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#124876 - 02/22/08 08:56 PM Re: Buying my first rifle...looking for advice [Re: Paul810]
BobS Offline
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Originally Posted By: Paul810
The one thing I don't like about those break barrel rifles/shotguns with switch-able barrels, is they're usually only one shot. Most of the time that's fine, but having a quick follow-up shot at the ready can mean the difference between putting food on the table or just wasting a day.

The same idea follows if you are planning on using it for defense from animals (or people). On a break action, you might only get one or two shots out if you're lucky, and it's easy to fumble reloading. Even on an internal magazine bolt-action rifle, it's fast and easy to get four or five shots out. On a pump shotgun, you can get even more with an extended tube. It might give you more of a chance.

A single shot break action rifle/shotgun may be plenty most of the time, but then again, it might not be. Your level of comfort determines what you're willing to carry. I, personally, just wouldn't be comfortable with a single shot break action gun as my only firearm. I want at least two shots before taking the time to reload.

Again, that's just my opinion.

I understand what you are saying, the Savage 24 is a single shot, but it’s got 2-barrels. You can get off another shot by just pulling the hammer back & flipping the lever to the other barrel. I can do this in under one second with one hand. Once the 2-shots are fired you have to open it and reload.

The Savage 24 is a great survival gun, doing a search on line will probably confirm that many people love it for this purpose. It gives you the 22-LR for small game hunting, plinking and even defense. And the shotgun barrel for large and small game hunting, lots of power for home defense and it will shoot a deer slug. A deer slug is very powerful.

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#124887 - 02/22/08 09:57 PM Re: Buying my first rifle...looking for advice [Re: BobS]

When I took my training, one of the disabled test rifles was a Savage 24. It was old of course (they wouldn't waste a new gun for this purpose) and I liked it though I might prefer a larger gauge.

The ammo aspect is important which is why I'm leaning towards 12 gauge and .22LR (even if that means having to ultimately buy 2). They're common and cheap by comparison.

When I'm at the shop tonight I'll ask about Ithacas...sounds interesting.

I'm in no rush. I'm going to check out as many as possible and fire as many as possible before I buy. It's going to take me nearly 3 months to get my actual license anyhow.

#124890 - 02/22/08 10:22 PM Re: Buying my first rifle...looking for advice [Re: ]
Burncycle Offline

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You could buy a Norinco M-14 copy for a reasonable price and wave it in the faces of Americans who can't get one laugh

#124893 - 02/22/08 10:49 PM Re: Buying my first rifle...looking for advice [Re: Burncycle]
BillLiptak Offline

Registered: 12/19/07
Posts: 259
If you're looking for a .22lr rifle that breaks down the AR-7 fits the bill nicley. I think the rifle is now sold by Henry Firearms. The barrel unscrews from the action, and both pieces fit into the stock. The whole thing will float if dropped into the water, another plus from a survival stance. If however you don't need it to break down Taurus Firearms makes a nifty .22 pump action rifle like they used to have in the carnival shooting galleries many years ago. Pump action and either bolt or lever action guns may serve you better if you plan on taking them out in the cold of winter. Less likely to have the action gum up because of lubricants freezing.
As far as a 12gauge shotgun goes, either a remmington 870 or mossberg 500 is what I would recommend (both pump action). I own a mossberg 590 (cause I'm a tacticool idiot at times) and a maverick 88 (mossberg 500 clone) with a pistol grip.

-Bill Liptak

#124896 - 02/22/08 11:16 PM Re: Buying my first rifle...looking for advice [Re: ]
raydarkhorse Offline

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If your not opposed to a single shot look into the savage field grade over and unders with a rifle on top and shotgun under they come in various combinations and are good rifles I had one in .22 & 410 and with rifled slugs the 410 was a pretty good hunting rifle. Also look into the NEF combos they are a poor mans encore as far as the ability to buy black powder, shotgun, and rifle barrels. New barrels are relitivly cheap as is the original setup. Both are good ideas for a person on a budget and give options of more calibers, and gauges without the buying more guns.
Depend on yourself, help those who are not able, and teach those that are.

#124898 - 02/22/08 11:39 PM Re: Buying my first rifle...looking for advice [Re: raydarkhorse]
Art_in_FL Offline

Registered: 09/01/07
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If I had to choose only one I would go for a good pump 12ga shotgun. By just changing the shells, and perhaps the choke tube, you can shoot anything from mice to moose. With slugs you can reach out to 150m or better. Most game shooters don't shoot at much longer ranges than that.

As far as 12ga pump shotguns go it is hard to beat a Remington 870. And they are pretty reasonably priced.

#124900 - 02/22/08 11:48 PM Re: Buying my first rifle...looking for advice [Re: ]
Blitz Offline
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This is a fine can or worms you've open up. Which is good.

Start with a .22 it's cheap and will give you a general knowlege and skills. A good shotgun (like the one you sugessted) is a good way to also. So that's 2 so far. You said you can't have a handgun mad

My rifle of choice would be this:



In my dreams anyway grin eek mad

Go with your first choice.


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#124901 - 02/22/08 11:53 PM Re: Buying my first rifle...looking for advice [Re: Art_in_FL]

I just got back from my first shopping trip and I sure hope that the other shops I visit are better.

I told the guy I was new to shooting and was thinking about getting a 12 gauge combo. Rifled barrel for deer plus the regular barrel.

He proceeded to show me a Tikka T3 Lite .308. Nice gun but completely not what I was talking about. But it's what 'he would buy' so I guess I don't know what I want in his opinion...I won't be going back there.

Based on what I saw there (and NOT what I heard) I think I agree with Art. A good 12ga shot gun is the most versatile I can get for the money for what I want to get started with.

#124909 - 02/23/08 01:02 AM Re: Buying my first rifle...looking for advice [Re: ]
saniterra Offline

Registered: 08/07/06
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Loc: Mebane, NC
The advice to buy a pump shotgun is good advice. A 12 gage is probably the most versatile single gun you can buy. The Remington 870 is a great pump and can be customized with many different barrels from 18" to 30", rifle, scope or shotgun sights, smooth barrel with no choke (for shot shells and rifled slugs) or smooth with interchangeable chokes, or rifled barrel for shooting sabot slugs (but no shot shells). It can be used to hunt anything from dove or quail to grizzly (in a pinch - it's a very common guide gun in griz country). It's darned accurate with the rifled barrel, and not bad with the smooth barrel. It's great for home defense as well. An 18" barrel with BB shot shells will blow a hole the size of a dinner plat through a solid wood door at 15 feet. It can be modified with a plain pistol grip instead of a stock (an unpleasant shooting experience) or with a folding, non-folding or telescoping pistol grip shoulder stock. You can get mag extensions that allow it to hold as many as ten shells. Most of the same can be said for the Mossberg pumps as well. Just learn how to hold it to your shoulder when shooting or you will not like the outcome, shoulder-wise. Good shooting.

#124914 - 02/23/08 01:44 AM Re: Buying my first rifle...looking for advice [Re: saniterra]
mtnhiker Offline

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Loc: Nevada,USA
I agree with most of the posts about the remington 870. My department, and I would venture to guess 9 out every ten dept. in the lower 48 have this gun in their inventory. Why you ask? .... because it works!.. Nothing fancy just a gun that will function everytime! Because it is such a popular gun There are endless aftermarket products for this gun and you can configure it anyway you want.
As for a .22 rifle, I am a big fan of the Ruger 10/22. It is another example of a gun that just keeps on going. I have one in particular that I have had since I was 15. It still functions perfectly. And boy did I abuse that gun as a kid.
In the end I would certainly recomend you talk to one of the folks on here that is from your neck of the woods that is into hunting. Taurus is one that comes to mind. He would be more in the know as to what is good for that region.
Best of luck and welcome to the world of firearms.
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