Latest Indonesian Quake

Posted by: hikermor

Latest Indonesian Quake - 09/30/18 02:01 PM

A recent report on this disaster. Apropos to the discussion in another thread, a statement to the effect that 16,000 people needed clean water makes the case for having a stockpile of this critical item...
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Re: Latest Indonesian Quake - 09/30/18 10:52 PM

Truly a catastrophe of the highest order. I expect that the region lacks the resources of somewhere like California. It will be a long slog to get things back to normal.
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Re: Latest Indonesian Quake - 10/02/18 12:44 AM

Compounding the tragedy is that an almost-built tsunami sensor and warning system was not online due to inter-agency wrangling and loss of grid power. So close, and yet so far.
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Re: Latest Indonesian Quake - 10/02/18 06:42 PM

A front page article in today's LA Time discussed the lack of the system undergoing testing, but also pointed out an inherent problem. The tsunami warning you might receive will vary from a few seconds to many hours, depending upon your location with respect to the epicenter. in California, we had about twelve hours advance notice of the Fukashima event.

Palu was further disadvantaged in being situated along a narrow inlet, a configuration which accentuates the wave hieght of an incoming tsunami.

If you are on the coast, especially at low altitude, and you feel a quake, head for higher ground, if at all possible.

At 200 feet above sea level, I feel reasonably secure.