Remember your pets

Posted by: teacher

Remember your pets - 03/06/20 09:35 PM

Have extra water, food, leashes, toys on hand and a kennel to move them in.
Posted by: pforeman

Re: Remember your pets - 03/07/20 12:39 AM

I also keep a 'photo' and PDF copies of our dog's paperwork from the vet so I've got proof of vaccinations. I also have a photo on my phone of her city license tag and rabies tag in case her collar is lost - as well as a "few" shots of her.

Paul -
Posted by: roberttheiii

Re: Remember your pets - 03/09/20 12:33 PM

I always try and keep an extra bag of dog food around. This is because there have been dog food recalls and ideally, by being a month or two out on having to open that bag a recall would come before my dog was eating it. With the possibility of quarantine I picked up a second bag. My dog should be good for 3-4 months! smile
Posted by: adam2

Re: Remember your pets - 03/09/20 11:43 PM

I have an indoor cat, and keep dried cat food, and cat litter for several months.