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#202774 - 06/01/10 01:57 AM What's in your car trunk?
Teslinhiker Offline

Registered: 12/14/09
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The thread on "Question for evacuation shelter volunteer" and what is required should you have to evacuate to a shelter prompted me to start this new topic which is somewhat related and goes on the basis that you have to evac to somewhere and what do you keep in your car trunk that may help.

Due to an almost every weekend hiking / camping trips (or a possible evac as mentioned above), I carry a lot of items in our car trunk permanently as it is easier not to have always remove/add several items depending on weather/destination/duration etc. Other items such as day to day food/water needs, PSK, and specific hiking gear/clothes are taken with each trip.

In no certain order (and from memory only and some items are probably missing from this list), the contents of the car trunk...And yes this makes for a nearly full trunk but it is very organized and still room for a bit more if needed.

2 tents (6x7, 4x6)
2 sleeping bags
2 foam ground pads
1 lightweight hiking air mattress
3 tarps of various sizes

Clothes/ Boots/ Shoes
2 pairs pants, ( 1 synthetic, 1 cotton)
2 shirts
2 jackets
1 sweater
3-4 pairs of various socks
2 pairs underwear
1 pair waterproof hiking boots
1 pair non waterproof hiking boots (much better in hot weather)
1 pair but still very usable running shoes

Camp items (in Rubbermaid container)
2 burner Coleman propane stove
4-5 bottles of 1 LB propane bottles
Propane lantern
Wire cooking grill (put over campfire to cook on)
Kerosene lantern and 1 LT fuel
21" bow saw with 2 extra blades
2 folding chairs
2 pots
2 cast iron frying pans
Various dishes/bowls/cups/knifes/forks for 4-5 people meal
Small container dish soap, pot scrubbers etc.
extra lighters, matches
1 folding chair
2 rolls paper towels
4 rolls TP
1 container all purpose disinfecting wipes

Food / Beverage
3-4 emergency supply of canned/packaged food such as instant rice packs, soup, canned tuna/salmon/ham, snacks, tea, sugar
2 gallons of water (minimum)

Small assortment of hand tools
2 quarts oil
1 quart transmission fluid
1 small bottle brake fluid
1 gallon windshield washer fluid
1 funnel
Leather gloves
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#202778 - 06/01/10 02:58 AM Re: What's in your car trunk? [Re: Teslinhiker]
ironraven Offline
Cranky Geek
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 09/08/05
Posts: 4642
Loc: Vermont
Wow... Let's see working left to right, then down at each stage....

-Jumper cables, 3 reflector triangles, extinguisher.

-Milk crate with rain coat, boots, socks boonie hat, watch cap, work gloves, wool gloves, sweater.
-Blue ground pad.
-Tool box w/ tools, fuses, flares, jack, wheel chocks, easy to read directions for lowering the spare tire.

-Over night bag with 1 pair BDUs, 1 pair kakhis, 2 tshirts, 1 polo shirt, 3 prs skivies, 3 prs socks, 1 pr sweat shorts, toiletries
-Tote with safety glasses, wool blanket, sportsman's blanket, hd tarp, 2x50' paracord, spool of jute cord, 4 bungies, spool of wire, 3 coat hangers, duct tape, electricians tape, surveyor's tape, sharpening stone, yak tracks, spare glasses, sweatshirt, spare watch cap and gloves, bug net, hammock, German mess kit (w/ 2x1200 Mainstays, brew kit, Enertia trail meals bear mountain mush and patch mac'n'cheese, spare leatherman and a match case), spare AA and AAA batteries

-Tote of "truck stuff" w/ antifreeze, wiperfluid, break fluid, steering fluid, 3qts oil, disposible funnels, 4 way lug wrench, and two empty bottles to turn into squirt bottles if needed.
-Misc box w/ a couple paperbacks, 2 rolls paper towels, spare nalgene (filled), umbrella, gallon ziplock bags

-Buck saw
-Russian-style E-tool
-Empty knap sack.
-Tow straps

Across the front of that, I keep a full size, square tip spade, a snow brush (even summer), a telescoping squeegee (even in winter), and a small camp chair.

In the stuff cubby under that that Ford designed, I've got a spare jack and lug wrench, spare wiper blades, and an spare head light bulbs. I also keep a copy of my registration, proof of insurance, DL, passport, and some emergency money in there. When I find a good combo gun to use as a truck gun, I'll keep spare ammo down there as well.

Back of the driver's seat has the big manual for the truck and the NY and MA Delorme books. Behind the passenger seat are the VT and NH Delormes and a local phone book. Tucked into the rear passenger foot well is a garbage can, and under that a full box of contractor bags and a second Nalgene. Clipped to the back of the passenger seat, I also have my FAK, which is long on bleeding, midling on burns, and doesn't do anything on boo-boos (that lives in my EDC)

I usually also have snack foot behind the driver's seat- I rarely have three people in the truck. That includes a 12pack of mtn dew for when I have to be awake.

In the console, I've got my PSK, 5" hunting knife, wool gloves, cell phone charger, headlamp, compass, matches, bandanna, and a hair brush and comb. There is a cubby that I think is ment for MP3 players that I keep a pair of 10x21 mini binocs in. Passenger door has a inverter. Driver's side has bug spray and sunblock. Under the passenger seat or in the footwell is my aluminum clipboard with a quad rule pad, sketching tools, pencils, and a folded, blaze orange poly blanket.

Glove box has the factory manual, flashlight, tire gauge, spare fill stem caps, a couple of town street maps, tums, advil, OTC psuedoephadrine (in the box, w/ receipt), and benadryl. Registration and insurance are in a pocket velcroed to the top of the driver's side sun visor. Parking passes and a raven's feather (if you don't get it, check my handle) are above the passenger's.

Add in my EDC (leatherman, SAK w/ flashlight, pocket knife, lighter, boo-boo FAK, nalgene, cup, some small tools, mico-PSK, head lamp, work gloves, keys, mp3 player w/ radio, etc).

If I'm travelling more than an hour, I'll toss my ditchkit into the truck.

Never let it get below a half tank, usually not less than three quarters. The CD changer is always loaded with stuff loud enough to keep me awake through anything.

Wow... It doesn't seem like that much when it is in the truck. Write it out and.... wow.

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#202779 - 06/01/10 03:59 AM Re: What's in your car trunk? [Re: ironraven]
Jeff_M Offline

Registered: 07/18/07
Posts: 665
Loc: Northwest Florida
Spare tire
Tool Bag
Repair manuals
Fire extinguisher
Medic bag
Bugout bag
Spare uniforms/clothes bag
Water bottles
Fubar tool
Work tool bag - goggles, flashlight w/traffic wand, hearing protection, cable cutters, stethoscope, leatherman tool, strobe, etc.
Rain coat
Reflective vest
Extra towels
Ground cloth

#202784 - 06/01/10 10:32 AM Re: What's in your car trunk? [Re: Teslinhiker]
JIM Offline
Old Hand

Registered: 03/18/06
Posts: 1032
Loc: The Netherlands
Since I drive a Toyota Aygo, not a lot:

Res-q-me attached to ignition key
Windshield de-icer spray
Accident form
Fire-extinguisher mounted to the front of the passenger-seat

In the trunk:

Spare tyre

small backpack filled with:

- fix-a-flat
- warning triangle
- 2 reflective vests
- 2 emergency poncho's
- jumper cables
- pair of working gloves
- Fenix E20 with spare lithium batteries
- small roll of toilet-paper

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#202792 - 06/01/10 01:11 PM Re: What's in your car trunk? [Re: JIM]
Eugene Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 12/26/02
Posts: 2823
What if you don't have a trunk?
I have:

In the glove box:
owners manual, manual for cb radio.
tire pressure gauge.
trailer plug adapter.

Under drivers seat:
GHB, camp ax, droid mount (when I don't have it on the window.

Under passenger seat:

Under rear seat:
Bag with jumper cables, spare lug nuts, spare bulbs, S hooks, misc other small parts.
Tool roll with socket set, fuel/trans/ac coupling tools, screwdrivers, mini hacksaw, etc
Wrench roll with wrenches and long 1/2" breaker bar.
pipe that fits over the breaker bar or factory lug wrench
Factory jack
Zipper binder with various maps
Ziper binder with schematics, etc
diaper bag
toddler potty seat
12v air compressor

Front door pocket:
Unbrella, suglasses, bible.

Second battery, isolator, extra fuse block with high amp fuses for branch fuses, trailer power re-routed to second battery. fender mount CB antenna.

Mounted in cab:
CB radio,
fuse block powered from second battery
extra 12v ports from fuse block
hardwired USB power port

#202796 - 06/01/10 02:51 PM Re: What's in your car trunk? [Re: Eugene]
Compugeek Offline

Registered: 08/09/09
Posts: 392
Loc: San Diego, CA
Ford Escort:

Along the front of the "trunk" (against the back of the back seat), left to right, restrained by a bungee cord:
Glass Cleaner, Paper Towels, Trash Bag, Coolant and 1 Qt Oil.
Emergency Jump Start Battery Booster.
Towel and large piece of scrap cloth (for covering the hatch window at fairs, etc.)
Mixed stuff bag (bungees, bulbs, fuses, etc.), basic tool kit, Scrap of wood (jack board).

On the left side is my GHB, and reusable grocery bags plus two insulated bags (for frozen) lay on the bottom.

Under the floor cover is a large piece of cardboard folded in half (for ground cover), the spare tire, jack and handle, and an "X" style lug wrench. I can get the spare out easily if I throw the GHB and bags into the back seat.

Even with all that in there, I still have about two-thirds of the cargo space available. When I fold down the back seat and push stuff forward and to the sides, I have all of my large item capacity available.

Elsewhere in the car:
Res-Q-Me hanging from passenger visor.
Small crowbar and Thomas' Guide under driver's seat.
FAK under passenger seat.
Two flashlights and multi-bit screwdriver in glove box along with insurance papers, etc.
Squeegee/Ice Scraper on back seat.
Jumper Cables in rear footwell.

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#202897 - 06/03/10 11:55 AM Re: What's in your car trunk? [Re: Compugeek]
roberttheiii Offline

Registered: 02/13/09
Posts: 326
Loc: Connecticut, USA
Subaru Outback Wagon

Store in the way

Sleeping Bag
Bivy Sack
Ground Mat
Above in dry bag
Two Chairs
Ice Scraper

Store out of the way

Compact Shovel
Water Rations
Jumper cables
Medical kit
Various fire starting
Air compressor
Tire Repair Kit
Small Tool Kit
Emply backpack
Large Plastic Bag
Various Maps

My real question is this: Do some of you not ever need to carry other things or go away for a weekend? My biggest limiting factor is that I often leave town on weekends (Visit family and friends) and I need to be able to get an overnight bag in the car, or in the fall duck hunting gear. I feel like if I packed as much as some I couldn't do that.

#202929 - 06/03/10 05:23 PM Re: What's in your car trunk? [Re: roberttheiii]
Eugene Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 12/26/02
Posts: 2823
I carry far more stuff for overnight trips, the things I listed are just things that stay in the truck.

#202936 - 06/03/10 08:23 PM Re: What's in your car trunk? [Re: Eugene]
MostlyHarmless Offline
Old Hand

Registered: 06/03/09
Posts: 982
Loc: Norway
I won't stash more than I can hide away in various hidden compartments and the spare wheel drum. I have a minimalistic spare wheel, so there's quite a few extra cubic inches there.

Workplace is within 1 hour walking distance, so we don't really need to keep bug-out gear stashed in the vehicle.

So... except for a wool carpet, the factory mounted first aid kit and emergency triangle, the trunk is empty, ready for action and to be filled with anything from pulk to furniture. But in the wheel base I keep

- a bare-bones minimum tools, including bits for those special screws that looks a bit like hexagonal unbraco screws, but aren't.

- Cordage and webbing, primary to tie stuff to the roof rack, but it has thousands applications.

- Duct tape.

- Emergency poncho and rain gear.

- Jumper cables.

- towing ropes, one generic rope and one "bungee-elastic" towing rope.

- A folding showel, chinese copy of that NATO folding showel that folds in 3. It's main purpose is for hacking ice.

A snow showel and wind screen brush/scraper rests under one seat. The door panels holds flashlights, reflective vests (required by law), mora knives and wind screen scraper. The glove box has just the required papers, a wind screen hammer and seat belt cutter and some non-emergency items.

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