Everyday mask carry?

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Everyday mask carry? - 09/21/20 08:49 PM

I assume you're rocking a mask - but how do you carry it when you're outside or alone? Do you carry a spare?
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Re: Everyday mask carry? - 09/21/20 11:15 PM

Yes, in my EDC bag.

Jeanette Isabelle
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Re: Everyday mask carry? - 09/22/20 12:21 AM

couple on the front seat of the car, the just used mask goes on the dash getting a UV treatment...I wear suspenders, the elastic ear loop slips behind the buckle, between it and the strap
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Re: Everyday mask carry? - 09/22/20 01:51 PM

I use bandanas. I carry a couple of spares. The one for actual wearing goes in a pocket.
The bandana has a slight disadvantage. As I also wear Akubras the cashiers sometimes are not sure whether they should ask for money or just hand it over wink.
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Re: Everyday mask carry? - 09/22/20 06:09 PM

At least one in my right cargo pocket - usually another in the vehicle.
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Re: Everyday mask carry? - 10/11/20 07:11 PM

I keep my mask clipped to one of my beltloops with a Nite-ize S-Biner. This method does not constantly crush and bend the metal tightener at the top that goes over the bridge of your nose, like used to happen when I just shoved the mask into a pocket. Those tighteners/stiffeners/whatever-you-call-them are useful for those of us who wear glasses, to prevent fogging.

I wish they prevented fogging better than they do - they are better than nothing, but not great. Being retired, I am only an occasional mask wearer. I put it on when I go into a store or some other public place. I feel for the people who are still working and have to wear a mask for many hours at a time, every day. That would really suck. I would go insane with the glasses fogging. It's going to get worse when the cold of winter gets here. I have heard good reports of simply taping the top of the mask to your face with medical tape. Stops the fogging, but makes the mask more or less permanent for long periods of time. For people who have to wear masks long term like that, it may be an answer however.
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Re: Everyday mask carry? - 10/11/20 08:11 PM

I use an RZ mask. It uses an inner filter that the manufacturer claims is comparable to N95 in independent lab tests. (That's not something I count on, though.) The valves really helps direct the outgoing air away from the glasses. Ideally, though, you should cap the valves so you don't risk infecting others if you're sick. The fit is secure and comfortable enough for something that tight. I can wear it for hours, and I can talk without having to adjust the mask.

The RZ mask is a bit bulky, but it's slim enough for me to carry in my back pocket if need be. The metal piece over the nose is big and thick (relatively speaking), and I have no fear of snapping it.

I carry the mask in a plastic bag to separate it from other items. I don't want to breathe in the mystery fuzz in my pocket or bag, and I don't want the surface of the mask to touch other things in case it gets an germs on it.

I also have an Ecolox machine that makes hypochlorous acid at home. This disinfectant is gentle on the human body, but hell on viruses. At 200 ppm, it kills avian flu germs within seconds according to an independent scientific study. Its kill time for COVID-19 germs should be comparable. So I use this instead of alcohol-based gel to disinfect my hands. The main problem with this liquid is that it degrades pretty fast. Consequently you cannot buy it in a store. You need a machine to make a fresh batch every day or at least every other day.

I regularly disinfect the mask and the carrying bag with hypochlorous acid. The mask is not disposable, and even if it never comes across any airborne COVID-19, it will eventually begin to smell from your garlic bread.
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Re: Everyday mask carry? - 10/12/20 12:55 PM

Originally Posted By: haertig
Those tighteners/stiffeners/whatever-you-call-them are useful for those of us who wear glasses, to prevent fogging.

The mask is for preventing a person from spreading the virus via aerosol. If the glasses get fogged it is a sign that the mask is not worn properly. Good masks allow to adjust the metal strip on the nose bridge tight enough to prevent fogging.
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Re: Everyday mask carry? - 10/12/20 03:16 PM

I live in Washington, D.C. and before I walk out the front door I put on a mask. And I keep it on if I'm walking. Don't put it over my nose unless someone is within half a block. We walk a lot in the bike lanes these days. I don't wear it in the car but a lot of people do if others are in the car with them.

Masks during the COVID era should be as much about protecting others as protecting ourselves. It is common courtesy to wear one in proximity to others unless they are in your agreed upon COVID bubble. There are just a few friends in my COVID bubble.

Bandanas don't protect anyone. And my N95 masks have vents that would expel COVID to others so I don't wear those, either.

I keep a couple masks in the car (and always put one on for going through the drive-thru at restaurants, doing grocery pickups, etc.). Have a dozen cloth masks, some of which will take a filter.

Going to be a lot nicer to wear a mask during the colder months. Wore one biking on a recent cold morning and it was fine. Was very uncomfortable this summer, even walking up the street.

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Re: Everyday mask carry? - 10/13/20 03:22 PM

I use a gator type mask -


because I find it easier to manipulate it over my face, but because it doesn't actually filter anything I attach a piece of hepa filter (from a vacuum cleaner bag) with clips inside the gator.
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Re: Everyday mask carry? - 01/12/21 12:34 AM

I need to get back to putting my masks in a plastic zip lock after washing.
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Re: Everyday mask carry? - 04/07/21 09:37 PM

Originally Posted By: LesSnyder
couple on the front seat of the car, the just used mask goes on the dash getting a UV treatment...I wear suspenders, the elastic ear loop slips behind the buckle, between it and the strap

Caution, if your car is younger than ten, maybe even twenty years old, your windshield may have anti-UV coating.
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Re: Everyday mask carry? - 04/08/21 06:42 AM

I mostly use the disposable 'surgical' ones, stored in a ziploc bag. The fabric ones get hotter and without a metal bar on the nose, there is much more leakage.

The surgical ones are super cheap now. 50 pack with postage is 1.05. Not sure how that works, that's less than a postage stamp.

Just shame of the waste.