Pandemic Economy

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Pandemic Economy - 04/13/20 04:33 AM
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Well, from what I'm reading, the first link is old data. I'm getting reports that hair colouring and hair clippers are the current wave of purchases. Beans and TP could make a fair recipe, I suppose, fried up with onions; but looking good while bugging in is the leading wave. Heck, I'm pretty sure my DW is going to have to trim me up in due course; I hate a mop top, and who's going to notice anyway?

The second link seems more relevant to a shelter-at-home profile. Though looking at the breakdown, I find myself shaking my head at the wide range of rubbish we buy. Though I guess I'm as guilty as any.

From the point of view of a "pandemic economy," though, it doesn't touch on what we fix, grow, repair, repurpose, share, swap, or choose to do without. The stuff people actually do to keep households and communities going isn't measured in these sale statistics, and it will grow as this drags on. I'm sure that makes the marketing people crazy. Good.
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Stepping up to the front lines in the current crisis, I offered to trim Mrs. Hikermor's bangs. You probably heard the resounding "NO!!" clear over in Cincinnati....
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Originally Posted By: dougwalkabout
Heck, I'm pretty sure my DW is going to have to trim me up in due course; I hate a mop top, and who's going to notice anyway?

I, too, need to get my hair done, but I'll wait for a professional.

The biggest problem I've run into is yard debris pickup has been declared a "non-essential service." At first, this was a problem I could deal with. Fill up lawn bags with leaves, load the bags in the SUV, and take them to the recycling center. Now, all of the bags from the new batch are ripping. Right or wrong, leaving the colorful details out, my current opinion is we should leave the leaves where they are until yard debris pickup resumes. That or get commercial-strength trash can liners.

Jeanette Isabelle
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ah, the advantages of being mostly bald and owning a trimmer....

Did my 15yr olds yesterday. YEA!!!

Selling off a crapload of my used computers, routers for people that need them more.

TRYING not to buy stupid stuff.

Looking more locally, grocery pick up was up to 10 days, now back down to 1 1/2 days.

Our order was for 325.00. We received 225, so 1/3rd of the stuff was not available.

Got most of the important stuff. Milk, cheese, meat, potatoes.
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I may have posted this already...I'm single and still dining out off takeout menu... next to a pizza place I frequent is a Fresh Produce stand... I went inside, they didn't have any meat, but fresh veggies, and very reasonable prices including fruit... artisan breads, flats of eggs, butter, cheese

I have overlooked the establishment for the last couple of years, as I buy most of my fresh foods at the larger chains