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#18093 - 08/03/03 11:27 AM The 6,943rd variant-Survival Tin with contents
Greg Offline
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#18094 - 08/03/03 01:11 PM Re: The 6,943rd variant-Survival Tin with contents

Wow, 100 = $162US...that's a lotta tobacco tins <img src="images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" />

I'm uncomfortable with the potassium permanganate in general. Isn't it highly flammable and also poisonous? Also, are Puritabs similar to our Potable Aqua tabs - water purifiers? I'm leery of putting medicines (the Immodium & Anadin) next to water purifying tablets.

He's also got a magnifying glass, a flint striker, matches, and emery paper (for the matches). All that stuff is fine, but I'd rather have a Bic lighter. At the least, I'd have some Strike Anywhere matches that don't require carrying emery paper. (He may be unable to get SAW matches in the UK, though.)

He makes the statement that when everything is soaking wet, the emery paper might save your bacon. If everything is that wet, he's going to have a hard time building a fire unless he's practiced a lot.

I would also like to know what he's actually caught with that snare wire. He doesn't mention any enclosed instructions for someone who's bought his kit but never trapped anything before.

Hmmm, in reading over my comments, I sound terribly negative. I applaud anyone who has taken the trouble and time to put anything at all together. He's already ahead of 99% of the population just by doing this!

#18095 - 08/03/03 01:29 PM Re: The 6,943rd variant-Survival Tin with contents

are Puritabs similar to our Potable Aqua tabs - water purifiers?

Puritabs are a chlorine based water purification tablet unlike Potable Aqua which are iodine based. Chlorine tablets are adequate for treating water in UK and most, if not all of Europe. However it is not suitable for use in the US or Africa and Asia as it does not kill Gardia and some of the other water born bacterium over there.

#18096 - 08/03/03 05:44 PM Re: The 6,943rd variant-Survival Tin with contents
mick Offline
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he seems to have got it sussed for a trip in europe and i agree that he would have to change some the contents if he went any further afield. personally when i go out into the outdoors i carry a few more items in my pockets aswell.

#18097 - 08/03/03 07:01 PM Re: The 6,943rd variant-Survival Tin with contents
Tjin Online   content

Registered: 04/08/02
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i can only see the links on the left side on that page and the top. am i the only one ?

#18098 - 08/03/03 07:25 PM Re: The 6,943rd variant-Survival Tin with contents
WOFT Offline

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Loc: Cape Town, South Africa
I can see the links on the (top) left go on for quite a while. there are a few links on the bottom of the article. none on the right though.
'n Boer maak 'n plan

#18099 - 08/03/03 07:26 PM Re: The 6,943rd variant-Survival Tin with contents

Same here.

#18100 - 08/04/03 05:03 AM Re: The 6,943rd variant-Survival Tin with contents
jet Offline

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Hi Greg,

Interesting page. Here are my first responses:
First off stamp your emergency details, blood group, next of kin details and National Insurance number into one of the sides.
Gack! Stamp this information into the tin? Er... hmm... I guess that's possible. Apparently he's managed to pull that trick off okay... Seems like a lot of extra work. How about writing in on a little piece of paper and keeping it inside the tin?

I like the hardware blade in lieu of a razor blade. It does seem like a far superior choice.

I like his magnifying glass. I haven't practiced near as much as I should with a fresnel lens or a normal one, so I don't know which would be best in different amounts of sunlight, but he says he does well with it.

I think I'd go with Doug's recommended Photon Micro Lite II if possible, rather than the Sapphire Light. It's smaller and has a constant on switch.
*4. In the race to the moon a means was needed to write things down, take notes etc. The American Space Programme commissioned a think tank which spent US$1.4 million developing a pen which could write upside down, work at 30C 50C [sic], and which was light, small and practically indestructible. The Russian Space Program also set up a think tank and faced with the same task came up with the pencil, which cost nothing.
This is just silly... like so many stories which are designed to make people feel smarter by lying about how dumb other people are. Many people like to feel like they're smarter than other people, so they want to believe it's true. Pencils create sawdust and graphite dust; neither of which are a problem in gravity, but in zero gravity they will float around in the air to be breathed, clog up air filters faster and get into sensitive electronics. The Russions don't use pencils in space any more than the Americans do. Fisher ... a private company ... invented the pressurized solid ink cartridge, not any branch of the U.S. government nor any related agency. They spent a bunch of R&D money on it, sure. Then, they made that money back - plus a whole lot more - by selling a good product in an open market. It's called capitalism, it's called profit and it's the driving force behind much of the cool gear that gets invented in any free market country. Most government agencies in the States do not create nor manufacture things. They buy stuff from private companies. Of course, none of this has anything to do with a survival tin, but then, neither does his side note.
Buy one with at least eight strands and lubricate it regularly with candle wax. Remove the rings and saw off the swivels with a hack saw. Use a notched bow, to hold the saw and remember the most common mistake with a wire saw is sawing too fast and snapping it through over heating
Er... okay, eight strands, huh? Sounds fine, I guess. I like the idea of lubricating it with wax... or something. But cut off the ends? I don't think so, thankyouverymuch. I'll keep my split rings to run makeshift handles through. And I don't know anything about overheating a wire saw, but apparently he's done it?
It is possible to get waterproof paper but I find it too bulky.
Whereas I find it to be exactly the same bulk as normal paper.

I'm no expert on snaring, but I think stainless steel is just fine, despite what he says about needing tools to work it. Maybe he just hasn't ever seen really thin stainless wire? Doug says it takes two feet, not one, to fashion a good snare. I suppose more practice is in order to learn how much one really needs to make one's own snares? Different people may have different methods? Perhaps it depends on what exactly one is intending to snare?
I keep a picture of Alan Turing to remind me that with self belief, truly anything is possible (I'd have a piccie of Dannii and Kylie Minogue doing it. Ed)
Which, I suppose would also serve to show that truly, anything is possible... like finding such a picture. <img src="images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />
Alan Turing... an interesting choice. Not one the average outdoorsman might appreciate. This item serves well to remind us that, when it comes to gear, it's not just knives that are a very personal choice.
Fill every piece of spare space with cotton wool to help pack all the components tight and stop them rattling around.
Or use Tinder-Quik Fire Tabs to do the same thing.

All in all, it looks like a cool tin. I like it a lot. I also like the fact that it's not a pro kit for sale, but a tutorial about how to assemble a kit like his. As we all know, a true Jedi makes his own...

Stay safe,

#18101 - 08/04/03 08:12 AM Re: The 6,943rd variant-Survival Tin with contents
Tjin Online   content

Registered: 04/08/02
Posts: 1776
and all of a sudden i can see that site...

mine opservation
-aren't hexame tabs toxic ? he just put them between the other contains...
-plaster which looks like non-sterile stuff
-the led light could have been smaller if he had cut it more down ( got the same looking led in mine psk... )

#18102 - 08/04/03 08:14 PM Re: The 6,943rd variant-Survival Tin with contents
garrett Offline

Registered: 03/07/03
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Loc: North Carolina
I think the tin has a lot to offer, but he does not add any para cord. IMHO, this is crucial. I have used paracord more often than most of the things in pack for one reason or another.

The motivational picture was a good idea, I may add one soon....

the candle? takes up too much space, but he does have a large tin. Does anyone else carry candles?

The razor balde is a good touch, but why the extra knife? I think its a good idea, but again, my issue is wieght.

Water proff paper is more bulky than regular paper? Huh?

I replaced my condoms with baby bottle liners. They are stronger, hold less, but are easier to fill.

Other than that I agree with what has already been posted. The kit is good, bulky but complete for him I guess.

On occasion of every accident that befalls you, remember to turn to yourself and inquire what power you have for turning it to use. - Epictetus

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