers are Better than just any old Section of the Wild Hokkaido Coast! Though for Rescue and Extrication, -Even That certainly Beats Inland!

As to Staying or Not in This Fine in Many Ways of a Land!, Keep in Mind that there's the Great Language Differences and Barrier! Few will Speak or Understand English! Bone Up on at least some Basic Japanese!

The Apparently Hard and Intimidating Part of their Language!, -Essentially has to Do Only with the Writing Script! "Polite Japanese", Can also be Involved as Well! Otherwise, it's Astonishinly Logical, Beautiful, Simple, and Easy! Learn that Part! And Only the Bare Bones Basics of That! -If you Don't Have the Time or Inclination for Languages! Largely to Entirely Ignore the Script! Go for the Spoken Language! You Really Don't Need to be so Afraid of Japanese! It's Far More of a Linguistic Mouse!, than an Elephant!

You Already Know a Major World Language!, and One of it's Harder to Hardest Ones!, -English! Most of you Anyway! This Deflates the Impression that One Cannot Learn a Language! Let Alone a Simple, Bare Bones version of One!

More than just Acedemic or Nice to Do!, -Some Language Awareness around this World!, -Can Come in as an Important and Useful Survival Skill and Aid! Not just for Knowing How to Basically Communicate in another Language in Itself!

But you might be Surprised at How Quickly and Helpfully Locals Warm Up to you! -When you've Shown Yourself to Have Taken the Care and Consideration!, to Have Learned at Least Something!, in Their Own native Language!

Prices Come Down!, Accurate Directions are Given! Resources are Pointed Out! Local Knowledge and Advice Flows! Lodging Becomes Cheap or Free! Not Always now! But Still Often!

So Try to Have Learned at least a Few Words, of an Area's Language! It Can Really be an Importantly Useful Survival Aid and Skill!

But Whether you Do or Not, -Ther'll Still be a Great Language Difference! Unless you Know at least a Good Bit, -You'll Still be at something of a Language Disadvantage! This may Figure into Whether you'd Want to Stay or Not.

Then again, if you're Doing Pure Wilderness Survival!, You might Rarely if Ever, *Need* to Understand or Communicate in the Language!

Also, Even More Standout!, than your Language Differences, -Will be your Personal Physical Ones! You're in All Liklihood a European or European Descended Caucasian!, The Great Assemblage of Locals! (What Again that there Are!, in Hokkaido!) ,-Are Japanese Asians / Orientals! Quite a Standout Physical Appearance Difference!, to say a Least! It Doesn't Bode too Well for Blending In!, or Trying to Keep a Low Profile! Even if you Weren't Additionally an "Object of Curiosity"! Let Alone when you Doubtless Are! This too may Enter into the Downside, of your "Do I Stay?", Assessment.

Back to Language Matters, You also can so Read Notices and Signs, and Hear What the Locals About you are Saying, -Perhaps About you!, in Their Native, On Scene, Language! That can be Important, Even Life Saving Important!

Land and Climate Wise, You may be Inclined to Stay!, as you Might in say the Falklands! Culturally, Though, -You May Not! Nothing Against the Natives, -It's Just a Matter of Language and Other Standout, Survival Bearing, of Differences! The Falklands are also Culturally on so Much More of our Own Wavelength! Hokkaido just is Not! Not saying One's Better than the Other! But Just that They are Radically Different!, from One Another!

This is Japan's COOL Northern Wilds of Hokkaido! And This is Northern Japanese Hokkaido Survival! It's Quite a Place! If you Don't Mind an Earthquake Rumble under your Feet, or Other Survival Challenges and Hardships!, -Every Once or More of a While!

FURTHER NOTE - Japan Proper, Will Not be Covered under "Earth's Wildest Places". Being it's so Predominantly being in the Populous and Developed!, as Oppossed to the World's Wild, World!

With the Brief Honorable Mention Exception concerning the Wild Japanese Alps!, already Given. My Hat Must Gladly be Off to It! And It so Gets and Deserves!, -Such Honorable Mention here! It however, is Too Far Enmeshed, in Japan's Definitely NON Wild, World!

Hokkaido, once again, is Very Different! Very Wildly Different! [color:"black"] [/color] [email]ScottRezaLogan[/email]
"No Substitute for Victory!"and"You Can't be a Beacon if your Light Don't Shine!"-Gen. Douglass MacArthur and Donna Fargo.

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IRELAND - This State Sized Island Nation, -about the Size of West Virginia, -is a COOL, at Least Largely Wild!, Great Outdoors Area of our World! These are the Great and Green, Wild Clean Irish Outdoors!

Much of Ireland, Especially it's Ruff and Rocky Western Coastal Face, is Very Wild! And Ruggedly and Rockily Undeveloped! Often Entirely so!

Much of this is the Well Known Irish "Gaeltacht", the Celtic Old Country, now mostly in Ireland's West. For Both Better and Worse, They still Cling Tenaciously and Admirably, to Old Irish Ways! As also Does New, More Modern and Developed Ireland, the Celtic Tiger, Do so for Better or Worse too, in it's Other Ways. You will Meet Both Kinds, were you to Visit or Try to Survive in Ireland.

There are Many Friendly, Helpful, Conscientious, Hospitable, Down to Earth Types in Ireland! That can Help you Greatly!, as Far as Seeking Local Knowledge and Advice is concerned. Merry and Jolly Old England!? -How Bout Trying on Merry and Jolly Old Ireland!, for Size! That is when *Some* of Them Aren't being Too Down, Glum, or Dour about their Rain! That could Account for at least a Lot of that! Blame It on the Rain! But there's the Jolly Good Time Side of Them too! There is Much Exemplary and Upstanding!, in Many of Them. As a Visitor or Survivor there, This will be one of the Things you Run Into! Along with their Rich Reserves of "Local Knowledge Help"! Tune and Tap Into it!, if you ever Have to Survive there!

This Wild, Free, Natural, Open, Spacious, Ruff, Rugged, Rocky, Often Forested, Hilly and Mountainous, Soaked and Swampy, Rural and Rustic, Undeveloped, Untouched, Unspoiled, Isolated, Cool, Clean, Crisp, Clear, (When the Quite Ever Cloudy Skies will Permit It!), Fresh, Foggy, Misty, Rain Soaked, COOL Irish Countryside Wilds!, and Great Irish Outdoors!

It Does so Qualify, as One of the World's Great Remaining Wild Places!, if Not Among it's Greatest.

Ireland is All These Things and More!

It is More than just the Land of Shamrocks, Leprechuans and their Pot of Gold, Feisty Whisky Drinkers, Potatos, Clancy Lowered the Boom types, Great World Class Literature and Theater, Blarney Stone, Northern Ireland News, or St Patrick Complete with his Parades and Day!

Towards an Accurate Picturing of some of it's Scene and Backdrop, -A Small Part of it is now a Part of the United Kingdom, but Most of the Island Nation is it's own Independent Republic.

It Directly Faces both the Angry North Atlantic!, and the Warm North Flowing Gulf Stream! The Angry Atlantic comes Complete with their Prevailing Westerlies!, and with Torrents of Marine West Coast Climed Rains! It No Less Faces the Angry North Atlantic, than Canada's Labrador, Norway's Fiords, Greenland, Iceland, Maine's Rocky Coast, or Other Similar North Atlantic Locations Do!

Ireland is First in Line!, to Get this Onslaught! It Often can Rain as Much as 9 Days out of 10, Especially on it's Exposed West Coast!

However, Much of this Rain is a Gentle Drizzle or Mist, the "Softies" (or Something Similar), as the Irish Put it. The Rain is Often on the somewhat Warm or Mild Side, as well. More of a Warm than a Cold Rain!

But Don't be Misled! Ireland gets it's Downpoured Torrents!, and More than just a Few! She's Still one of the Foremost Rainfall Areas of the World! Other Cool Areas of the World certainly Get Theirs! But Ireland Gets Inordinately More!

Still, it's Not like every Last Day of the Year is a Wet and Rainy One! (OK, Maybe a Wet One, at least so Far as the Ground is concerned!) Even on the Rain Soaked West Coast! Let Alone in How it Gets Increasingly Less Rainy, the Further Eastward you go! Such as on Ireland's Great Central Shannon Plain, and it's Eastern Coast. The Sun Does Shine Sometimes!, in Ireland! Even if sometimes as only a Brief Break in the Clouds.

Someone's Remarked to me, that Whenever you Fly Out of Shannon, and After Clearing the Clouds a Bit, -You're in Blazing Sunshine! On Any Day of the Irish Year, -Even on Those of the Grayest, Rain Drenched Downpours!, Beneath your Cloudbank and just Below! A World of Difference!, Between you on the Aircraft, and Someone Standing Below you on the Ground! Maybe just Thousands of Feet Away from you! Something to Think About!, for a Moment. The Cloud Hidden Irish Skies Belie It! It's Gray, Rain Soaked Opposite!, is a Predominant Irish Reality!

Much of the Irish Soil, is of an Ever Wetdamp, Soakenness and Sogginess! Especially in the River Valley Lowlands, Lake Areas, and Many Bogs! The Country certainly has it's Share of Swamps and Wetlands, -Probably More Than it's Share! Though at least some of these have been Drained or Filled In, in Development projects. This After All, is Where Ireland and Other Boggy Wetland Areas of the World, Get their Rich Peat Reserves from! How they've been Able to Come By it! With it's Great Survival and Country Living Uses as Fire Fuel!, Among Other Things. No Rain and Wet!, -No Bogs or Wetlands, -No Peat!

Over Rich in Water!, Ireland will be the Last!, or One of the Last!, Places ever to be Adversely Affected by any Current or Upcoming World Water Crisis!

Hurricane Force Winds can and Do Often Blow!, Up on West Coast Locales such as the Cliffs of Moher! Cliffs and Ridges of course often have a Way of being Like That!

A Freak, North Swinging Hurricane!, by the way, is Thot to have Struck and Swepted Across Ireland, Only about a Decade Before the Potato Famine Hit! (No Connection Implied) They Call it something like "The Night of the Big Wind"! For a Hurricane, however, -It Puzzles me Why it occurred in January!, -Well Outside of Hurricane Season!

The Angry Atlantic and the Prevailing Westerlies Bring that Wind and Rain!

The Warm Gulf Stream, Moderates Things up at this reasonably Northern Locale, a Good Bit!

A certain Mitigating and Cancelling Effect, Occurs so between the Two! Between the Cold Northern Latitudes!, and the Warm Watered South!

It Doesn't Really Ever get Cold up here! (Except of course, Higher Up on Irish Mountains! -Ireland Does have Low, but a Beautiful and Definite!, Island Ringing, Set of Mountains!)

But it also Never gets anywhere near Hot up here!, either!

She is COOL Right Down the Middle! -If also Immensely and Inordinately Wet! Thanks Due to that Moderating Gulf Stream!, a Foremost World Warm Ocean Current! It Enmildens Things!, in this Irish, and Many Other, Necks of the "North Atlantic Woods"!

It just so Happens, that She is Too Far Ocean Warmed and Too Far South, to be within the Grips of the North Atlantic COLD! Yet also Far Enuf North and Within, to Ever be Hot!

As Such, Ireland is a COOL One!

It's One of the World's Few Non-Continental Members, of Such COOL Club! New Zealand, Tasmania, Japan's Hokkaido, Denmark's North Atlantic Faroes Islands, Scotland and Wales as a Part of the Great British Island, and Some of the East Canadian Maritimes, -are the Only Others. These Select, Few, Sizable, Well Placed, COOL World Islands, -Seems to Break Man's General, Prevailing Rule!, as in the Last Several Hundred or More of Years, that has Come About! Continental Development just Hasn't Reached them yet! And May it for at least the Very Most Part!, -Never So Come About!

Ireland, however, Skirts and Flirts Right on the Fence Edge of This! It just Begins to Straddle this Fence so! Much More so than any of it's COOL Island Mates! Being so Close to Britain and Europe as it is!, -It has More than a Little Development, in Many Areas. Even if a Lot of that, is "Only" Age Old Pasture and Farms. Much Forest has been Cut Down over the Centuries. But at least Many Forest Areas Still Stand!, as Well! And Reforestation Programs Do take Place. A Good Bit of now Longstanding Development. Still, Even So!, It's Well Entrenched in the Still Yet Wild Camp! And Promises to be So, for a Long Long Time yet to Come!

Once you Get just a Little Outside of Dublin!, -You've Arrived into it's Cool, Country Wilds! Even Dublin is Very Much so Itself! It's Nearly Alone, as an Irish City of any typically Urban Size! Even there in the Dub, You Havn't got Far to Go!, Before you're in the Irish Wild Country!

I Can't say that Ireland is Sparsely Settled, -But I Can't say that it is Heavily Populated either!

Ireland Well Makes it in!, to Earth's Wildest Places. Scotland, Wales, and Honshu Japan, -even with their Great Subsets of Wilds!, -Do Not.

(Vast Continental COOL and Temperate Areas of course also Exist!, thruout our World. But They as a Vast and General Rule, -are All Too Often Well Populated and Developed!, and as Such are No Longer All Round Wild! Europe, the Eastern U.S., Some of European Rusha, Developed Southeastern and Southern Brazil, and so on. As such, They will Not be Covered here under Earth's Wildest Places. But it Must be Honorably Mentioned, that They Often Have some Very Great Wild Areas entwined Within!)

This is Ireland's Great, COOL, Wet, Wild Outdoors!

Now How would you Go About Surviving there!, if you Had To!?

First of All, It's Settled Enuf, that it Wouldn't be Long Before you Found some Friendly, if a Bit Guarded, Helpful Irish Country Folk! You'd Soon Reach Farmhouses, Small Towns, and Settlements and Such! Andor Authorities of some sort. Though in some Really Wild, Rocky Western Areas, -You might have to First Walk a Dozen or Two's Miles, Before Coming Across Someone so. You wouldn't have to Really Full Out Survive, for very Long, in Ireland. You'd Soon be on your Way Back to the World! Irish SAR and Such, Shud be OK to Good, and maybe even Great. You're in the Developed First World, and an English Speaking Area, as well! Those are Good Survival Helps!

Food, -Plentiful! Also, Avail yourself of their Ubiquitious Potatos! And Plant some of your Own! Though you probably Won't have to Survive, for asd Long as it Takes them to Grow! Do Similarly regarding Other Crops and Garden Vegetables!

Fresh Water via the Lakes, Streams, Rivers, and Rain!, -of course Plentiful!

Fish, both Freshwater and Ocean, -Plentiful! Fish in either the Interior Waters!, andor Along the Seacoast! Gather Other Beach Life and Seafood!, as well! Beware though!, of the Rocky Coast!, Ruff, Cold, Salty, Hypothermic Waters!, Outgoing Currents, Rips, and Undertows. And Any Adverse and Dangerous Combinations of the Preceeding!

Fire Fuel, -Plentiful!, at least in Peat and Other Non Woody Plant Forms, Dependeing on your specific Local Area. More Woody Firewood Fuel can be more Problematical, Though also Plentiful in Many Areas!

Shelter Materials, -both Plant Based and Rock and Soil Based, -Plentiful! When it Comes to Dwellings and Shelter, The Irish Use their Abundant Grassy Plant Material, for Roof Thatching. And Have been Doing so for Ages. You Do so Too!

Sun Sightings, -Very Much *Not* Plentiful!

You Have Most of your Survival Needs in Abundance! You'd just Have to be Working in the Wet Ground and Rain!, to *Do* a Lot of That in! Prepare and Assure Yourself of Rain Protection! And Keep Warm and Dry!

Working your Way to the Coast here, is Not so Critical as it can be in Other Parts of the World! But it can nevertheless be somewhat Advisable. Small and Waterways Rich a Country as it is!, -It Shud Not Take you Long to Get to one of it's Coasts!, in any event.

In the Event you for a While nevertheless Did Have to Survive there!, Ireland and Irish Survival would basically Come Down to;-

-Cool Temperate, Moorland, Swamp, Forest, Mountain, Grassland, Rainland, and Ocean Seacoast!, -Types of Survival.

This is the Great, Wild, Cool, Irish Outdoors! And This is the General Survival Imperatives within Such.

You might be One who just Likes to Stay! Unless you're Someone hoo Loves!, and Doesn't Want to Dispense with the Sun! If you Don't Mind Not Having that!, You might just be Someone who'd Like to Stay! In a Living, as Oppossed to a Pure Survival, Role. In Cool, Wild Ireland, as perhaps your First or Second Home! These are the Great, Cool, Wild, Irish Countryside and Outdoors!

I for one Will Take!, and Not Dispense with the Sun! This is Where we Shall now Next Go!, in our Surveytour of the World's Greatest Wild Places! Put your Arctic and Rain Gear Aside now! Fill up your Canteen with some of that so Abundant Irish Water! For it's Off to the World's Searing, Sunny, Parched Dry!, of World Wild Places ARID And DESERT! The COOL COLD was Great! But Now it's Time to Warm Up Some!

SOME WORDS ON SCOTLAND And WALES - Scotland and Wales are Beloved Cool, Wild Places of Mine! Outdooresedly and Otherwise! Cool, Mountainous, Forested, Heathed, and Moored!

And though Much within them is Often Quite Pristine, Untouched, and Wild! -Complete with their Own sort of Survival Challenges and Imperatives too!, -They Overall are somewhat "Over the Developed Line"!, so to speak! Into Too Much of their Developed, Surrounding, British and European World! -To Really be Able to be considered within the World's Wild Places! And so They are Not Covered here.

They Too once Magnificently Were! Just Turn the Clock Back, Several Hundred or More Years! But in Today's Developed Here and Now?, No!, Unfortunately Not!

Being a "Internally Wild" as Much of They Are!, however, -I will Not Fail to Give Them their Deserved and Due Honorable Mention!

Cheers!, Scotland and Wales! -To You and All your Great Remaining Areas of Outdoor Wilds!

SOME WORDS ON THE CANADIAN MARITIMES - These Too, are Great, Spando, Cool Wild Areas of the Canadian Outdoors! Their Non-Inclusion is Not Due to any Nearby Development Considerations. But Simply that they've Already been Covered under CANADA'S WILDS within COLD. If in Not too Much Attention or Words! With the Exception that Such Eastern, Canadian Maritime Provinces, are More COOL than COLD!

Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Anticosti, the Magdalens, France's St. Pierre et Miquelon, Prince Edward Island, Sable Island, Gaspe, the Grand Banks, and Quebec at the Mouth of the St. Lawrence! Also the Labrador Coast, though thats Starting to Get into the Cold! Let Them now Get the Honorable Mention they Deserve!, as a World's Great, COOL, Wild Place! My Hat's Off to Them!, as Much as earlier to Scotland and Wales!

A WORD ON THE FAROES - This is a Small, COOL to COLD, Ruff Weathered aqnd Sead, Rocky Island Group, a Good Bit Northwest of Scotland, Off Tord Iceland's Direction. They had Not been Gotten to so Far, This right here's their Intended Place.

They are Sparsely Populated by a Hardy, Scandanavian, Fishing and Sheepraising Group. They are a Possession of Denmark, but They very Much are Set Up to Run their Own Affairs. It's Capital is at the Small Fishing Town of Torshavn.

Survival and Conditions are essentially the Same as with Other such Lone and Lonely, Cold, Ruff, Rugged, Rocky, Wind and Sea Lashed, Non-Forested, Etc,Etc,Etc, High Latitude Islands as we've already mentioned. Much like Jan Mayen!, Minus Jan's Volcanos!, and being More South, perhaps somewhat Warmer!, but Not Neccessarily by Much! It's still in the High Latitudes!, though Below the Arctic Circle.

This is Another of the Few Isolated World Islands being Spoken on Outside of ISOLATED WORLD ISLANDS.

The Faroes make for a Good Little "Rough Rock",and Sea Survival Challenge! After All, we're talking about the Angry North Atlantic!, and Quite High, Arctic Approaching Latitudes!, again.

AFTERWORD -Now It's Out of This COOL COLD!, And Into the Expanses of Our ARID DESERTS! Let's Both now Get into a New, Desert Frame of Mind! [color:"black"] [/color] [email]ScottRezaLogan[/email]

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