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#113828 - 11/27/07 07:45 PM Re: 1 month in the wild -- scenario [Re: teacher]
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Shouldn't there be tons of wild berries and nuts growing in that area in the spring? I'd think a good way to occupy time would be scouting edible vegitation and integrating it into your diet. Also, I'd make sure and bring lots of mosquito netting for the shelter, as I understand it (with the wet climate) the bugs are out in force that time of year.

#113830 - 11/27/07 08:00 PM Re: 1 month in the wild -- scenario [Re: teacher]
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Well, the canoe issue solves the gear carry in problem, the water problem - with the canoe I'm camping near water, and the food issue - with careful planning and packing I'd have 30 days food. Plenty of shelter gear can be carried in the canoe.
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#113833 - 11/27/07 08:18 PM Re: 1 month in the wild -- scenario [Re: Stu]

If you were packing with the intention of staying 30 days...and you had a canoe full of gear...your list can get quite a bit bigger.

#113835 - 11/27/07 08:23 PM Re: 1 month in the wild -- scenario [Re: Taurus]
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I have never tried building a hutch either, Necessity being the Mother of Invention, I would gather young pliable branches and weave six "walls". I'd use paracord or vines (preferred) to tie the walls, floor, and to hinge the top panel as a lid.

Corrals are easy as long as there is dead brush laying around.
The best luck is what you make yourself!

#113868 - 11/28/07 01:29 AM Re: 1 month in the wild -- scenario [Re: Am_Fear_Liath_Mor]
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Originally Posted By: Am_Fear_Liath_Mor
Something I haven't seen discussed much (if at all) on this website is the danger of wild animals

Its not really discussed because wild animal attacks are really not a survival issue. Wild animal attacks are generally the result of human stupidity and inapproriate behavior. You really are more likely to be struck by lightning than attacked and killed by a bear in the wilderness for example. Just follow some common sense precautions. And if your lucky enough to see a mountain lion you should regard it as a privilege. Just give the animal enough space so that it can make its retreat.


I don't necessarily concur with this. Mountain lion and bear attacks do occasionally occur with no provocation. Saying, "they only happen infrequently and it won't happen to me", is akin to saying, "people rarely get lost in the woods - I don't need to carry all this crap". I do, however, agree that if every effort should be made to let the animal retreat, but acknowledge that this may not occur.

Just because it doesn't happen often doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

FWIW, I don't frequently hike in lion/bear country, but when I do (and where legal) I pack a Glock 20 (10mm) stoked with 200-grain LFNs.

#113877 - 11/28/07 02:35 AM Re: 1 month in the wild -- scenario [Re: JustinC]

Interesting information about pepper spray here.

I especially like the section about how much work is it to kill a bear legally...skinning, turning in the claws, paperwork, etc...in Alaska anyhow.

Good read either way.

#113899 - 11/28/07 05:24 AM Re: 1 month in the wild -- scenario [Re: Am_Fear_Liath_Mor]
CityBoyGoneCountry Offline

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Originally Posted By: Am_Fear_Liath_Mor
And if your lucky enough to see a mountain lion you should regard it as a privilege.

Don't get me wrong. I have much respect for the animal. I'm not some trigger happy redneck who goes around shooting animals just for the sake of shooting something. If I see it from a distance, I'll keep my distance and hope it does the same. But if it comes after me, I'm going to shoot it.

Like I said earlier, I plan for the worst. Out in the wilderness I don't want to needlessly waste my ammunition. I'm not going to shoot unless I have to.

#113902 - 11/28/07 06:10 AM Re: 1 month in the wild -- scenario [Re: JustinC]
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I've only seen a mountain lion once (med. distance) while camping in Yosemite backcountry and in about 15 seconds it was gone. From what I understand you're not likely to see them coming until they're on top of you so the idea of shooting one coming at you probably isn't gonna happen. Just hope the other guy gets pounced so you can do the shooting.

#113907 - 11/28/07 07:17 AM Re: 1 month in the wild -- scenario [Re: ]
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30 days without food...

In a life boat, being the ocean's rubber ducky toy, yes. On the couch, flipping channels, yes. Doing heavy physical activity, you'd be in trouble.

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#113911 - 11/28/07 01:10 PM Re: 1 month in the wild -- scenario [Re: ironraven]
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you don't have to be faster than the hungry furry, just faster than the other guy.

if i were anticipating staying out for a month, i'd forget the gun as a hunting tool and save it for defense. for hunting I'd bring bow and arrow. If you run out of bullets, that gun is good for nothing but a club. A good synthetic arrow is practically indestructible, and of course reusable. A quiver full of carbon fiber arrows with good broadhead tips will last forever. If you do break/lose your arrows, you can make more. You can't do that with bullets.
Originally Posted By: scafool
Camping teaches us what things we can live without.

Originally Posted By: ironraven
...Shopping appeals to the soul of the hunter-gatherer.

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