While Susan's point is quite valid, it all comes back to people in general not planning ahead for the unexpected. Which is why this site should be mandatory reading for everyone. :-D

Back on topic, I am lucky enough to be able to work from home when the weather is bad, although I do enjoy driving in the snow (when there's no traffic). I am grateful for those who cannot do so and must venture out to keep the world running and keep people alive. My neighbor who is an RN had to drive to her shift into the teeth of this storm. She said the worst part was not being able to see the road for the conditions.

There was an article in the Baltimore Sun yesterday about the people still without power, and how awful the local utility is for not having power completely restored yet. I commented on their website that some simple preparations would make that situation a lot safer for people in the dark, and quite a bit more comfortable. I was gratified to see how many people responded positively to the comment.