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#175924 - 07/10/09 01:09 PM Re: Evacuation - neighbors without cars [Re: Dagny]
Russ Offline

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Originally Posted By: Dagny
. . . Am now off to the Metro. Hopefully the train operator won't be texting....

. . . or sleeping shocked
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Okay, whatís your point??

#175927 - 07/10/09 01:25 PM Re: Evacuation - neighbors without cars [Re: Russ]
Stu Offline
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Originally Posted By: Russ
Originally Posted By: Dagny
. . . Am now off to the Metro. Hopefully the train operator won't be texting....

. . . or sleeping shocked

You beat me to it! smile
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#175934 - 07/10/09 03:11 PM Re: Evacuation - neighbors without cars [Re: Dagny]
benjammin Offline
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"If things ever were so bad, I suspect the rural shall inherit the Earth."

Only if they live in a fortress. Otherwise the zombies will get them just the same.
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#175936 - 07/10/09 03:25 PM Re: Evacuation - neighbors without cars [Re: Dagny]
Blast Offline
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Something I do not have is a device to siphon gas and gas cans to put it in.

FYI, cars have siphon blockers that prevent easy extraction of gasoline from their tanks. Currently gas thieves just punch a hole in the bottom of the tank and drain the gas into a container. A less damaging but more difficult and time-consuming is to unhook several of the fuel injectors and direct their spray into a gas can. I' doubt that method is very effective though.

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#175938 - 07/10/09 03:40 PM Re: Evacuation - neighbors without cars [Re: Blast]
Eugene Offline
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Don't even waste time with the injectors, up until 2005 or so the fuel filter is usually under the drivers side door, unhook it and get the gas there. Or most newer ones ~2000 and up have a valve on the fuel line leading to the injectors, its a standard shrader (SP?) valve like tires so a length of fuel line and a screw on pump end works.
You have to figure a way to run the fuel pump manually, either through the prime terminal or wiring the relay and the fuel pump in a car is a high pressure low volume so it is slow to move fuel, figure hours to empty a full tank.
Really new stuff the engine computer controls the fuel pump via PWM so there is no external tank and relay so now you would have to find the wiring going to the pump.
If it gets that bad I'm looking for high ground clearance vehicles and unbolting the tank straps and taking the whole tank for fuel storage as well smile

#176011 - 07/11/09 12:20 PM Re: Evacuation - neighbors without cars [Re: Dagny]
Brangdon Offline

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Originally Posted By: Dagny
My instinct usually is to help people. But I would resent having to leave supplies behind because my neighbors chose not to buy and maintain their own vehicle.
I'm willing to spend quite a bit of money on preparedness, but if I lived in a city where a car wasn't normally needed, I don't think I'd buy one just for use in emergencies. I wouldn't condemn others for lack of a car, either.

As others have said, having 30% more cars on the road isn't going to make evacuation by car any easier. If you can get out early enough to beat the rush, you probably will also avoid people wanting to hitch a ride.

On the general subject of charity: efficiency is the enemy of resilience. If you only have just enough resources for yourself, then you are vulnerable to the unexpected. If you plan to have enough spare to give some away, then you have a safety margin.
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#176046 - 07/11/09 10:25 PM Re: Evacuation - neighbors without cars [Re: PureSurvival]
sodak Offline

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Originally Posted By: PureSurvival
Originally Posted By: Loganenator
The DW and I don't own a car. Our bug out gear is touring bike ready and our multiple planned routes out of town include bike paths and roads compatible with bike travel. Our average travel speed on the road is around 18 - 20 mph. Our freeways around here are backed up daily at rush hour I would hate to be stuck on one of them during an emergency evacuation.

Not owning a car does not necessarily equal being unprepared. wink

I don't own a car and am a cyclist too. As a cyclist i think there are many advantages over cars.

I can happily cycle a 100 miles a day at around 20 mph and at a push can do a 200 mile day.
If on roads with traffic jams i can cut trough the traffic still doing 20mph.
I am not reliant on the range of the fuel tank and don't have to worry about empty gas stations.
I don't have to worry about the car breaking down or over heating, bikes are simple to look after.
I am not restricted to only roads, i can go across country and cycle through cordons and closed roads.
My fitness level is probably a lot higher than the average car owners fitness which equates to survival fitness and control of survival stresses.

Not owning a car definitely does not mean you are unprepared or that you cant look after yourself and that you are a burden on others.

Good for you. For those of us with families, this isn't an option.

#176054 - 07/11/09 11:02 PM Re: Evacuation - neighbors without cars [Re: sodak]
Eugene Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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Originally Posted By: sodak

Good for you. For those of us with families, this isn't an option.

Not true at all. There are handelbar child seats, rear child seats, trail a bikes, trailers, etc.

Look at some of the "bike trains" even http://www.bikeforums.net/showthread.php?t=279527

A high end bike, seat, trailer and other gear is still cheaper to buy and own than even a low end car.

Edited by Eugene (07/11/09 11:04 PM)

#176055 - 07/11/09 11:06 PM Re: Evacuation - neighbors without cars [Re: sodak]
Am_Fear_Liath_Mor Offline
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#176067 - 07/12/09 01:43 AM Re: Evacuation - neighbors without cars [Re: Dagny]
PureSurvival Offline

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Is Bugging in the best option? I suppose it depends on the circumstances.

In many cases bugging out is the best option because you are moving away from the problem. By bugging out you are less likely to be an added drain on the local resources in the troubled area, even if you have stockpiled your own supplies you still take up resources even if it just time of some government official coming to take your details.

What if the situation worsens and then it is too late to bug out?

I donít think there is any need for anyone not to bug out whether they have a car or not. In the exception of an earthquake; there is normally a warning or at least clues to something happening. If that is the case and you are switched on to seeing these clues and you have a plan, then bugging out in good time is possible for most people.

People that bug out normally leave it to the last moment. That is when you see footage of roads backed up with jams and all sorts of havoc. If you have read the clues, have a plan and act as soon as you see the clues. You can bug out with the minimum of fuss and be well clear of the area before the rest of the population have even thought about it.

If you donít drive but have a plan and act you can be out of the area whilst the public transport systems are still functioning and not overcrowded by others bugging out. If you are a family and donít have a car you can get a bus or train out, often in better comfort than sitting in a car on a gridlocked highway.

Plan for a bug out
Observe for clues of an immanent disaster
Act on your plan early

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