If you run for president, you've got my vote.


I think the rest of us go to sewers, toilets, etc as an upgrade for Haiti because, other than an outhouse, it's all that we know. Guess we just figure it was an upgrade from outhouses here in the US so everyone else in the world should follow suit. Sometimes we just don't realize the impact even the smallest of our actions will have on our planet. Your posts elsewhere have me thinking about reducing our trash generation further so now we are composting our food scraps. Something we should have been doing all along but just never occurred to us. I would like to reduce it even further but at this point I am not really sure what else to do. We started recycling again since DS joined cub scouts. We currently recycle aluminum pop cans, cardboard and glass. That combined with composting the food scraps has reduced our trash generation considerably. At this point plastic is the next big thing ... and the empty metal soup cans. Wish I knew what I could do with those. We can't recycle plastic or other metals. I have thought about some large bins in the garage to save plastic bottles and saving the cans to use for experiments making mini hobo stoves or something similar. Not sure what to do about other plastics. I was going to save it to melt down for whatever use but I am wondering if it would release any harmful fumes. Sorry to digress from the OT. Let's get back on track shall we. wink

P.S. Sue, how about a thread about ways we can reduce and reuse trash as mentioned above. laugh
Uh ... does anyone have a match?