West Coast Flooding

Posted by: dougwalkabout

West Coast Flooding - 11/20/21 01:52 AM

The lower mainland in British Columbia, Canada, has been incredibly hard hit with a thousand year(?) rainfall, flooding, landslides, and destruction of highways and rail links.

It's remarkable, and collossal. All links to the interior of Canada have been severed. This will have deep impacts.

I assume there is also damage in Washington State.

I have checked in with family, and they are safe. I hope everyone else is?
Posted by: Roarmeister

Re: West Coast Flooding - 02/08/22 05:45 AM

I haven't heard much lately. Have the washed out roads been rebuilt yet or are there still more work to be done?
Posted by: dougwalkabout

Re: West Coast Flooding - 02/08/22 10:43 PM

Yes, major highways and road accesses have been rebuilt in a quick and dirty manner. It was a massive effort. Major bridges generally survived, but access berms on the banks were washed out. They consider this a 5-year fix. Making these fixes permanent will be a long, expensive endeavour.