Japan's Tsunami Caught On Camera

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Japan's Tsunami Caught On Camera - 02/15/20 07:21 PM

In the past few days, I watched videos of Japan's 2011 tsunami. This one, which includes personal accounts and dubbed into English, is the most informative and does the best job of conveying the impact of the tsunami.

One man said they practiced tsunami drills, but those drills were based on the assumption that the levee system would work.

We all heard the number of people who died or were never found, but it does not seem to mean much until we listen to witnesses talk about those who died. One witness, a firefighter, talks about the individuals he did not save.

When even the evacuation centers are destroyed, what are the people to do? Other than one man mentioning receiving relief supplies, nowhere, not in this video nor any other I've watched so far, has anyone said what helps these people received.


I remembered when this happened. A trusted website was accepting donations for the Japanese Red Cross. I contributed $11, which is all that I could at that time.

Jeanette Isabelle
Posted by: Jeanette_Isabelle

Re: Japan's Tsunami Caught On Camera - 02/17/20 01:19 AM

This long video shows the aftermath, twelve days after the tsunami.


Jeanette Isabelle