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#134955 - 06/06/08 01:50 PM Re: Tool of Choice [Re: frostbite]
OldBaldGuy Offline

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"...Must not have been the real thing..."

For sure. "Real" EMT scissors will cut a penny in half with ease. A co-worker once used his to cut the overhead control cables (REALLY tough cable) in order to remove the wing from a crashed aircraft to access the injured pilot. Try that with a SAK!!!

#134961 - 06/06/08 02:37 PM Re: Tool of Choice [Re: Jeanette_Isabelle]
Paul D. Offline

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Originally Posted By: JeanetteIsabelle
Originally Posted By: Paul D.
EMT shears are handy, but it's bloody difficult to baton cut a small tree with them, fillet fish, etc.

That is why you use the right tool for the job.

Jeanette Isabelle

That's true, that's why I carry a knife daily. grin

#134965 - 06/06/08 03:00 PM Re: Tool of Choice [Re: Paul D.]
BillLiptak Offline

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I carry three tools of choice, 5 if you count the leatherman micra and vic classic I got hanging on the keychain.
First off I carry a buck/strider 880 spearpoint for everyday urban things and work. I work in a warehouse and sometimes the galvanized pipes get clogged with wet packing p-nuts. It helps having a good, beefy folder to punch nice big holes thru it and hack out a 2" x 3" access hole to run fiberglass rods down it to clear the jam. Follow that with a duct tape patch and I'm good to go.
Second, for a handy "toolbox" I carry the victorinox swiss tool for those times when I need pliars or a screwdriver and don't feel like walking halfway thru the plant and unlocking my toolchests.
Lastly, for urban carry and not scaring people half to death by whipping out my large folder, I have a victorinox swisschamp. Handy with tweezers, toothpick and a host of tools (true mostly redundant) that can be used without giving someone a heartattack and scaring the bejesus outta them. Nothing seems to be more innoculous than the red handled swiss army knife for all but the most skittish.

-Bill Liptak

#134973 - 06/06/08 04:09 PM Re: Tool of Choice [Re: BillLiptak]
Mike_H Offline

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I typically EDC a SAK and a Leatherman Wave. The wave has the tool adapter and a few other bits in the leather case. I don't thing I would find much use for the bits in the outdoors tho, but you never know.

I never really thought about taking EMT shears into the outdoors tho, but I can certainly see some use for them. I'm looking at purchasing a better knife for my main blade. Something that you can chop with yet be functional for other things... 3 or 4 blades are better than one... Each having their own uses.

So, how about a list of what EMT shears would be good for in the great outdoors? Besides cutting a penny in half... I love being able to do that for some strange reason...
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#134983 - 06/06/08 04:49 PM Re: Tool of Choice [Re: Jeanette_Isabelle]
Stu Offline
I am not a P.P.o.W.
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Swiss Tool Spirit with Scissors!
Our most important survival tool is our brain, and for many, that tool is way underused! SBRaider
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#134985 - 06/06/08 04:54 PM Re: Tool of Choice [Re: Mike_H]
nursemike Offline
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Scissors are faster and safer than knives for:
-accurately cutting fabric, tape, gauze pads and rolls
-accurately cutting string and thread
-cutting small diameter wire and cable
-stripping wire
-dicing up carrots and celery
-rapidly reducing big twigs into small twigs
-cutting your clothes off when you're really tired
-making paper snowflakes when trapped inside on a rainy day.
-trimming hair
-trimming candle wicks
-cutting light sheet metal and plastic
-getting past airport screeners and police stops.
-peeling the foil off the champagne bottle in your rucksack
Dance like you have never been hurt, work like no one is watching,love like you don't need the money.

#134989 - 06/06/08 05:11 PM Re: Tool of Choice [Re: nursemike]
MDinana Offline

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Originally Posted By: nursemike
Scissors are faster and safer than knives for:
... edited for length...

Unless you happen to be running with them laugh

#134994 - 06/06/08 05:28 PM Re: Tool of Choice [Re: nursemike]
Alex Offline
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Sounds like fun. Just remember, that scissors are:
-can be easily bent sideways and became useless, don't try splitting wood with them
-have a hinge which is easy to break or lose
-very ineffective for most wood work
-controlled by hands only, so get a knife and a ruler if you need really straight cuts
-can't work over tightly attached subjects (like rope on a pole)
-not good at cutting holes less than an inch in diameter
-not very effective for throwing at a target
-usually very prone to rust
-became dull very quickly (if used on wire or sheet metal)
-harder to clean from dirt (because of the hinge)

#134996 - 06/06/08 05:35 PM Re: Tool of Choice [Re: Alex]
clearwater Offline
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Scissors are safer when cutting rope or webbing in a high angle

Most EMT snips are stainless.

Scissors can be resharpened, I do it everyday.

#135001 - 06/06/08 05:52 PM Re: Tool of Choice [Re: MDinana]
Alex Offline
Old Hand

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Originally Posted By: MDinana

Unless you happen to be running with them laugh

laugh Knife will make just one hole in you on impact, scissors - two?

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