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#194262 - 01/25/10 05:56 PM Re: Vitrinox VS. Wenger, Which do you prefer? [Re: Ron]
sybert777 Offline

Registered: 10/15/09
Posts: 299
Loc: 62040
For $15 i can get a super tinker (on sale at wally world) and compare it to a china hunk of crap and i can tell you exactly how that would go!! i chipped the blade on a chinese knife by trying to build a fire with a Mag Block!! i have used my victorinox to pry out the flint bar of my old mag block (for PKS purposes) and it didnt even bend the blade! the smaller blade on my tinker is my "striker" it works like a charm, for the most part. but can anyone tell me how well wenger holds an edge?

i personally do not like the victorinox classics, they are too small to do much, and i personally think the blade is too thin. whats your take?
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#194265 - 01/25/10 06:11 PM Re: Vitrinox VS. Wenger, Which do you prefer? [Re: sybert777]
JohnE Offline

Registered: 06/10/08
Posts: 601
Loc: Southern Cal
I just got myself yet another Classic, this time it came with a One Handed Trekker that I picked up on sale at Amazon. I carry a Classic every day. Use it at least once a day.

My only problem is losing them, I can't seem to keep the black handled ones around while the traditional red ones last a long time...

The Trekker is going to be modified/re-shaped into a standard blade instead of the very sharp but hard to re-sharpen serrated edge that it came with.

I keep a Tinker in my car and I have a nice Alox Farmer around for daily carry as well. Love the heavier blade on it.

If you're looking for one, Amazon has some amazing deals on occasion, I got the Trekker and the Classic for $27 including free shipping.

I've always been a Victorinox guy, don't know why, probably cause the Wenger's weren't as available when I got imprinted with the SAK buying gene...


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#194267 - 01/25/10 06:29 PM Re: Vitrinox VS. Wenger, Which do you prefer? [Re: sybert777]
Mark_F Offline
Old Hand

Registered: 06/24/09
Posts: 714
Loc: Kentucky
I've never bought a Wenger although I am fairly certain they are well made and a fine knife. I bought my Victorinox Boyscout Huntsman about 15 years ago and, with few exceptions (like today), it has been with me ever since. I experimented a while back with using a Victorinox Tinker as an EDC but it was too light laugh and was misplaced so now I'm back to the Huntsman. I think it just depends on which model you start with as to which you like best. Some of the tools are made slightly different on the Wenger as opposed to the Victorinox (I am thinking in particular of the can opener). I started with Victorinox and am familiar and comfortable with it's tools and if I buy another it will likely be another Victorinox. It's familiarity, though, not quality or other variables, that drives that decision. Quality is about the same but as I said I am more familiar with the Victorinox.
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#194271 - 01/25/10 07:52 PM Re: Vitrinox VS. Wenger, Which do you prefer? [Re: ]
dougwalkabout Offline
Crazy Canuck
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 02/03/07
Posts: 2738
Loc: Alberta, Canada
For me, it's Victorinox all the way.

I have owned several of each brand; and Vic has earned my trust, in durability, sharpness, and general functionality.

In particular, the older Wenger blade steel is bloody awful. Vic's at least step up to the mark. That line may be blurring: IIRC, Victorinox blades are appearing in Wenger products.

Aside: I wish the locking blade, big saw versions of both were designed to be comfortable in my pocket. Or at least add a big, strong pocket clip. That's my biggest gripe.

#194272 - 01/25/10 08:45 PM Re: Vitrinox VS. Wenger, Which do you prefer? [Re: sybert777]
hikermor Offline
Geezer in Chief

Registered: 08/26/06
Posts: 6743
Loc: southern Cal
Originally Posted By: sybert777

i personally do not like the victorinox classics, they are too small to do much, and i personally think the blade is too thin. whats your take?

I find the Classic to be extraordinarily useful. It is on my keychain, and therefore always handy. I use both the blade and the scissors quite often. For bigger tasks, I go to my Leatherman Wave, usually on my hip. Versions are now available with a ballpoint pen or a small LED light, either of which makes a nice backup.

There are a lot of situations where it is much better to pull out a classic, or perhaps nearly any SAK. They are generally perceived as nonthreatening by a lot of nervous nellies.

While I wouldn't want to dress out an elk with a Classic, quite a few lightweight backpackers have traveled the length of both the Appalachian and the Pacific Crest Trail using one as their only edged utensil.
Geezer in Chief

#194273 - 01/25/10 08:51 PM Re: Vitrinox VS. Wenger, Which do you prefer? [Re: hikermor]
clearwater Offline
Old Hand

Registered: 03/19/05
Posts: 1084
Loc: Channeled Scablands
I like the scissors and the reamer better on the Wenger, otherwise
I like the Vic.

I have a Bantam that I use everyday and discovered it does more
than I thought. The can opener is also a bottle opener, the tip of
which is both a flat blade and a phillips. So for just a knife and
one other blade, it does most everything I need.


#194274 - 01/25/10 08:58 PM Re: Vitrinox VS. Wenger, Which do you prefer? [Re: Rodion]
Leigh_Ratcliffe Offline

Registered: 03/31/06
Posts: 1355
Loc: United Kingdom.
Originally Posted By: Rodion
Quality wise, there's no noticeable difference. Victorinox is more open to unconventional components a-la pens, flash drives and LED lights - which makes it the ideal choice for keychain carry.

Wewnger, on the other hand, has the evogrip series, which is an absolute delight to use and thus preferable in "working" and outdoor knives. The gap widens when the New Ranger line enters the equation.

New Rangers also sport some of the baddest components to grace any SAK, ever, with their locking flatheads, massive scissors, full size folding pliers and enormous - and ergonomic - wood saws.

I've used both the locking Wenger (Wenger Mountaineer) and it's Victorinox equivalent (Trailmaster or Locksmith.) On balance the Trailmaster is - for me - the better knife. It's slightly smaller, easier to carry and most interestingly the saw is much less prone to binding when sawing greenwood. That is because the saw is thinner. I also have issues with the sheer size of the Wenger. The Victorinox has about a 3" blade against the Wengers 4". In a pocket knife 4" is simply too large.

The Wenger is a good knife. Very good. Excellent survival knife but I just happen to prefer the Vic.

One other point: In terms of a survival knife I consider the serrations on the Trekker and the '09 preferable to the straight edge of the Wengers. I find them far more proficient at dealing with fibrous material.
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#194276 - 01/25/10 09:47 PM Re: Vitrinox VS. Wenger, Which do you prefer? [Re: Leigh_Ratcliffe]
Rodion Offline

Registered: 04/29/08
Posts: 285
Loc: Israel
Just an FYI regarding your last point: most of the Rangergrip series have a serrated equivalent with 1 added in front of the model number. e.g. 178 to 78:

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#194277 - 01/25/10 09:56 PM Re: Vitrinox VS. Wenger, Which do you prefer? [Re: Leigh_Ratcliffe]
Bill_Mead Offline

Registered: 10/19/07
Posts: 36
Loc: Tarpon Springs,Florida
I have both, but prefer Victorinox. My favorite is the Huntsman.

#194282 - 01/25/10 10:50 PM Re: Vitrinox VS. Wenger, Which do you prefer? [Re: Bill_Mead]
Cauldronborn Offline

Registered: 07/10/09
Posts: 82
Loc: UK
Hey Serbert just FYI Wenger have some of their 85mm knives, like the backpacker and EVO S13 with a locking 2.5" blade, any of the EVO line with a S in front have the locking blade.

One more thing, if you don't like the vic classic you might want to take a look at the 65mm wenger pocket tool chest(seems more usful than the vic minichamp) or if you want some thing bigger still try a vic 75mm executive(it has two blades, one big one small)

Also you might want to take a look at sakwiki or the sosak subforum at knife forums site (they also have their own website) they have a LOT of info on saks and some of the people their even mod their knives.

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