Perth Storm

Posted by: fooman

Perth Storm - 03/24/10 01:24 AM

Perth Storm

I've been in contact with friends in Perth who experienced power outage, flooding and golfball sized hail. Quite a few unprepared. Surprisingly cell and date services were still up.

Anybody here went through it?
Posted by: sybert777

Re: Perth Storm - 03/24/10 01:28 AM

Sounds like a tough storm! hope everyones OK
Posted by: Art_in_FL

Re: Perth Storm - 03/24/10 03:22 AM

Communications staying up is usually a good sign, but there are exceptions. So I hope everyone makes it through in good order.

Maybe you can ask your Australian friends ... what exactly do you do with the poor thing after you "tie the kangaroo down"? Can it discussed in mixed company?