"small" Christmas gifts this year

Posted by: LesSnyder

"small" Christmas gifts this year - 12/01/13 12:30 AM

I decided to add preparedness oriented gifts in addition to my normal restaurant gift card this Christmas... I thought I would share my choices, as neither has a visual size reference in their on-line pictures... not that small size is a bad thing... the Sawyer mini filtration system comes with a 16oz gray water bag, both are shown relative to a .5L water bottle... additionally the Feuerhand kerosene lantern is considerably smaller than my Dietz models.. although it is 2x to 3x more expensive than a comparable Dietz, I'm impressed with the clean flame, and especially the light transmission through the Pyrex like globe....closer to that of a Coleman mantle lantern than the Dietz "Mason jar" glass globes....

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Re: "small" Christmas gifts this year - 12/01/13 08:14 AM

Good idea! Although most of my family would react as though I gave them a lump of coal. Mom would love it though.
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Re: "small" Christmas gifts this year - 12/01/13 11:58 AM

one of the reasons I chose the tin coated lanterns was that they look pretty good as a decoration... don't know how long till the tin oxidizes though...
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Re: "small" Christmas gifts this year - 12/01/13 03:40 PM

Being in SD, I dropped by the W.T. Kirkman storefront in Ramona, CA a couple years back just to do the touchy feely thing with kerosene lanterns after we had an extended power outage here. We did fine with what we had at the time, but I wanted another option for light. I picked up a nice brass Dietz Original #76 for my other half because it looked so good. At home it worked great and looks great -- it stays out where it can be used quickly if needed.

For longer term, I also bought the Kirkman No. 350 "Little Giant" which from what I read is a design based on three earlier lanterns. I liked it because it had an oversized kerosene tank and is galvanized steel. It looks okay (it doesn't stay out like the brass #76), but it's primary attribute is an advertised 40 hour burn time. Naturally, since that outage they haven't been needed.

Now that Feuerhand lanterns have been mentioned I may run back up to Ramona and check them out.
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Re: "small" Christmas gifts this year - 12/01/13 09:54 PM

Russ... they have a quirky left hand globe lift mechanism, without much of a detent to hold the globe up.... have the lighter ready, and don't let it slam down...at first I wasn't that thrilled when just comparing cost... but was impressed with the amount of light for a 1/2" wick... I have a large fount Air Pilot and Little Wizard...I believe that the Feuerhand "276" is based on the Dietz "76"
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Re: "small" Christmas gifts this year - 12/01/13 10:31 PM

Thanks Les. While perusing the Kirkman website I also saw the Kosmos Oil Lamps. They're mostly nice looking and the "Concierge" Lamp w/ Reflector may be another option.
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Re: "small" Christmas gifts this year - 12/03/13 02:57 AM

I will be giving some flashlights as small gifts, such as these Ring Automotive RT5168 30 Lumen Aluminium Torches especially when they are available for 5 for a pair at a local Millets shop. wink


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Re: "small" Christmas gifts this year - 12/06/13 09:23 AM

That's a pretty good deal. And, even the most unprepared naif will carry a keychain light.
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Re: "small" Christmas gifts this year - 12/06/13 05:17 PM

I picked up a couple heavy duty D-Ring inserts that fit in a standard 2inch trailer hitch receiver to give to friends that I have pulled back onto the road over the years. Maybe one day they'll be helping me! Couple this with a recovery strap and you're in business.

This one is made by Rampage, 10,000lb capacity, as it appears on the back of my Grand Cherokee:

This one was from Quadratech, very efficient service:


Ho Ho Ho!
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Re: "small" Christmas gifts this year - 12/16/13 05:49 PM

If I could give one present to someone who isn't into preparedness themselves; it'd be one of Mr Ritters pocket kits. Second would be a decent locknife.
This is assuming they have a mobile phone. One good thing (I'm starting to think the only good thing!) about phones; is everyone has a light on them now. If they didn't carry a phone; first choice would be one of Mr Ritters lights.
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Re: "small" Christmas gifts this year - 12/24/13 05:19 PM

My small gift choices would be EDC items--specifically a Victorinox Tinker model pocket knife, and a Fenix E01 AAA LED flashlight (with a lithium battery). I carry them both and use them both almost every day.
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Re: "small" Christmas gifts this year - 03/20/14 03:46 AM

I have the Sawyer mini and supplement with an extra Platy bag as they weigh so little.

I really like the looks of that lantern. Nice find!
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Re: "small" Christmas gifts this year - 07/15/14 07:44 AM

Originally Posted By: LesSnyder
one of the reasons I chose the tin coated lanterns was that they look pretty good as a decoration... don't know how long till the tin oxidizes though...

I have several of these, IME they remain attractive looking in dry indoor conditions for at least 10 years, after which they still work just as well but look a bit tatty.

I recently found one of these lanterns that I had forgotten about for 25 years, it was still shiny and new looking, but it was still stored in the original heavy paper wrapping which I presume is impregnated with some preservative material.

I prefer these lanterns to the Dietz ones due to the lesser size and weight.
Here in the UK Fuerhand lanterns, made AFAIK in Germany are more readily available than the American Dietz lanterns.

IMHO, an important part of preparing is not only to keep a number of these lanterns and fuel to hand, but also to equip ones home with suitable hooks or brackets from which a lit lantern may be hung, safely away from children, pets, or accidents.

(yes I know that this is an old thread, but the points raised are still as relevant today)