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#161361 - 01/04/09 11:55 PM Re: A look inside my BOB (pic heavy) [Re: Eugene]
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The con's don't need help getting edged weapons. They probably have bigger knives "trunked" (don't ask) than what you were carrying. Cell phones are a horse of an entirely different hue.
I do the things that I must, and really regret, are unfortunately necessary.


#163808 - 01/19/09 04:44 AM Re: A look inside my BOB (pic heavy) [Re: CityBoyGoneCountry]
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Good kit.. i agree with most of the posts to help you improve it a little.. Food, Shelter.. I would add a hand towel at a minimum or a camp towel.. and a roll of garbage bags.. can be used for water proofing or emergency ponchos.. or gathering water

the fishing kit might be a littl much. and slim down the containers.. as far as fishing line have some 8lb test or so and then a roll of some heavy stuff, you can use it off the rod and the lighter stuff at the end as to not waste you lighter line.. swivels and split shot sinkers are great.. a good variety of hooks.. but maybe some leaders in case you run into some bigger fish.. and a long leader can also be used as a snare. throw some fake worms and jigs in there .. you never know what they are gonna bite on;

like the others your fire starting might be overkill.. fire is important but you have more than enough there..
consider a camp axe or hatchet at the least.. even my daughers have a collapsable shovel and hatchet.. you can ues it to pound your stainless steele nails that your gonna add too..

the knives look good but do consider some variety.. i assume you probably have a small pocket knife on u but wouldnt hurt to slip on in the bag..cold steele makes a survival knife that can be easily fashioned into a spear.. so consider that
a couple of MRE's and bottles of water to start u off too.. and dont be scared to throw some hard candy for a treat for u or the kids..
clothing.. i agree you should have some socks at least.. underwear and t-shirts.. all easily rinsed with bar soap in a stream to freshen them up. but throw a pair of mid weight gloves with a skull(or stocking) cap at the minimum.\\

keep in mind when your assembeling it that it might be the only thing you can grab or have room for.. yes ideally we would like to walk around the house and take everything we need.. but the B.O.B needs to be the thing you will rely on..
Also consider getting a small .22 pistol to put in there.. i assume you have other firearms but the bug out bag should have something in it so its complete..
just remeber you will be hauling it on your back so gather it all together again.. and see what you might be able to trim back on
if you have a family each person should have a pack.. you might be able to carry more and extra stuff.. but be sure there kits are complete too.. have some cards and games too..

two way radioes or scanner to hear whats going on locally plus a radio to keep you up to date /with batteries of course/
something blaze orange as well.. there has been many times i was out hunting and had hung an orange opject on a tree or something to get the attention of someone walking near my area and it works.. they always stop and look for me... then back out.. so look for some blaze orange on sale now that hunting is over.. you can pick it up cheap.. you just need a shrit or hat .. it really get the addtention of someone in the wooods.. they also make rolls of marking tape that is brightly colored that you could use to mark your trail.

Not dinging your kit.. it looks great.. just put things in ziplock bags and make a few adjustments..

#163819 - 01/19/09 08:27 AM Re: A look inside my BOB (pic heavy) [Re: ]
bilojax Offline

Registered: 01/18/09
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Instead of the $1000 in benjis, why not a mix of krugerrands and high value trade goods?

Smaller denoms would be nice as mentioned above, but presumably you have the rest of your kit to barter away for smaller items like food or water that might become urgently needed and yet are available for less cost than one full unit of currency. Still, you might include several rolls of quarters and half-dollars, since they might serve as currency in a pinch and also have the back-up usefulness of metal discs.

Among high value trade goods, I'm thinking of stuff like good liquor; silk cloth; select medications like anti-malarial, anti-ulcer, aspirin, viagra, others that have a clear and demonstrable effect; bulk fishhooks; bulk flints; etc.

#163824 - 01/19/09 10:32 AM Re: A look inside my BOB (pic heavy) [Re: CityBoyGoneCountry]
scafool Offline

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Loc: Muskoka
OK, not too shabby.

One problem with bic lighters is the buttons can get pressed when inside the pack and they go empty on you. They might need to be in a hard container like your cook kit or in your odds and ends box. Some people wedge then so they can not be compressed.

Now throw your sleeping bag and mat into it, add 10 or 15 pounds for food, make sure you have your fuel for the stove weight added as well.
(Food and fuel can just be weights for this test instead of the real thing. you only need to match weight and bulk.)
Put your maps, pencils and note book in.

Then put it all in your backpack and walk it about 5 miles.
(an easy a 2 hr walk on pavement, try to include an uphill and downhill section)

After you have got hold of a scale and done the walk with it come back and ask us about where to lighten it up.

You should only carry about 1/4 of your body weight.
You don't appear to be over that yet, but the rest of the kit might get you pretty close to it.
We can also talk about what stuff goes into pockets or onto the belt instead of into the pack.

It really is a good start.
May set off to explore without any sense of direction or how to return.

#164299 - 01/22/09 01:13 AM Re: A look inside my BOB (pic heavy) [Re: CityBoyGoneCountry]
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What brand is that Telescoping Fishing Rod?
... I like the looks of that.

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