At home, getting stuff done

Posted by: teacher

At home, getting stuff done - 03/20/20 06:40 PM

Anyone else at home for the duration, getting projects done?
Posted by: Phaedrus

Re: At home, getting stuff done - 03/20/20 10:22 PM

I'm working from home and trying to stay sane. As time goes on I'll try to get some projects in. Hopefully I'll get out to the woods soon, just waiting on a nagging injury to sufficiently heal and the weather to warm up (whichever is first, one of two is enough!).

Right now I'm grateful I work for a nonprofit that's keeping us all on at full pay and letting us work from home.
Posted by: chaosmagnet

Re: At home, getting stuff done - 03/21/20 07:11 PM

Iím improving my ham radio setup and testing communications with local ham friends.
Posted by: dougwalkabout

Re: At home, getting stuff done - 03/21/20 09:27 PM

I work mostly from home, by choice. But now that's the only option, I find the loss of once-a-week personal contact with my clients and colleagues is messing with my motivation and focus. That and, you know, the gut-wrenching news over the last week.

I'm finding it helps to make a list of bite-size tasks that I can accomplish in short order. Ticking them off gives me some sense of accomplishment and the day is not wasted.

It's also massively important to get exercise. I live on an acreage with a (frozen) garden, and there are 10,000 positive and useful things to do. So, I'm forcing myself to get outside and work up a good sweat. Even if it's only splitting wood or cleaning up post-winter debris in some corner.
Posted by: Tjin

Re: At home, getting stuff done - 03/22/20 06:39 PM

Working from home too. Not very productive compared to the office. My home office is no where near as optimised as my office one. I could bring things over, but my desk is too small. Bringing the work desk over seems to be a bit overkill for now. Don't have much space for it anyways.
Posted by: Chisel

Re: At home, getting stuff done - 03/23/20 07:22 AM

Getting projects done is a bit tricky

Workwise, I am retired. But I am assuming you mean DIY and home improvement projects

The main thought these days is not to need a hospital or entangling youreslef with anyone else. So, after finishing one bathroom outside the house(needed for my daughter; she is a doctor and needs to change and sterilize before coming inside the house). After this project, I am stopping any unnecessary activity, especially those that can result in injury.