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Wunter - 03/14/20 03:00 PM

According to global warming theory, we're supposed to be seeing greater swings in weather, if I understand correctly. How has your winter been? Here in Missouri, the winter has been fairly mild. Little snow and only two or three days of bitter cold.
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Re: Wunter - 03/15/20 03:36 PM

Only had one day of snow and it was gone by noon.

Went to the alps for vacation in February and it looked like april.
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Re: Wunter - 03/15/20 04:28 PM

I live in a VERY snowy area in NE Wisconsin. Had the place for 10 years. Snowmobiling is HUGE here. Brings in a lot of money to the community.

The temperatures have been pretty typical. I don't sense a warming or cooling trend.

Precipitation and storms vary from year to year. It's hard for me to see a trend, if there is one. Last winter had record breaking snow depths in the second half of the winter. This year had lots of snow in the first half, starting with a big snow Thanksgiving week, but not so much in the second half.

Summers here are nice. Not too hot. Yes, winters are cold, but for me 20's and 30's are no big deal if I dress warm (hat, gloves), and we spend a fair amount of time outside with our horses. The trees help a lot. I use to live in Iowa, and the wind off the fields could sure sting.

A few months back someone on a Boundary Waters forum commented that summers were getting hotter and hotter, and mentioned global warming (TRYING TO AVOID POLITICS HERE!!!). I looked up historical highs and lows, and didn't see any obvious changes year to year other than daily variarion. But, I can't say whether or not their are statistically significant trends ... and I am actually a (now retired) statistician. I just don't have the kind of data to know.
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Re: Wunter - 03/15/20 04:48 PM

My brother lives next door to you in NW Minnesota (just outside of Bemidji). His word is, "There is no such thing as bad weather. There are only bad clothes."

He actually prefers the woods in the winter,on snowshoes - less brush. His house is well insulated, tucked into the lee of a sheltering hill, and well equipped with at least two alternative heating systems. It's all about adaptation and working with the local environment....
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Re: Wunter - 03/15/20 08:29 PM

Winter is the only respite Minnesotans get from the sun-blotting clouds of mosquitoes! I believe the mosquito is their state bird. grin
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Re: Wunter - 03/15/20 10:35 PM

my wife and i said it was a easy winter compared to the last few years where i had to dig my car out of a snow drift so the city could plow the street.no heavy shoveling of the walks or the parking pad by the garage and we went wherever we wanted without problems.except for a few really cold days with temps in the teens I went for my daily walk.
one thing I have noticed on canoe trips over the last years is that it seems that there is a lot more wind.back in the 80's,90's early 2000's you could paddle all day in just a light riffle or dead calm.on my last several trips I was fighting wind all day and just not when it would sometimes pick up in the afternoon.other canoe trippers have noticed this too.