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#21185 - 11/11/03 04:07 AM My urban EDC
physics137 Offline

Registered: 10/28/03
Posts: 64
Loc: New York City
I just thought I'd give a list of the stuff I carry, to give others ideas, or for you to give me suggestions of other things to carry. I don't get out of the city much, so this is more of an urban survival kit than any sort of wilderness survival gear.

On belt:
Leatherman wave w/ nylon sheath and attached lanyard
Leatherman wave tool adapter
Cell Phone (& fully charged spare battery in pocket)
Nite-Ize Mini Pock-Its holster (see below for contents)

In Nite-Ize holster:
AA Mini Maglite & spare batteries, with attached lanyard
Laser Pointer
Small ratchet & set of Allen wrenches (also works with bits in Leatherman tool adapter kit)
Small bubble level
Small tube of Krazy glue

In wallet (rear pocket):
~6 ft. of duct tape affixed to strips of transparency sheets
Small strip cut from a rubber jar opener
Small pad of Post-It notes
(All large bills, credit and ATM cards stored in a separate second wallet deep in the front pocket)

Classic Fox-40 whistle (with superfluous side pieces filed down) around neck

On keychain:
AAA Maglite Solitaire (& spare AAA battery)
Beer bottle opener
P-38 GI can opener
Small pill container with aspirin, motrin and aleve
Nail clipper
Small spare pen

Elsewhere in pockets:
Change purse
~5 ft of extension cord, bare ends
ToolLogic Lite credit card knife
Ultimate Survival Signal Mirror
FAK fashioned from an Altoids tin (see below for contents)
Cigarette lighter or matches (I don't smoke)

In Altoids FAK:
Pills: Immodium A-D, Benadryl, No-Doz, NyQuil Day tablets
Small sewing kit + extra needles + safety pins
Assorted Band-Aids
Moist towelettes
Insect Sting relief pads
Bacitracin in foil pack
Cuticle scissor
Razor blade
small straw
tick remover
book of matches

#21186 - 11/11/03 04:33 AM Re: My urban EDC
Chris Kavanaugh Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 02/09/01
Posts: 3824
Consider a small pocket radio.

#21187 - 11/11/03 11:04 AM Re: My urban EDC
johnbaker Offline
old hand

Registered: 01/17/02
Posts: 384
Loc: USA
Grad Student,

It looks like you have some detailed plans. But, I think I would also add the following (after you have checked to make sure they are legal where you go):

A dedicated knife;

Additional fire starting devices such as a ferrocerium rod and good tinder/accelerator (cotton balls saturated with petroleum jelly work great);

A compass and local map;

Some water containers, even if they are as primitive as Ziplock (tm) bags. Be sure to check Doug's recommendations on these containers, as well as all other survival items. Also some water purifiers: e.g., Potable Aqua, water purifying devices, and others;

Cordage such as 550 paracord;

Potential sheltering devices such as 55 gal. garbage bags (the thicker, the better), tarps, or other,

Good luck,


#21188 - 11/11/03 12:17 PM Re: My urban EDC
physics137 Offline

Registered: 10/28/03
Posts: 64
Loc: New York City
Thanks for the suggestions!

I ordered a small AM/FM pocket radio, which I should have by next week - I had been thinking about picking one up, but never bit the bullet.

I used to carry a compass but it broke a few months ago, so I should try to find one when I get a chance. I should get some paracord too - I would replace the extension cord I carry now (selected basically because it was laying around).

Back when I had a car, I kept maps of the entire northeast, plus various state, county and local maps. I got rid of the car a few months ago (financial reasons), so the road maps now stay at home, although I carry a small credit card-size NYC subway map and commuter rail schedules with me, along with a spare metrocard (for NYC bus/subway fare) and plenty of pocket change. I also carried road flares, a can of fix-a-flat, lots of oil (my car was 13 years old and burned oil like mad), antifreeze and washer fluid, a container of water, a full toolbox plus the usual car tools (jack, etc.), jumper cables and a Jump Start battery, a full change of clothes plus extra socks and an old pair of work boots, a heavy blanket, a tarp (actually an old pool cover), a transistor radio, a reflective orange vest (now hanging prominently in my closet), a tent, folding chair, sleeping bag and air mattress, and probably a few other things I'm forgetting to mention. And a AAA card.

I usually carry a Hefty garbage bag in a coat pocket during the winter, but perhaps I should "promote" it to EDC. I also carry a Storm whistle in my coat pocket (not sure if I included that before)...

Being in the city, I worry a bit about carrying a dedicated knife. I kept one in the car, and I have a few good ones (incl. an old Puma) at home, but I worry about being harassed by the police. At least I can say that I use the leatherman for work, what with the screwdrivers and all, and the blades are pretty small, but a more substantial knife (while strictly speaking legal according to the letter of the law) could get me in some hot water with the police if for whatever reason they decide they don't like me. I usually carry the Puma if I'm going on a camping trip or something of that nature, but other than that I leave it at home.

Since I'm usually in the city, I haven't really had the need for water purification or more sophisticated firestarting than a plain old bic lighter, but I should get something along those lines just to have them at home (even if I don't carry them every day). Depending on what kind of firestarting equipment I were to carry, I could see how it could be suspected as some sort of bomb-related hardware (i.e. my next post on the forum will be from Guantanamo.) The same goes for the FAK - for anything more serious than a trivial injury or sickness 911 or my regular doctor, and professional help is only a short time away (and I'd be more than stupid to fail to fully avail myself of that option), and if I'm away from civilization for any time I supplement the EDC FAK with a more comprehensive kit (large bandages, larger stock of OTC medications, bottles of disinfecting solutions, etc.).

#21189 - 11/11/03 02:23 PM Re: My urban EDC
Craig Offline

Registered: 11/13/01
Posts: 1784
Loc: Collegeville, PA, USA
Consider a small pocket radio.

I carry a pocket AM/FM/SW radio. The problem is that after my leather shoulder bag (spouse approved for evenings on the town) is loaded with the pocket radio, my Wave (dress trousers really don't support beltwear), my FAK, and my other stuff, that bag was so heavy it killed my shoulder. I had to carry it in my hand by its strap.

I agree with concept of carrying a pocket radio and a multitool, but what about the weight factor?

#21190 - 11/11/03 03:21 PM Re: My urban EDC
Glock-A-Roo Offline
Old Hand

Registered: 04/16/03
Posts: 1076
Consider [this radio] . You get AM/FM/TV/WX in a package that is literally the size of a pack of cigarettes and weighs only a few ounces. You give up SW, but perhaps that's the price of being able to keep the unit on your person without undue weight or hassle. It works with stereo headphones, but the external speaker allows you to share the broadcasts and eliminates the need to carry headphones.

Sangean has some similar offerings [here] .

#21191 - 11/11/03 03:26 PM Re: My urban EDC

Look for decent alternative carry methods.

If you wear pleated pants you can mount the multitool discreetly on the inside of the front pocket without much showing. Same for altoids fak and psk. If you wear something like dockers mobile pant you can fit quite a bit discreetly in the internal cargo pocket.

Look for smaller alternatives. There is the sinclair x10 ear-bud radio that will fit in just about anyplace.

Look for lighter alternatives. If you are carrying a bag you might lose the altoids tins which weigh a bit and replace them with ziplocks.

If you are truely stylin you might have decent internal pockets on the jacket or vest or both that could hold any items that could fold mostly flat - a small urban FAK can easily be made to do this. The trick here is to have the cargo distributed evenly so you don't have bulges but rather are just a bit thicker overall. If you arrange the components so that they can be easily distributed throughout your high-style wardrobe pockets in small containers from zip-locks to breath-strip boxes (I use them for a sewing kit) then when you are able to put on the dungarees and fanny-pack or sholder bag you can just throw everything in the larger sack.

FWIW, If I don't have it after standing up and running out of the building, I don't consider it EDC - so anything that is in a seperate sack doesn't count for me. My belly pack works if I am in a situation where it is acceptable dress and I don't take it off. Briefcase, planner, shoulder bag, etc don't count as I could be in a meeting on the otherside of the building when the evacuation is called and thereby be separated from them. If it isn't in my pocket it isn't EDC it is another layer of kit and may be very useful but it can't be counted on being with me.

#21192 - 11/11/03 06:03 PM Re: My urban EDC
Craig Offline

Registered: 11/13/01
Posts: 1784
Loc: Collegeville, PA, USA
Briefcase, planner, shoulder bag, etc don't count as I could be in a meeting on the otherside of the building when the evacuation is called and thereby be separated from them

Agreed. However, I take great pains to make sure I take my shoulder bag WITH ME. I have been asked what in the world am I carrying. My reply is something like, just a first aid kit and stuff like that. The people I work with are familiar with my preparedness habits, so that answer has always been accepted. My habits have NOT rubbed off, I'm sorry to say.

#21193 - 11/11/03 06:06 PM Re: My urban EDC
lostscout Offline

Registered: 10/17/03
Posts: 51
Loc: 40.53088N 111.91328W
pocket radio with weather band

#21194 - 11/11/03 06:06 PM Re: My urban EDC
Craig Offline

Registered: 11/13/01
Posts: 1784
Loc: Collegeville, PA, USA
Thanks dude.

I looked, and the radio I carry is a Grundig Mini World 100 PE, so it is small already.

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