Also in Simi Valley,-

Posted by: ScottRezaLogan

Also in Simi Valley,- - 06/09/04 12:30 AM

I've Heard on the News Today, that a Coyote has Attacked Four Children. One Child, the Animal's Mouth Locked Onto it's Head, -the Coyote thus Atempting to Drag it Off, -Only Relinquished it's Hold, -at the Human Mother's Scream. The Report said that the Coyote may have Come Down into the Residential Area for Water. Of course this may be Another Case, of Humans Tending to Build their Developments, -Too Much into the Wilderness. As Mentioned in these Fora Before, -It's Often the Human who in One Way or Another Trespasses Upon the Animal, -Not the Vice Versa Other Way Around! Also, Nearby Fires as I Talk About in the Next Paragraph, -Just May have had Something to Do with this Coyote / Human Incident.

And some of California's Current Fires, -are also in the Simi Valley Area. I've Heard a Report the Other Day, that Firefighting Personnel are Operating on Parts of the Reagan Ranch Itself.

So These are Also Going On in the Simi Valley Area. In Addition to the Respects Being Quite Rightly Paid to this Departed Former President of Ours. [color:"black"] [/color] [email]ScottRezaLogan[/email]
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Re: Also in Simi Valley,- - 06/09/04 02:50 AM

There isn't much left to burn around the library. The Reagan ranch is a few hours north of us in the Santa Ynez Valley, home to Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch.The coyote was shot and killed. Many years ago cat remains began turning up on the greenways. People were convinced a satanic group was responsible due to the "surgical precision" of the remain's wounds. A Ventura Co. sheriff of latino catholic heritage was assigned as the expert investigator, having taken one religon course at Moorpark College where the buses are staging for Reagan's mourners. Moorpark spelled backwards sums up what many people thought of it's religons course at the time. We had roving bands of NRA,born again Christians patrolling our streets, stopping kids and demanding to know if they were the satanists or had accepted Jesus. Meanwhile, Jesus Hernandez, a local Californio Amansadore (horse master) was arrested for having suspicious bondage gear in his truck, horsehair mecates, Luis Ortega bosals worth thousands, Santa Barbara spade bits and 80' rawhide reatas.this 5th generation Californian was not accepted in the new ,pink stucco erzats mission condos of Westlake Village.A housewife reported seeing 13 black robed figures with candles walking along the fireroad of Ladyface mountain , a familiar backdrop for countless movies filmed here. Eventually a F&G biologist successfully trapped a huge, 45 lb coyote with 8 different cat remains in the intestinal tract. The coyotes are still here, laughing at us all .
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Re: Also in Simi Valley,- - 06/09/04 12:58 PM

I thought it was the hyenas that laughed? Just kidding. Seriously, though, the cockroaches will be around long after we succeed in either imploding or immolating this rock we call home.