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Posted by: Jeanette_Isabelle

Healthy Snacking - 04/18/20 01:37 PM

When eating at my computer, I don't want anything that would create a mess. I also want to keep my consumption of junk food to a minimum. I do have protein bars, but protein bars alone is not healthy. Before the quarantine, I would include cheese as part of my well-balanced snacking. Currently, I have a problem because dairy products can't be delivered.

I went to the Wal-Mart website, looking to see if they have something that they can deliver. I found the following:

I had completely forgotten about this product, probably because I don't think I've had it before. Does anyone know if this is healthy?

Can anyone think of a healthy snack that would not make a mess while eating at the computer?

Jeanette Isabelle
Posted by: M_a_x

Re: Healthy Snacking - 04/18/20 02:34 PM

Heavily processed cheese might not be very healthy.
Fruit, in a pinch dried fruit, could be an alternative. Mango, banana chips or dired pineapple should be obtainable fairly easily. Fig and dates are great too. The fruit also provides fibre. That would better balanced than protein bars and cheese.
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Re: Healthy Snacking - 04/18/20 04:18 PM

Cheese has a lot of fat, but is fine in moderate amounts.

I like tree nuts (walnut, pecans almonds,not peanuts), fresh fruit are all good, along with the occasional bit of lean beef or buffalo jerky.

I am sipping my morning tea (enclosed container), just about ready to reach for my morning apple.
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Re: Healthy Snacking - 04/18/20 04:40 PM

Originally Posted By: hikermor
Cheese has a lot of fat, but is fine in moderate amounts.

I'm aware of both the positives and negatives of cheese. As I implicated, eating the same healthy food alone is not healthy. Variety and moderation are essential.

Originally Posted By: hikermor
I am sipping my morning tea (enclosed container),

I brew a pitcher of ice green tea either every day or almost every day.

Jeanette Isabelle
Posted by: Hanscom

Re: Healthy Snacking - 04/18/20 07:57 PM

One of the images of the jar on the Walmart web site shows the ingredients list. Fairly innocuous as foodstuffs go.
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Re: Healthy Snacking - 04/19/20 07:02 AM

I was a coffe junkie, but got a few health issues , so I shifted to herbal teas. Thyme, hibiscus, mint, and several others. They have different flavors, and they are also good for coughs or other respiratory issues. And they have almost no calories.