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#196498 - 02/24/10 05:22 PM Re: ...and a pot. [Re: scafool]
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Registered: 09/05/03
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Loc: Layton, Utah
Originally Posted By: scafool
Maybe something like the square ones here?
I don't know of any local sources for them offhand but I remember seeing them in some dollar stores.
The ones I saw were not very heavy gauge and I didn't think too kindly of the plastic lids but they were not really all that bad (I tend to be fussy).

Maybe if you check with a local discount store they could tell you the cost to source them for you.

They look pretty nice but . . . if you go back and read the thread, we are (or maybe just "I am") wanting something that opens on the end (i.e. the side with the smallest dimensions). Remember the old, metal band-aid boxes? Something like that (e.g., 3" by 5" by 1" to 4" by 6" by 1.5") without a seam down the side, without a rolled bottom, made from stainless steel, aluminum, or titanium (not tin), with a snug fitting lid, and a folding handle (that will fold along side the container so that the handle does not make the container bulky or awkward.

Essentially, I want this cup in a rectangular configuration (sized between 3" by 5" by 1" to 4" by 6" by 1.5") with a lid. This would, in my mind anyway, be the ideal container for a pocket kit. Maybe a little bulky for an EDC pocket kit, but certianly ideal for an outdoor activities pocket kit.

The reason I want it configured this way is so that I can use the container to boil water. The ones you linked to are flat and shallow and I fear I'd spill a lot more water than I'd ever boil (same reason I balk at the Altiods tin idea). And I think I'd tend to catch a lot of ashes in such a container as well.

I have the GSI Glacier cup that I linked to above; I use it as a kit container and it is awesome, but it will not fit in my pocket (and it has no lid), so I carry it in a pack. Well if I get separated from my pack . . .

Again, I realize that this container might never become a reality, but I'll keep wishing and looking.

#196504 - 02/24/10 07:06 PM Re: ...and a pot. [Re: miner]
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Loc: southern Cal
This is like the quest for the Holy Grail (which we all surely recall, was a cup, also). Something that can be used to heat water, melt snow, etc. and that can be carried easily on one's person.

The closest item commonly available is the bandaid container and even that is a pretty big pocket load. It does have seams, etc. but one will bear up for occasional use. It also makes for a good container for other elements of a minimalist kit.

If you want something sturdier, I feel the best solution is a cup that fits around the bottom of a canteen. I generally use a Nalgene canteen or a soda bottle equivalent, containing both canteen and cup in a cloth bag that I can either stash inside or onto a pack. Alternatively, I can carry the assembly on my belt.

There are lots of options for a canteen-conforming cup, ranging from a coffee can cheapest, but with seams) to stainless steel cups (not expensive, but heavy) to titanium (lightest, but expensive). There are similar cups for the GI canteen.

Being an old desert rat, I am not going to leave my canteen behind. I can think of only one situation where it was even possible - just one SAR ops where the pilot would only take a passenger with what they had on their person - no backpacks allowed, and that was an exceptional and unusual circumstance.

I think the real hangup is something that will fit comfortably in a pocket, but will be large enough to boil water for that nice cup of tea. Pretty difficult to find, unless you look at folding cups, and they present a lot of problems when used for heating.
Geezer in Chief

#196528 - 02/24/10 10:15 PM Re: ...and a pot. [Re: hikermor]
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Registered: 09/05/03
Posts: 75
Loc: Layton, Utah
Great anology to the holy grail. Like I said, I do have the GSI stainless cup with an assembled kit in it but it will not fit in a pocket. I too have a similar sized titanium cup that is my primary backpacking pot. I have them because they are the best available.

Still I have a dream for the grail. smile

#196530 - 02/24/10 10:35 PM Re: ...and a pot. [Re: miner]
T_Co Offline

Registered: 10/01/09
Posts: 184
Loc: Nebraska
No handles but HERE is a place with different size tins.

Or EvilBay for a variety of Band Aid tins

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#196547 - 02/25/10 12:49 AM Re: ...and a pot. [Re: T_Co]
JohnE Offline

Registered: 06/10/08
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Loc: Southern Cal
It's pretty easy to make a lid for either a canteen or a nalgene type bottle cup.

Turn the bottle over, trace around the outside edge onto a piece of 1/2" plywood, cut out the traced shape, pick up a sheet of aluminum at your local hardware store/home center. Cut out a piece that will fit the traced outline with a small amount of overlap, use the plywood and a small hammer to bend the aluminum around the wood, voila you now have a lid. Go back to the hardware store and find a small D ring type picture hanger, use a pop rivet gun to install the hanger to the top of the lid, voila, you now have a lid with a handle.

You can also do this with a used sauce pan lid, usually found at thrift shops, Salvation Army stores, yard sales, just make sure it's big enough to fit your cup, remove the too large regular handle and do the pop rivet thing to it too.

The neatest setup I've seen uses a Molle type bottle pouch, a 32oz Nalgene, (2) of the GSI type cups, one on each end of the Nalgene, put the lid(s) in the pocket of the pouch along with a Esbit stove and you've got a nice, fully contained hot water kit for tea, coffee, etc.

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#196559 - 02/25/10 02:33 AM Re: ...and a pot. [Re: hikermor]
Susan Offline

Registered: 01/21/04
Posts: 5163
Loc: W. WA
"The closest item commonly available is the bandaid container..."

Actually, what seems the closest is a hip flask.

The shape is about right. Get the old Dremel out and cut off the top and come up with a lid of some kind.


#196580 - 02/25/10 06:28 AM Re: ...and a pot. [Re: Susan]
MostlyHarmless Offline
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Registered: 06/03/09
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Originally Posted By: Susan
"The closest item commonly available is the bandaid container..."

Actually, what seems the closest is a hip flask.

The shape is about right. Get the old Dremel out and cut off the top and come up with a lid of some kind.


Yup. Done that - I cut away an old bottle just to enjoy a bit of dremeling. Works.

But all flasks I have seen have those wretched seams at the bottom ... I suppose they're fine for storing beverage, but I don't want to fuss with heating them. Soldering melts at pretty low temperature.

#196602 - 02/25/10 04:07 PM Re: ...and a pot. [Re: thseng]
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Loc: Northeastern Ontario, Canada
Thanks for doing the research thseng; the serch continues for the perfect pocket PSK container.


#196604 - 02/25/10 04:12 PM Re: ...and a pot. [Re: SwampDonkey]
thseng Offline
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Registered: 03/24/06
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Loc: NW NJ
Well, I haven't given up yet, but it might be a while before I get a round-tuit.
- Tom S.

"Never trust and engineer who doesn't carry a pocketknife."

#196623 - 02/25/10 10:24 PM Re: ...and a pot. [Re: thseng]

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hang in there folks,i'm working on a great pot-cup kit from the post at Woods Monkey.i thought i would wear the Swiss camo on this part of the project as it was a "survival" project.when this is done i'll make another with the parts pulled apart a bit for use as a hiking kit,there should be lots of room inside to hold stuff.

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