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#110021 - 10/25/07 05:31 PM Re: 30 mins to leave your house...discussion [Re: DFW]
Eugene Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 12/26/02
Posts: 2917
1) For me my 3.5lb is easier to carry than the whole file cabinet it replcaed. It holds years of Bank statements, photographs, etc. Its a time saver for me to not have to try and load up 100lbs of paper.

3) I made a notebook and keep it in my fireproof box. If your house were to catch fire or somehting while your at work then you may not be able to grab that notebook. I'm making my en electronic document that can be printed then add the originals like birth certificates and such. I'm planning on requesting copies of original docs and storing a second notebook in a firebox at another location.

#110029 - 10/25/07 05:55 PM Re: 30 mins to leave your house...discussion [Re: DFW]
wildman800 Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 11/09/06
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Loc: La-USA
I don't carry water in pillow cases, that refers to carrying bottles of water in pillow cases. I put my water bottles in boxes. I merely load the boxes of water and food into the back of my truck. I have 40mm ammo boxes with electric and electronic components that deal primarily with power supply/conversion and communications.

I am revamping my home emergency binder to be in-line with Blast's binder. The binder is a grab and go of emergency information which is also highly usable at home on a semi-regular basis.

The port-potty has an old "8 track tape box" (I know,,I just dated myself) in which I keep the appropriate TP and chemicals in. It's a grab-N-go.

My goal is to be able to be moving within 2 hrs of being notified or of my having made the decision to go (most likely). Usually I have made the decision to go very early and have waited to see if the need to go is going to be there or not, as in an approaching hurricane. I am already loaded and waiting to see which way the storm is going to jump. If it looks like it is coming close to my location, we load up the kids (includes the dogs & cat) and head out, ahead of the herd and by way of back roads.
The best luck is what you make yourself!

#110036 - 10/25/07 06:56 PM Re: 30 mins to leave your house...discussion [Re: MartinFocazio]
jdavidboyd Offline

Registered: 12/20/06
Posts: 78
Loc: Hudson, FL
Originally Posted By: martinfocazio
7. Some kids toys and books for all of us

When I first read this, my mind placed a comma after the word 'kids' and 'toys', as in

7. Some kids, toys, and books for all of us.

Did a quick double take, (wow, they're not taking all of them?) then read it correctly!

What's so funny 'bout peace, love, and understanding?

#110096 - 10/26/07 03:36 AM Re: 30 mins to leave your house...discussion [Re: ]
ironraven Offline
Cranky Geek
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 09/08/05
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Loc: Vermont
Three seconds... That implies I'm asleep, I'm usually more aware.

Grab glasses, grab EDC bag (both on nightstand). If the front door is blocked, the bag that my ditch kit is stored in goes through the window, so I have something to land on.

That assumes that I have three seconds after I wake up. If I've only got three seconds... yeah, I don't wake up that fast.

When a man dare not speak without malice for fear of giving insult, that is when truth starts to die. Truth is the truest freedom.

#113365 - 11/24/07 01:03 AM Re: 30 mins to leave your house...discussion [Re: KG2V]
big_al Offline

Registered: 01/04/06
Posts: 586
Loc: 20mi east of San Diego

"The reason to grab a computer is the data that is on it - I'd grab my CPU chassis, and leave the rest behind - it's the ultimate set of backup disks -"

get a removeable hard drive, take Just the drive.

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#113381 - 11/24/07 02:59 AM Re: 30 mins to leave your house...discussion [Re: big_al]
Eugene Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 12/26/02
Posts: 2917
First off a minor pet peeve, the computer is not a CPU, it is a computer. Years ago the CPU was a big box and then memory was another box and storage another then you had a CPU chassis, but in any personal computer all those are in the one box and the CPU is a little chip on the main board. So the box is the computer not just the CPU. Sorry, too many years of working with computers.

Anyway, the important point. I personally would never plug a hard drive with any data of mine into someone else's computer as I have no way of knowing what kind of crap might be on that computer. I'll take my 3lb laptop and a 1lb power supply for it knowing I can plug it in and know my data is safe and isn't going to get wiped by a virus or spread to someone else by spyware or corrupted by the poorly written hotplug subsystem in MS Windows. Next time you are going to buy a new computer take portability into consideration and instead of buying that 8lb desktop replacement "laptop" spend a little more and buy a 4lb or less true portable laptop so you can bug out with it.

#113392 - 11/24/07 03:54 AM Re: 30 mins to leave your house...discussion [Re: Eugene]

8lb desktop?! My Notebook weighs 11lbs! And that's without the power brick. It's the first thing I take out of my pack when I'm cutting weight. I typically carry a 4GB USB key with the important stuff encrypted...it's hard to go anywhere these days without finding a computer...but as Eugene said you take your chances doing that.

I have about 1GB of security apps on mine so I can scan for viruses and spyware before decrypting/extracting anything I may need. Even have a portable version of Firefox with a built in Onion Router client for somewhat secure internet communications.

#113394 - 11/24/07 03:59 AM Re: 30 mins to leave your house...discussion [Re: ]
Rusty Offline

Registered: 02/15/03
Posts: 204
Loc: College Station, Texas
I have portable Firefox on my flash drive, but where (and how) did you get the built in Onion Router for the portable Firefox?

I have the portable apps suite on my drive: Portable Apps Website

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." - Frankin

#113398 - 11/24/07 04:39 AM Re: 30 mins to leave your house...discussion [Re: Rusty]

portableapps.com is great and most of the apps I have come from there...but that's not the only place to get portable apps.
Wikipedia has a very complete list of portable applications. There are a few portable flavors of TOR but the one I use is TORPark. I'm not sure if it's supported anymore but my copy still works for me. It's the only one I know of that's pre packaged with a browser and ready to go without building or compiling. The only drawback is that you can't use regular portable firefox and TORPark at the same time...the computer gets confused.

I've heard that there's an Opera based version (OperaTOR?) if that's more your cup of tea.

#113428 - 11/24/07 06:47 PM Re: 30 mins to leave your house...discussion [Re: ]
Eugene Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 12/26/02
Posts: 2917
I couldn't even imagine an 11lb one, my work one is 6 and I think its too heavy.
now I do have a couple USB flash drives but they just don't hold a lot. When I started thinking about it most any document I have could be replaced even if for a fee. The irreplaceable stuff is my pictures since there wouldn't be anywhere else to get them from. Those now occupy 16G on my drive. Sure I copy those to another drive but one drop or bump of that and its gone. or plug it into someone else's Windows system and get them taken out by a virus.
Most of those cheap external drives have a 3.5l drive in them which isn't as robust as a laptop drive and they are usually cheap drives to begin with. I take my previous laptop drive when I put in a bigger one and put in an an USB enclosure so I know I have a decent drive in there but with my laptop being only 3.5lb its size and weight are not much more then a cheap pre assembled 3.5" USB drive.

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