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#203760 - 06/21/10 05:02 PM Re: Evacuation Net Rumors are Increasing [Re: Am_Fear_Liath_Mor]
Arney Offline

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Originally Posted By: Am_Fear_Liath_Mor
Even the relief wells may fail as noted in the detailed analysis in the link below.

Not the first time I've heard this scenario presented, but that first link is the best analysis I've read so far about this catastrophic situation of the "roof" of the oil deposit eventually collapsing and turning it into an impossible-to-stop gusher.

I have no way of evaluating how plausible it is for the seabed to eventually give way over the oil deposit (this risk is the crux of this worst case scenario), so I'll just have to take people's word that it is possible. In that case, watching the undersea video feed reminds me of watching the Twin Towers burn, wondering what's going to come next.

I don't doubt the ingenuity and resolve of the technical people actually working on stopping the leak, and I'm optimistic that they will eventually succeed, but that is truly a sad scenario if it ever does occur.

#203812 - 06/23/10 01:27 AM Re: Evacuation Net Rumors are Increasing [Re: Arney]
Art_in_FL Offline

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If we are going to wallow in rumor, worse-case fantasies based on nothing, conspiracies, and crack nightmares we might as well go all the way. At least when you go far enough out there it gets entertaining.

This articles has interesting stuff from the guy who brought you alien bases on the moon. There is even a variation that has Gestapo agents from WW2 Germany in leather trench coats in cahoots with the aliens on the moon. And what fever dream is complete without a Gestapo agent with a bad accent and a limp. So I'll take my alien moon bases with dueling scars and black leather, thank-you very much.

Hard to beat that whopper.

But the present story he is promoting isn't bad, in a pedestrian but workmanlike way, for wild creativity. This story has huge gas bubbles that will smother everyone near the coast, then explode in sheets of flame, and send a huge tsunami toward Florida at "600 miles per hour". This would be pure high-test crazy a few years ago but a few recent films have upped the ante so everyone has to kick their game up a few notches. Still, not a bad first attempt.

Not to be outdone another guy fantasizes about a similar, but more toxic, steam driven tsunami rushing 200 miles inland creating a toxic dead zone. Steam is so 'last century'. The first story had toxic gas, fire and floods so it is clearly superior.

Then again if the second guy could have the ginormous steam explosion break loose a fault or two and have both the Yellowstone and Tennessee super-volcanoes erupt he would have a spectacle of imaginary doomsmanship worthy of Cecil B. DeMille. Haven't these guys learned that with such stories you can't lack courage and pull back. You have to 'go big'.


#203815 - 06/23/10 02:02 AM Re: Evacuation Net Rumors are Increasing [Re: Art_in_FL]
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Carpal Tunnel

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This story has huge gas bubbles that will smother everyone near the coast, then explode in sheets of flame, and send a huge tsunami toward Florida at "600 miles per hour".

Bah, he left out the crazed, flaming sharks riding the crest of the tsunami, burning and eating anyone in there path.

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#203819 - 06/23/10 04:01 AM Re: Evacuation Net Rumors are Increasing [Re: Blast]

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if nothing else the increase in rumors is a good case study.are people buying more survival supply's along the coast?.gearing up to move out fast or just writing this all off as crazy talk?

#203821 - 06/23/10 06:49 AM Re: Evacuation Net Rumors are Increasing [Re: CANOEDOGS]
Art_in_FL Offline

Registered: 09/01/07
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Originally Posted By: CANOEDOGS
if nothing else the increase in rumors is a good case study.are people buying more survival supply's along the coast?.gearing up to move out fast or just writing this all off as crazy talk?

IMHO the exaggeration of threats and wild stories tends to numb people to real and practical issues.

Imaging your eating a can of beans. Why you might be doing is anyone's guess. But there you are.

Case one: Someone comes in a voice both and breathless and panicked he tells you - DON"T EAT THE BEANS BECAUSE THERE ARE ALIEN LARVA INSIDE THE CAN. ALIENS WILL COME OUT OF YOU CHEST IN 24 HOURS.

You - Ummm ... sure. Get bent. And you finish off your beans.

Case two: Your eating your beans and someone comes over, introduces himself and tells you that 'Dude, I saw on the news this morning that that brand of beans is on a recall list because it is heavily infected with botulism. You might not want to eat it'

You - You stop eating and try to find out about any recall. If you start to feel sick you get yourself to a hospital.

Tsunamis traveling at 600 mph - <blink>

News that the vapors from the oil might make people with breathing difficulties sick ... You call your aunt with asthma because she lives right on the beach. You offer to put her up in your home. Which is 25 miles inland.

In my experience you don't get better response by exaggeration the situation. You might get a panicked, emotional response but it won't last, as soon as they slow down and thing most adults will start asking questions, and after that they don't listen to you.

The problem is that on the internet nobody knows your name and you can change your name like changing underwear. Many times I've seen the same people referencing the same e-mail alarmist drivel, going from site to site reposting it like it was a revelation from God. Ive also seen it go around the circle and the person that started the rumor use someone else reposting it as confirmation of their story.

This is basically how "intelligence" was confirmed going into Iraq. Set your standards low and use people retelling your rumor to confirm your story and you can 'confirm' anything.

Funny thing is that while it looks like there are always new stories if you keep track of them you start to find patterns. The whole 'toxic tsunami' coming ashore seems pretty much like the rumors in the 70s about the chance that USSR would sink a ship or ships full of uranium deep off our coast to take advantage of the dynamics of deep water 'linear stacked', 'open ended', nuclear detonations.

The physics was supposed to be that if you packed uranium around a nuclear weapon and sank it deep the high pressure would allow the small weapon to create a much larger explosion that would, at the end of the sequence, detonate the 'hydrogen in the seawater' to create a weapon of nearly unlimited power.

The story was that the Russians either had, or would sink a line of such bomb ships along the east coast and detonate them all at one. The mythology was this would send a huge radioactive wave twenty miles inland and destroy the entire east coast.

It was pretty gripping stuff if you were young, gullible, easily excited, and had a desire to have 'insider' 'intelligence information' from 'special' sources.

So what we have here is a non-nuclear version of the same story transposed onto the Gulf Coast with Jews, or somebody (insert favorite villain here) making/allowing it to happen.

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