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#145265 - 08/22/08 03:00 AM Re: Urban E&E Kit [Re: Susan]
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Originally Posted By: Susan
Don't forget the clipboard and the PO'd expression.


LOL that was funny!

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#145268 - 08/22/08 03:17 AM Re: Urban E&E Kit [Re: comms]
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Originally Posted By: comms
I'm not quite sure what your getting at. This site is for preparedness not evading an enemy threat foriegn or domestic.

As a first responder its your obligation to help as you can in an emergancy situation like say Katrina or NY911. Blackwater or the feds are not going to force you into service.

Don't think too much covert hush hush into your bug out plan. Plenty of us here have lived that sort of lifestyle as an occupation. The advise you have got so far will keep you alive and get you home.

It sounds like he wants to be prepared to get home in case of a natural disaster, bombing, etc. I don't see him saying he's trying to escape the X country that's invading and shooting at him....

Covert hush hush? Sounds like he wants to blend in to me...

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#145269 - 08/22/08 03:21 AM Re: Urban E&E Kit [Re: Susan]
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Or, farther down the construction/highway maintenance food chain, a shovel to lean on...

#145282 - 08/22/08 10:22 AM Re: Urban E&E Kit [Re: aligator]
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A small black, grey or dark color pack blends in just about everywhere. LL Bean and Jansport are are basically anonymous brand names, and there are plenty of others that don't slap their logo on the outside.

As for the what... cash, SAK or LM, flashlights, PPE, spare socks, real shoes with GOOD insoles, water bottles, rain gear and something other than scrubs.

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#145290 - 08/22/08 11:01 AM Re: Urban E&E Kit [Re: ironraven]
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Ladies and Gents, Thank you for the responses.
I'm just asking what all you would recommend for the content and associated requisite knowledge of an urban escape/BOB/get home bag. Do some folks include weapons and other martial accoutrement's into their BOB? How about some things that some folks would consider B&E tools? How about a healthy fixed blade? I think we would all agree that in some venues, the things some might carry, would give some people apoplexy, and get us arrested by others (just try getting into a shelter with even a SAK for example).
As stated, I'm not looking to play Joe spy, or Joe commando, or do anything that would be illegal. I'm just asking about how urban scenarios would differ from wilderness, any different knowledge required and any suggestions you might have for inclusion in a BOB specific to the urban environment.
As to my professional dedication, I think how I have spent most of my life attests to my thought processes. That said, as a father, my first responsibility is to my family. Once they are safe and secure, what ever that may involve, then I can go to work. Nursing/EMS, is what I do/did, father/husband/friend, is what I am. I hope this clears things up.
Regards, Jim

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#145296 - 08/22/08 11:52 AM Re: Urban E&E Kit [Re: Susan]
duckear Offline

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Originally Posted By: Susan
"An orange safety vest and hard hat is the "uniform" for construction workers, highway workers, and all of the public utilities ... You'd be amazed at the places you can walk into without a second glance or question."

Don't forget the clipboard and the PO'd expression.


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#145301 - 08/22/08 12:16 PM Re: Urban E&E Kit [Re: aligator]
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Thinking back to 9/11 when thousands (millions?) of people were hoofing it out of Manhattan, was there much violence among the evacuating masses? I don't recall hearing about any.

With that in mind, I would focus on gear/knowledge aimed at you getting out of there safely and quickly. To me this says maps, good shoes, water, clothing appropriate for the weather, flashlight, dust mask, small first aid kit, knowing how to send text messages on you cell phone, etc... A commando knife and lockpicks seem overkill in this situation. However a cresent wrench and a bandana could be very useful.

-Blast, try to apply the past to tomorrow

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#145304 - 08/22/08 12:28 PM Re: Urban E&E Kit [Re: Blast]
Rodion Offline

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I have a solid red baseball cap which, combined with a t-shirt of similar color, have sometimes been mistaken for some sort of uniform and therefore had me ignored. So unless your emergency is getting caught in a bull run, this could help...

Generally, I've found the biggest factor in how people treat you is how you treat yourself: you can traverse a college campus covered in dirt and blood without anyone batting an eyelid. Trust me, I know. wink
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#145306 - 08/22/08 12:37 PM Re: Urban E&E Kit [Re: aligator]
Russ Offline

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My get home bag is one of the civilian Camelbak packs, the Alpine Explorer. My major concern on a long walk is water and this one has both a 100 oz bladder and room for a liter bottle and water filter -- sources my be tainted. That will get me part way if I need to walk. If stores are open along the way I'll buy water as I go.

I don't plan to carry a weapon, just stay on major streets and walk with a purpose. No E&E intended.

My gut is that you won't be able to go unnoticed and if you try to hide it will make folks wonder why. Just go for the "more trouble than he's worth" look.

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#145346 - 08/22/08 03:27 PM Re: Urban E&E Kit [Re: Russ]
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Russ great plan with the water. I keep a 3L platapus rolled up in my backpack or my camelback reservoir.
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