The [Stuff] Just Got Real

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The [Stuff] Just Got Real - 03/27/20 04:11 PM

Intellectually I've prepared for troubled times since my teens. However, the eeriness of mothers of two nurses coming to our house to pick up surgical masks (because the hospital did not have enough) is something I couldn't imagine. One of the mothers brought her gift of two rolls of toilet paper and a roll of paper towels. The other will be back with a dozen eggs.

Jeanette Isabelle
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Re: The [Stuff] Just Got Real - 03/29/20 06:54 AM

Survival Lilly is a prepper/bushcrafter from Austria. She has a great You tube channel. For years she is prepping and educating. She even has built a 'bug out camp'.

A few weeks ago, I saw her video about Corona spreading in her courty Austria and its effects on the medical sector, scociety ..etc. The video was edited a number of times. You can see her teary eyes.

It is real this time !!

In my neck of the woods ( Middle East), I had seen a tiny mess or two. One of them when my town was completely isolated because of spread of cholera, and worse, I was hospitalized for similar symptoms.

The other mess, when Iraqi army invaded Kuwait, and Kuwaitis ran away to neighboring countries. We saw them filling our hotels and invited in our homes. It was hard to comprehend sometimes, because they lived a better ( more luxurious ) life than ours, and to see them as 'refugees' in our towns was a very stresfful thought. It is now engraved in my brain ( If it can happen to extremely wealthy, and extremely comfortbale people, it sure can happen to avergae ppl like us)

But let me tell you Jeanette, there is also the other side of the coin. A few months ago, I was as busy as a beaver building DIY projects around the house. Some as simple as extension cords ( I know they are sold ready-made, but my extension cords are built a certain way with special outlets, it is a long story) . Then problems struck. I got a very bad knee, then prostate problems ..etc. And now, Corona. Believe me I was very much relieved that I was busy making those gadgets and projects around the house. The extensions have proven themself very helpful for the many needs, like utilizing many gadgets around me while I was almost paralyzed. The house projects helped alot in adjusting life to the corona mess ( like making a place for my daughter to wash and change before entering the house : she is an emergency doctor and has to work 12 hours a day... )

Enough talk for now . LOL
Just wanted to say; focus on being a prepper