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#204192 - 07/02/10 10:32 AM Re: Military Style Gear [Re: MostlyHarmless]
Nomad Offline

Registered: 05/04/02
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Loc: Just wandering around.
I don't think military gear is a problem unless you dress head to toe in it.

I use a lot of military gear, but I am 71 years old and over weight. No chance of confusing me with a soldier.

The MOLLIE system works great for me. I use a mollie vest (ACU pattern) which cost me all of $12. If I don't need to carry an item I can remove not only the item, but its pocket as well. I can move the most used item for the day into a convenient spot, and the less used to an "out of the way" location.

For Daily carry I use a SOTech designed (Paladin manufactured) Mission Go Bag


and love it. Large capacity, lots of carry options and mollie on the outside for those things I need repeated access to.

Many items are unique to the military. Like the Rip away EMT pouch. It is mollie mounted, but has a velcro "rip away" pouch so you can quickly rip it off and hand it to someone.


Do I look like a military wanna be? I don't think so. And I guess I really don't care. An advantage of being an old duffer I guess.

...........From Nomad.........Been "on the road" since '97

#204196 - 07/02/10 11:03 AM Re: Military Style Gear [Re: Nomad]
chickenlittle Offline

Registered: 06/06/10
Posts: 102
Loc: Canada
The surplus stuff here is hard to find and often of poor quality. It seems the Quartermasters have a habit of rendering everything as unservicable as possible before sending it to auction.
The "Tacticool" stuff tends to be overpriced and often of poor quality too.

I but good quality civilian gear and I usually choose muted colours. My colour choice is more about aesthetics than for camo. Bright colours hurt my eyes.

I deliberately go for bright colours during the hunting season.
If I was looking at it from a survival point of view I might want bright colours so I was easier to find instead of hiding.
I really don't expect to be in a situation where I need to be evaiding enemies.

#204203 - 07/02/10 01:10 PM Re: Military Style Gear [Re: roberttheiii]
7point82 Offline

Registered: 11/24/05
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Loc: Oklahoma
Originally Posted By: roberttheiii
Does anyone go out of their way to have their bugout gear, etc, look more like camping stuff than military or police gear? Staying away from MOLLE stuff, BDUs, leg holsters, etc? Or is this an unfounded concern of mine?

I honestly buy gear that best suites my purpose, period.

Around here (Oklahoma) I don't think anyone is going to think twice about someone in BDU's or 5.11 pants and a jacket. That said, Connecticut may as well be on another planet so YMMV. grin

If you add to the above a few insignia on your clothes, a bunch of emergency lights on your vehicle OR in ANY way attempt to pass yourself off as military or LEO I think you are asking for a LOT of the wrong kind of attention.
"There is not a man of us who does not at times need a helping hand to be stretched out to him, and then shame upon him who will not stretch out the helping hand to his brother." -Theodore Roosevelt

#204213 - 07/02/10 06:22 PM Re: Military Style Gear [Re: 7point82]
roberttheiii Offline

Registered: 02/13/09
Posts: 334
Loc: Connecticut, USA
I had no concerns over actual military personal being confused, I meant more unprepared people, anyways, all interesting points. Thanks!

#204229 - 07/03/10 01:07 AM Re: Military Style Gear [Re: roberttheiii]
Art_in_FL Offline

Registered: 09/01/07
Posts: 2432
-He who is willing to admit that the "Blackwater Look" and "Tacticool Look" does get the women's attention. Guilty as charged.

Repeated psychological testing has shown that attempts to appear 'tough', through clothing and oversize muscles, does not impress most women. It does have an effect, intimidation with associated resentment and blowback, on other males. The most common result of steroid pumped posturing and martial affectations on the ladies is laughter. The term 'overcompensation' tends to come up a lot.

As the joke goes, if you want to impress the ladies: pay their rent and wash their dishes. It also helps if you at least try to look like you're paying attention and are concerned with their feelings.

Remember that the ladies don't want your solution. They want you to feel their pain. But remember that feeling pain goes only one way. Not fair, but that is the way it is. Deal with it. Save the solution for your own pain.

Originally Posted By: roberttheiii
Does anyone go out of their way to have their bugout gear, etc, look more like camping stuff than military or police gear? Staying away from MOLLE stuff, BDUs, leg holsters, etc? Or is this an unfounded concern of mine?

I go out of my way to avoid the military/paramilitary look because it attracts attention and brings up associations and mental images that are unhelpful in most survival/preparedness situation. A military style jacket or pack, by itself, isn't much of an issue. But even there I avoid camouflage patterns.

Solid OD green, 'coyote brown', or medium gray are about as effective as camouflage without hammering home that your trying to blend. It end toward subdued colors and patterns. The one solid color I avoid is black.

The whole drop-leg look is ridiculous if your not on an assault team. Drop-leg holsters and bags have very few practical advantages if your not wearing body armor. Having everything on a vest or belt is another look I actively avoid.

#204232 - 07/03/10 03:10 AM Re: Military Style Gear [Re: Art_in_FL]
Richlacal Offline
Old Hand

Registered: 02/11/10
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Loc: Los Angeles, CA
I have assorted camo gear,though I don't have anything complete as per a matching BDU set.While hiking/camping,I wear or have with me a German-Military Goretex jacket in Flectarn camo,& I wear MOBU(mossyoak break-up)pants or shorts,& usually a brown or green T-shirt,Gray merino wool socks, with Reddish-Brown Timberland boots,& Top it off with a Royal blue boonie hat.My short pack consists of a black LC-1 harness with an East German-Rain camo main(brown) with asst'd flectarn/olive drab pouches,&an olive drab canteen pouch or two,or three.This has been my set-up for Many yrs.I've received no complaints,& a few compliments,from time to time,from Rangers,Sheriff Deputies,& SAR folks,as well as other hikers/campers.I have seen much more elaborate camo combo's than my own stuff,Right here in the city!I like Camoflauge,My friends like it,My neighbors like it.I liked it as a Kid, as well as in The Service!I have Bright clothing/equipment,& use it from time to time mixed in with the other stuff,though I prefer Military gear,as it has proven it's worth to me 10-Fold!I do doctor up some of my stuff,to equip myself better,but it is still Military Surplus.I'm Not ashamed one bit!I'm not a Survivalist,I'm a Survivor!

#204233 - 07/03/10 04:15 AM Re: Military Style Gear [Re: TheSock]
Richlacal Offline
Old Hand

Registered: 02/11/10
Posts: 778
Loc: Los Angeles, CA
Re: The Sock,I'll be sure NOT to bring anything camo with me should I visit England,Especially London,May I ask,"Do you folks really have Camera's on Every street corner"?Re:Mostly Harmless,& If I should be in Norge,You folks aren't gonna' like me No matter what I'm wearing,because I'm Svenska!lol!

#204241 - 07/03/10 11:29 AM Re: Military Style Gear [Re: Richlacal]
TheSock Offline

Registered: 11/13/07
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Loc: London England
Sorry if I didn't make myself plain Richlacal but there is no harm at all in wearing camo in England. I'm just saying that trying to pass yourself off as being in the military can only lead to trouble. And is pointless; there are no checkpoints to make people stay in an area and there never will be.
No we don't have cameras on every corner. Nor has any innocent person ever suffered as a result of the ones we do have. On the contrary criminals are regularly caught because of them.
The Sock
The world is in haste and nears its end Wulfstan II Archbishop of York 1014.

#204242 - 07/03/10 01:08 PM Re: Military Style Gear [Re: TheSock]
JBMat Offline
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Registered: 03/03/09
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Loc: NC
Frankly, the military stuff weighs too much. My ALICE pack, large, weighs about 5+lbs empty. My comparable civilian Kelty weighs 2+. A canteen w/cover v. a water bottle.

The clothing is designed to be useful in many situations, making it perform poorly in specific situations. Would I rather be wearing shorts and a t shirt in the summer instead of the new combat uniforms - no-brainer there.

A military poncho is great, at least the nylon ones. The rain suits are about useless. Forget the mess kit, it's designed to eat from, not cook in.

Personally, I like some military gear - the poncho liner is the greatest military invention ever. But other stuff, not so great.

I'm not really worried about the military shooting me for being an imposter - my ID card says I'm not, really.

#204243 - 07/03/10 01:14 PM Re: Military Style Gear [Re: Richlacal]
BorkBorkBork Offline

Registered: 02/22/10
Posts: 70
Loc: Sweden

You are obviously not swedish, (I am grin) you wrote one word and you got it wrong!

...because I'm Svenska!

The "correct swedish is "svensk", not "Svenska" (unless you are a bit old fashioned or if you are a woman?

Edited by BorkBorkBork (07/03/10 01:23 PM)
Stay warm out there !

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