Thanks for the tip that TSG has these - they are as-advertised, brand new original Coleman Peak I. They fit the original Peak I I still use and the newer Feather 4xx stoves as well. Some canvas is headed to the sewing machine to make some stuff sacks - reduces the rattle nicely and should reduce wear from metal-to-metal. Note that the current stuff sacks from Coleman for this series of stove works very well (stove in sack fits in box) - at least, my well-used one fits nicely.

A former outdoors companion of mine used his to melt ice/snow for water on every winter outing we went on, which is my sole experience with using them on the stove. Worked just fine.

There is plenty of room for a rolled up windscreen a la MSR X-GK, so I think I'll add something like that from a re-cycled disposable roasting pan or similar. (Don't simply use an MSR type windscreen, though - the fuel tank on these is integral, unlike an MSR, so the tank could overheat and then... Boyle's law will probably make things interesting...)

There are about 600 of these left as of a few days ago - but surplus comes and goes, so if you want one... they cost less than the MSRP several years ago.