luxury items?

Posted by: Anonymous

luxury items? - 11/10/06 05:25 AM

whats your luxury items in your kits? or what luxury items do you need. camera,phone,book,pictures..etc.
Posted by: redflare

Re: luxury items? - 11/10/06 10:07 AM

Do you mean luxury, as in "expensive"? Or luxury as in "nice to have, but not essential for survival"?
Posted by: Molf

Re: luxury items? - 11/10/06 11:24 AM

Itīs a little bit about whatīs luxury to you, isnīt it?

In my 24/7/365-deep-core-kit the only not directly tool-like item is a picture of my wife - for me a psychlogical tool to support me to get home again.

My left eye is practically blinde so sunglasses are always with me to protect to sound one.

A watch is essential to me in daily business only but itīs a quiet expensive one - but from the preparedness point of view I wouldnīt need a watch at all.
By the same reason I could live well without my PDA except business demands.

A real luxus to me would be if I could have my wife and my dog with me all the time ...
Posted by: ironraven

Re: luxury items? - 11/10/06 02:00 PM

Nice to have but needed...

In my ditch kit, the spice tin- salt, pepper, garlic powder, chili powder, crystalized lemon juice.

In my bug out, that would be the book. Right now I have a copy of "Guns of the South" in there. Always a soft cover, always a book I've read a couple times so that if I need to take the back pages out as tinder or TP, I won't be wondering how it ends.
Posted by: norad45

Re: luxury items? - 11/10/06 02:23 PM

I assume you meant "nice to have" items rather than expensive items... 6 Boullion cubes and 2 coffee bags in my outdoors PSK.
Posted by: reconcowboy

Re: luxury items? - 11/10/06 08:28 PM

In my kit the luxury item is a deck of cards. I have used cards throughout many years of traveling in the military and across the country on a Greyhound as well as many hours in the ER. Another thing I like to have is my Mandolin. For years I carried my guitar everywhere, even to the movies on a date.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: luxury items? - 11/11/06 06:06 AM

not essential. but it can be expensive i suppose <img src="/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" />
Posted by: redflare

Re: luxury items? - 11/11/06 08:25 AM

I got: playing cards, foldable cardboard chess/checkers set and some crossword puzzles for my wife (she loves those), a notepad and pen.
Posted by: wildman800

Re: luxury items? - 11/11/06 06:37 PM

In my BOB, I carry playing cards and a small Teddy Bear.
An explanation must be provided: My children always sent a teddy bear w/me on my voyages, to keep me safe from harm. It doesn't hurt to have a good luck charm AND it takes a REAL man to carry around a Teddy Bear!
Posted by: teacher

Re: luxury items? - 11/11/06 06:47 PM

I also travel with a teddy bear, but that's just on business trips.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: luxury items? - 11/11/06 09:31 PM

yea charms and lucky items can be a good moral booster.It can give you the extra boost of fuel you need.

off the top of my head i think i have: the ultimate survival guide by john lofty wiseman, a small inflatable pillow that folds easy(which has multiple uses if you think about ,that i have discovered).
some little packs of sweettarts.all of the above in my bob.
and i always try to carry a cross on me when i can , that and prayer really do wonders for moral.
Posted by: wildman800

Re: luxury items? - 11/12/06 01:13 AM

Thanks to you, I remembered 1 other thing I carry: my medicine pouch (in the Native American tradition). Little things like these do matter to one's morale.

The best luck is what you make yourself
Posted by: ironraven

Re: luxury items? - 11/12/06 02:52 AM

That isn't luxury, that is part of your identity.
Posted by: benjammin

Re: luxury items? - 11/14/06 02:46 AM

Other than my knife? Everything else is pretty much a luxury isn't it?

I suppose I make a short list of absolute essentials and include a firestarter, a water purifier, a bivy, and the clothes on my back. Anything else I can scavange or MacGyver up, more or less. I wouldn't bee too comfortable for a while, but I could get by well enough with that.
Posted by: BrianTexas

Re: luxury items? - 11/14/06 07:10 PM

Books by Turtledove are necessity (for sanity), not a luxury! <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
Posted by: Misanthrope

Re: luxury items? - 11/14/06 09:15 PM

Photos of wife and kids.

I-pod nano, loaded with John Hiatt, Steve Earle, Warren Zevon, Elvis Costello, and the Stones. I consider this motivational music.