There Goes My Privacy!

Posted by: Pete

There Goes My Privacy! - 12/30/11 01:48 AM

Yeah ... I know we're moving into a world of unmanned drones and surveillance. But this thing (YouTube below) is taking the idea to a whole new level.

Does anybody have a good fly swatter out there?
How about some heavy-duty bug spray???

Hahahaha !!!

Posted by: chaosmagnet

Re: There Goes My Privacy! - 12/30/11 02:22 AM

Originally Posted By: IzzyJG99
That guy is entirely too good with that.

The quadrotors in those demos (there are a bunch of good ones I've seen) are acting autonomously. They're given a goal ("go through that window!") and they "figure out" how to accomplish it. Take a look at this one: .
Posted by: Arney

Re: There Goes My Privacy! - 12/30/11 04:26 PM

The part 2 and 3 videos from this same group are also very impressive. Part 2 is extra impressive to me because they do a dynamic demo--instead of objects in fixed positions, they toss a hula hoop vertically and the quadrotor darts through it as the hoop is moving. Cool.