I was watching the idiot box more or less, got really board and turned it on. laugh I saw a commercial for ReadyColorado.com. Just cause I just couldnt stand what was on TV, I went to the site and was pleasantly surprised. There is numerous links that outline emergency preparedness: Food, water, medical, financial, pets, etc... It was a very comprehensive site that catered to the average citizen. It gave how to's and whys. It also had areas for special needs people such as children, pregnant women, people suffering from illnesses and on and on. Most of the informational stuff was put on PDA format and it was recommended that it be printed out. It had checklists and personal information / contact information sheets as well as information that should be kept with you such as family SS# ect. Overall it was a good basic site that could be occomplished by anyone with an interest.

One thing that I did not expect was in the first aid section the recommended laxitives as part of meds that should be carried. I had never thought of that. It makes sence! If you are in a stressful situation the bowels tend to slow or even stop. Compound that with pre-made meals and rationed water supply, a debilitating case of constipation could make for a medical emergency or at the very least a bad situation made even worse.

I think I am going to pass on testing out this new addition to my pack, I am just going to throw caution to the wind and hope that it works when I need it. Just like life insurance - not something that I want to test! eek

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is strong enough to take everything you have.
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