Kerosene Storage and Disposal

Posted by: HerbG

Kerosene Storage and Disposal - 01/26/08 01:22 AM

I keep a five gallon metal can filled with kerosene for use in a kerosene heater. How long can I store the kerosene and still be sure it is OK? Also, what are some safe ways to dispose of unused kerosene?
Posted by: Art_in_FL

Re: Kerosene Storage and Disposal - 01/26/08 02:03 AM

Old kerosene seems to smoke and soot up a bit more than the fresh stuff.

I keep the fresh kerosene for the heater. Seems to stay prime for a year or two. The oldest stuff, some of it better than five years old, gets fed to the glass oil, and kerosene, lamps I use during power outages. Also the barn lanterns I use outside use it just fine and there are always 'tiki-torches' for cookouts and parties and, of course, kerosene is a lot safer for getting a bonfire going than gasoline.

I also use kerosene for cleaning, guns, bearings and machine parts. It is less hazardous than gasoline and easier on the hands. It can be recycled many times by allowing it to sit for a day or two and decanting the clear solvent off the top. A plastic turkey baster helps. After being used many times kerosene too polluted to be used in any other way can still be used to light that bonfire.

I do the same reuse routine with mineral spirits I use to thin paint and clean brushes. It gets a lot of use.

I don't think I have ever tossed out any kerosene. But if I did feel the need I would consider taking it to the county 'toxic holiday' where they accept limited amounts of household chemicals for free.

Posted by: Susan

Re: Kerosene Storage and Disposal - 01/26/08 03:41 AM

Just don't dump it on the ground to contaminate the groundwater.

Posted by: CANOEDOGS

Re: Kerosene Storage and Disposal - 01/26/08 03:54 AM

i'm sure kero will last for years..i have some i use in
camp stoves that has been sitting for almost 5 years and
is just fine..a jug of high quality kero for lamps has not
changed over the same time period..kero is nasty stuff
and unlike gas or Coleman fuel will not evaporate..anywhere
it's dumped will remain a stinky grease pit..
Posted by: duckear

Re: Kerosene Storage and Disposal - 02/10/08 05:34 PM

um....burn it?

Posted by: dougwalkabout

Re: Kerosene Storage and Disposal - 02/11/08 12:57 AM

Unless I had severe storage restrictions, I would never get rid of kerosene. As others have said, it's extremely useful stuff, even if it's not ideal for the kerosene heater any more.

But it you really need to get rid of it, put an ad in the paper and sell it for 60% of the current retail price. Bet it's sold in 24 hours.