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LT Medicine - 03/24/06 11:09 AM
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Great to see this is now online. I have been using these books for years. Very practical and useful adivce. I recommend to anyone intrested in self help medicine.

While in Baja with some friends from Germany I was shown a german self help manual (In german, I don' speak german) that was a triage type self help book. We played What If with the book and were able to get "help" with a great variety of medical issues. Nothing like this seems to exist in english.

Also, another good reference is the chineese Barefoot Doctor series. Not to be confused with an english guy that uses the same name. The china version has oriental, western and acupuncture medical treatments defined. I had it on microfilm but somehow it got away from me. Anyone know about this?
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i have actually seen the barefoot doctor series in the past, if I can only remember where. Might have been the original copies too, since I doubt anyone would make a reprint. Making a note to keep an eye out for them next time I'm in china.