Don't Get 'Juice Jacked'

Posted by: Russ

Don't Get 'Juice Jacked' - 02/09/20 03:35 PM

If you rely on a cell-phone for getting around or you actually use your cellphone for banking (I donít), hereís another reason to carry a small power bank rather than rely on public USB ports.

Don't Get 'Juice Jacked' While Recharging In Public, Cybersecurity Expert Warns
The practice, known as "juice jacking," occurs when people plug in to "juice" up their phones and hackers use malware in the charging station or USB cable to "jack" their information, such as phone numbers and passwords.

The scam has prompted local authorities, including the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, to alert the public to think twice about plugging in at places like airports or malls. -NBC News
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Re: Don't Get 'Juice Jacked' - 02/09/20 04:12 PM

I travel for work, and am constantly around USB charger ports in airports and in hotel rooms.

If you have a charger cable that doesnít allow for data transfer, thatís good. USB data blocking adapters are available as well. Mostly I use my own 120VAC to USB power adapters wherever I am.
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Re: Don't Get 'Juice Jacked' - 02/09/20 08:04 PM

I never use public USB charging stations. Allways carry my own electric plug-in charger. And power banks.